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Registered: ‎11-24-2016
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Incredibly bad tech support. It was actually amazing E64337360

So I got a new RMF-TX100U remote for the tv I already have XBR55X850C (great tv). Remote does not work, I tried many different things online including everything Sony suggests. So I got new batteries, got on chat support. Went through all the testing again. Sam agreed that it probably was under warranty and I should call. I called thinking I would eventually talk to someone about warranty after some more troubleshooting. Spoke with a lady from Manila who was very nice and we did more of the same troubleshooting. Remote still does not work, does not initialize or anything. She says the next level can hopefully help me with the warranty. This is where it gets crazy, this guy John tells me I have to do MORE troubleshooting. I've probably spent a few hours in total on this remote alone. Anyway I went through the processes with him. Then we get to initializing the remote. Which I've already tried easily 20 times with a number of batteries including the new ones. So we try it a few times, then he just keeps repeating "try it again". Eventually I ask how many times we will do this. His answer was basically "we will do it until the red light turns on". I try to tell him I don't think it will come on because I think the remote is broken. He says that is not possible, he actually said it was not possible that the light won't turn on! SO I ask why it won't, he says I must be doing the procedure wrong. I actually asked him if he thought this sounded insane, to just keep doing the same thing for hours. He seemed ready to just keep asking me to do the same thing until the end of his shift. I then asked if I could talk to a manager, of course he says that is not possible. I ask him to ask his manager if he thinks this is crazy but he would not do that either. I was actually at a loss as to what to do next, he wouldn't send me to the warranty people. He just said if I was not happy that I should talk to customer relations which was currently closed. What I want to know, is this how Sony is doing things? make it so hard to troubleshoot that you just give up? Or did I just end up with a unique situation? All i have now is a reference number E64337630 and maybe I'll get a call in the next few days. This was not worth all the effort, but now I just want to complain on twitter, facebook and to anybody who will listen. I am just amazed, anyone run into anything similar? 


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Re: Incredibly bad tech support. It was actually amazing E64337360

Hi imcwilliam, Let me send you a private message.  Thanks, Hailey

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Re: Incredibly bad tech support. It was actually amazing E64337360

Or don't purchase a use TV with missing stand and remotes and who knows where it came from. Being cheap can cost you. 

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Re: Incredibly bad tech support. It was actually amazing E64337360

Actually, I saved 500 to 600 dollars. I don't think you know what you are talking about. I know exactly where the tv came from. I ended up getting a Harmony remote and the tv stand off ebay for a total of 100 dollars. This post was about how awful Sony Tech support can be. I should mention that some of the support team at Sony is helpful.

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Re: Incredibly bad tech support. It was actually amazing E64337360

i AGREE. They dump you into a black hole and leave you there. Do they actually have knowledgeable people? This "community" forum is a huge bumbling mess. I have now wasted more of my time ($) than the camera is worth.
I worked as a technical support EXPERT with industrial process instrumentation for 20+ years and would be embarrased/fired for the lack of response to a customer. And yes 10 of those years was for a Japanese company.

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