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Sony FDR-AX53 File Data Error - Help

Hello, I'm having an issue with a file on my Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder. It appears as if the file possibly didn't finish writing onto the memory card. Unlike past user questions on the boards, I did not turn off power, lose power, or remove the battery. The camcorder remained on, fully powered, and subsequently recorded another file successfully about 5 minutes after. For the file in question, I was able to successfully start the recording and thought I successfully stopped the recording.


Interestingly, on the video playback screen, it shows a preview image of the file and shows there is 19:07 recorded. However, when I push play, it says "Data Error" on a black pop-up screen. The video file is also unplayable on my computer. However, there is 7.2 GB worth of data recorded. 


Why would it have a preview image, show recorded time, and have 7.2GB of recorded data, but have Data Error? Is this recoverable? 


This is the only time this has ever happened... and sadly, this is the recording of my baby's first Christmas morning. 


Please help!

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Re: Sony FDR-AX53 File Data Error - Help

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Have you tried different video players or importing the file into a video editor? Seems they sometimes have different approaches to reading a video file and thus may be able to play an otherwise unplayable file, especially since it seems the video is there but something is preventing it from being correctly read.

Also, try to scan the card for errors (on your PC).

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Re: Sony FDR-AX53 File Data Error - Help

Have you tried Menu->setup->repair img dbf ?

Have you tried inserting the SD card into a computer's sd card reader and see if you are able to see the file?

If you find the file, try to play it with various software such as VLC media player, which might be able to handle a file with minor corruptions.

If you are not able to see your file, you might also try various sd card file recovery software available. When using such software, set the write protect tab so it does not further damage the sd card data. Many of these software works on the principle of detecting the file by its content, so it might be able to find your file and copy it to the hard drive, even if it was not closed properly.


These are all long shots, and you might have a hard time recovering the file. But if the video is important to you, consider buying another sd card to use, and label and put this sd card aside. One is always hopeful that a future software would be able to fix the file and recover it. (I would also recommend not modify the card in any ways. Don't delete any file, or record any new file. It might affect the recovery. If you set the write protect tab, you can copy files out of it, just done "move" files which would involve copying and deleting files.)


Another option is to get professional recovery help. Start with google or yelp and search "sd card data recovery".

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