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I have absolutely had the WORST experience dealing with Sony to get my brand new Playstion 4 PRO repaired, I have been dealing with this issue for going on THREE months now. I traded in my 1st gen Playstation 4 and XBOX One to get the Playstation 4 Pro along with the Playstation VR - Over a thousand dollars worth of equipement. I wanted the PS4 PRO because I wanted to have the BEST system and it is the WORST mistake I have ever made. I bought a new game recently that I really liked, so I began to use the system more. I went from playing the game once every two or three days to playing once a day for at least an hour. Also, the game is an online only game, so I subscribed to Playstation Plus as well. 

One day I went to play my game and the system would not turn on, I did my troubleshooting and nothing worked. Eventually, after leaving the system unplugged for the day while I went to work the system turned back on. 

After this, the system began to get worse and worse, everytime I turned the system off it would not power back on for hours. When I would press the power button, the blue light would turn on for a split second then the system would just die. 

I contacted Sony/Playstation Support and they sent me a box to ship my system to them so they could repair it. The choice of reasons for service did not explain fully what my issue was. It was just "No Power", so I wrote a note and attached it to the playstation so the repair person could see what was actually going on. I specifically stated that the System WOULD turn on when they got it because it took three days to be shipped to the center. This was obviously ignored, because they shipped my unit back with NO repair notes, and said that the unit was fine. I played my game that evening for about an hour and of course, the problem had NOT been resolved. The unit wasn't even repaired, they just turned it on and saw that it worked and shipped it back. Wasting my time and PS Plus subscription. 

I tried to contact support immediately, but I couldn't because Support is only available during the week and it was Saturday. Which is even more messed up because I- Like most people in America, work during the week so I primarily play on the WEEKENDS. Anyways, had to wait the whole weekend with a broken PS4, wasting MORE of my PS Plus Subscription. 

After the weekend I repeated the same process, had the box shipped to me, and sent my system off AGAIN. My system was received and signed for WEEKS ago (Per FedEx Tracking Number) But I didn't get an email stating that the unit was received until yesterday. More of my time being wasted, fix the system, and return it to me so I can carry on. 

Originally, I had to take off time for work so I could SIGN for my system when FedEx delivered it. I cannot do that again, so now, I won't be able to be home to sign for the package.

I reached out to Support again to have the return address updated to my work address so I WILL be able to get my package, the representative told me that everything had been updated but when I checked the tracking the address was NOT updated. 

I reached out to support AGAIN, and this new rep told me that it had NOT been updated then disconnected the chat. 

I tried to connect again today, and now coincidentally there is an issue with the chat system, so I can't get into touch with support. 


This has honestly been the worst expierience with any Company's service that I have EVER had, I've been mistreated, lied to, looked over, and avoided. As a customer who has spent as much money on Sony as I have, I am completely disgusted with how Sony has treated me and honeslty, I do not think that I will be supporting Sony any longer after this, this is just awful. 

I do not have the time to sit around and deal with this awful customer service, my warranty is up in October, so if they haven't fixed it this time then I will have to ship it back again, and by the time I get it back I will have no warranty, I don't have the money to buy a brand new system. I've tried to escalate this issue to supervisors that have not been helpful at all, this is just ridiculous. 


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Re: Complaint

Hi betason, 


This sounds like something our Sony Playstation team can help you with. You can reach them at 




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