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Registered: ‎10-11-2017
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Frustrated! Tired of waiting for them to get back to me.

I bought a Sound bar(HT-CT790) on December 26' 2016, and unfortunately it malfunctioned on Sep 15. Called and finally got a Label to send it to them.

Sep 18, I get called by their repairing company that I didn't get your receipt. I wonder and told them that I wasn't told of any. Upon checking my email, it got only a Label but nothing else.
Unfortunately, I don't use my same credit card so Best buy wasn't of any help with the receipt.
Finally Sony after two weeks emailed their repairing company to proceed with the repair.

Sept 29, they send out my Sound bar with no notification to me.

Oct 3, I called them whereabouts of my Sound bar, they said it's already been sent out, and gave me a Tracking Number now. Not acceptable that this was me who called for a Tracking Number!

Oct3, I was leaving Ontario in the evening, and Purolator denied to deliver it until next day. I called Sony and they agreed to pay for my Uber one way!

Oct3, Purolator denied the Sound Bar pick up because the address is different on the label than on my ID. That's where I was shocked that they even messed up the address!

Oct 4, My bro calls in for refund because this has been awful experience just for a repaired Sound bar. Best buy pulled out the receipt finally and I emailed it to them!

Oct 5, I got transferred to the Manager, who denied the refund, and emails me to get back to him ASAP.

Oct 5, I replied within ten minutes to that email, and didn't hear from until I called him next day, and that too after leaving voicemails!

Oct 6, He was rude, and arrogant, and denied his employees would handle the case in this manner. He even wasnt sure if I was getting paid for the rental. Then again the same thing that he would get back to me after the Long Weekend on Tuesday (Oct 10).

Oct 10, No call not update.

Oct 11, I called him and left him a voicemail and an email.

I am tired of waiting and spending more hours on just a Sound Bar. By far, I almost put in 13 hours on phone and Everytime what I get is a follow-up. All I need is a Refund and reimburse for my rental. If you can't treat a Customer right, just let him go!!!

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Registered: ‎09-19-2017
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Re: Frustrated! Tired of waiting for them to get back to me.

Hi Ssachdeva5, Thank you for contacting Sony. Let me send you a private message. Regards _Jade

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Registered: ‎10-11-2017
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Re: Frustrated! Tired of waiting for them to get back to me.

Rep named Zackery is a arrogant, untrustworthy and foolish guy. He gives follow up dates but never calls back while I have to call them again and again for updates. Now even that he started lying that he left a voicemail on the follow up date ,but my call records show no voice mail neither a missed call. Get your employees straight Sony because you just lost yourself a Customer today!
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Registered: ‎10-11-2017
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Re: Frustrated! Tired of waiting for them to get back to me.

Oh yeah again a follow up I wonder how many more to come!m
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Registered: ‎10-11-2017
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Re: Frustrated! Tired of waiting for them to get back to me.

<Update #1>, The Representative said he is not sure about reimbursing the Car Rental! and I will have to accept the unit in any way!

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