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  • I am a Post Sales Customer Support Representative for our Social Media Team and a gust blogger. I have been working for Sony since August of 2011. The most satisfying part of my job is meeting and interacting with new people while delivering great service using several social media platforms.
  • I started my career at Sony 13 years ago, and have since worked in a number of positions. I began as a technical support representative, specializing in computers and networking setups. From there, I worked in our Knowledge Base group writing solutions for a number of products including VAIO computers and Baby Monitors. Because of my technical background, I was promoted to help program our support system, which our agents now use to assist our customers. Soon after, I helped launch the design changes for our support web site. Since November 2012, I’ve served as Community Manager for the Sony Community. These past 13 years have been a lot of fun and I really enjoy being part of the Sony family!
  • With a background in public relations, marketing and social media – along with a serious passion for entertainment and event planning – my expertise lies in matching the right Sony products to life’s most memorable occasions. That said, my favorites are the Xperia™ Tablet Z which makes planning on the go a snap, the 4K Ultra HD TV (really, the images are breathtaking) and cool home audio products like the Hi-Fi Music System and Sony’s bumpin’ boombox variety. I’m not super techy but I know enough to be dangerous and I've got lots of connections… so feel free to contact me if you’re not sure where to go with your product questions and/or when you’re ready to take your parties to the next level.

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Hi my name is Eileen and I’ve been working for Sony Electronics since 2006. I started working at Sony Mobile (formerly Sony Ericsson) back in 1996. It’s been a fast and fun-filled 15 years for me! I’ve worked in and around customer service over the years, and now I’m lucky enough to be part of the Social Media Team. I guess the Sony DNA runs in my blood... Read more about EileenP here.

Dedicated to artisans, entrepreneurs and professionals in the technology arena, this blog space features creative submissions from a hand-picked selection of industry experts. They are not employees, but each individual contributor has been vetted by the Sony team. Tune in to learn from them, laugh with them and view life through their eyes.

Posted by JessicaH |  Jan 14, 2014

Exposure Compensation Priority - a Tip for Sony a7 and a7r Users

Sony’s Alpha 7 (a7) and a7r interchangeable lens cameras come equipped with a metal Exposure Compensation (EC) dial/wheel – located right where you place your thumb on the cameras when you take your photos. I love the feel of the metal click adjustment, so I often use it as my ONLY exposure adjustment tool whenever I’m taking pictures in ambient/natural light.


In my opinion, Zebra aperture is the best new feature that has been added to the a7 and a7r models camera models because it lets you see what is overexposed in Live View. You want to know things like where your image is exposed, and how much of it is overexposed – Zebra in Live View does that at 100+.


Because you can see changes in real-time with Live View, the process of managing exposure through the EC wheel is quick, easy and intuitive. The basic idea here is that you want a capable, modern computer inside your a7 or a7r camera – one that can help you calculate exposure.


Below are the processes I use when the EC wheel is my sole tool for aperture control.


Keep in mind that the goal is to pre-set two of three exposure elements: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Once the first two are set, the third element can “float” or adjust with a single control (the EC wheel) – something I call “Exposure Compensation Dial Priority.” 


APERTURE PRIORITY: This is the most natural way to shoot photos during the day. If you run with Auto ISO and set your aperture, the only adjustment you need to make is with the EC wheel. However, because you can’t set the minimum shutter speed with Auto ISO, be careful not to have your shutter go below your ability to hand-hold the shot, and to not  go over 1/8000 or the max shutter speed of the camera you’re using.


MANUAL MODE: This is my second favorite way to practice Exposure Compensation Dial Priority. I fix the aperture and the shutter speed based on what I know will work, and then control ISO via the EC wheel. The advantage here is when you’re working in changing light; once you fix your exposure on a subject via the EC wheel, the ISO will adjust as the light adjusts, giving you the freedom to focus on your subject (not just managing settings).


SHUTTER PRIORITY: I use this least and only when I want to control shutter speed and ISO, so that the “floating” variable is aperture.  First I set the shutter speed, then the ISO – allowing me to control aperture via EC wheel. 


Click HERE to read the full write-up on his personal blog. Connect with Ross and other Alpha users on Facebook through Ross’s Sony Alpha Talk group.




Ross took the above photo of Sony CEO Kaz Hirai at the2014 Sony Open, using his A7r + 35mm at f2.8 ZA FE , f4, 1/160, iso50 using natural light, late in the afternoon.



Ross Hamamura (@Hawaii-Geek), a freelance photographer in the commercial, sports and events industries, carries his Sony Alpha with him wherever he shoots. His work spans multiple publications and occasions – everything from Honolulu Magazine and Hawaii Business Magazine to the NFL Pro Bowl and Sony Open. This – combined with his passion for educating others about Sony’s digital imaging products – earned him a spot on the inaugural Super-user team for Sony Community.  

by mark-galer Apprentice
on ‎01-14-2014 08:47 PM



I would like to invite owners of the A7 and A7R cameras to join the:

Sony Alpha A7 and A7R Facebook group

There are reviews, news, advice and a free download of how a professional might choose to customise the A7 and A7R camera settings for optimum performance and ease of use.


Mark Galer

by Hawaii-Geek Professional
on ‎01-24-2014 08:26 PM

What I should mention is:  I  have been shooting a lot lately with the Sony A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE + 55mm f1.8 ZA FE  ...  and soon the 24-70mm f4 ZA FE.   LAEA4 + 16-35mm f2.8 ZA , 50mm f1.4 ZA SSM and the a99.  But the camera I carry with me EVERY DAY is the RX1 in "my beltbag". Smiley Happy.

and hopefully I will have a Sony Z1s soon.  (I use a Sony Z now)



This shot with the A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE



On my Facebook Group you will  also see me post a

TIP of the DAY ,  which I try to post every day (on avg)

I also try to link  any images that is published on the web  that  I shot with SONY cameras.

On Facebook:  Sony ALPHA Camera TALK:


This shot with the A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE   ... PRO BOWL 2014  NFL-CEO  Event at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

PRO BOWL  20140123_BlackBook_NFL-001.jpg