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New Xperia XZ breaks in less than 2 month

I had bought a Xperia XZ phone last Dec. Within 2 months, the screen cracked without even dropping the phone. The phone was in the back pocket, while sitting down on a chair and it cracked.
The design of the phone has some issues.The location of speakers, and two opening on the screen had weaken it. My weight is only 60 kg. The spot that cracked was exactly at the speaker opening. It is sent in for repair, job number SG2-17-01565-001.
My points
1. A new xperia XZ phone that breaks in less than 2 months SHOULD NOT BE considered under normal wear and tear.
2. Carrying the mobile phone around in the back pocket of jean, and it breaks while sitting down SHOULD NOT BE considered misuse or accidental.
I want to request an investigation into this case, and an official reply from the customer service manager.
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Re: New Xperia XZ breaks in less than 2 month

Hi Jitkhoon, 


We’re sorry to hear about what happened to your Sony Xperia XZ. For further assistance regarding your concern, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns.





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Re: New Xperia XZ breaks in less than 2 month

If I can get a favorable response, I would not go extra effort to post it here. I am hoping this case will get attention and escalate to the relevant department. Hope you can help

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Re: New Xperia XZ breaks in less than 2 month

[ Edited ]

Jitkhoon wrote:

If I can get a favorable response, I would not go extra effort to post it here. I am hoping this case will get attention and escalate to the relevant department. Hope you can help

Well said!


Succinctly even.



This is something that the moderators here don't seem to see, that redirecting us with the same generic cut n paste to support processes that do not work, is a whole, further, waste of time.


Sony likes the appearance of doing something... escalation worthy complaints getting an instant (generic) response that appears to show care, and a fast responce process.


The big issue is that it is not time efficient to get the support we need, and most Sony customers, being higher socio-economic background, will give up.

This, against fair trade practices, actually keeps the company profiting whilst complaints 'fall off the map', the review process being to difficult too obtain.


Just look at Indias' statistics for contacting service departments at Sony'... literally doubled over all other world zones-
The average person being unable to afford not having a complaint redressed will continue to attempt this process.


Sony have a real disconnect going on with with their customers.


In time this will lead to their company changing.

Eventually the products could suffer.


This phone (XZ)is the perfect example-

I was going to buy one, but based on long drawn out Sony disputes' (lack of) process, I wouldn't risk having another Sony part.

Heck when I bought my NEX system, I bought the five year extended warranty option on it, by a company that would give better and easier customer support and service than Sony would. I knew for a $1400 camera package I would need it, knowing that Sony would leave me high and dry, and that for some reason, being the masters of planned obselescence, I would likely need warranty service outside of the initial year of using the product.

Anyhow- the XZ phone.. 


Sony departments not turning requisite profit margins, a refresh of the 'Z' series mobiles (premium) was not approved.

They sold mid range phones as flagships (The X series), and after two quarters of success, got approval for a hybrid (almost Z series), the XZ.


The XZ is edging towards being akin to features and quality of the former Sony Z series, but for the price point, vs other Android flagships- the XZ contains mostly mid tier parts, so the Sony cost premium is for R&D coverage (?) and a copy of Sony software for the Android platform (as close to being as easy to apply as the 'cut n paste' rep lies that fill this forum, work that is done once and used at zero further cost hundred of thousand of times...).


We might get flagship lines back.. but consumer drive towards cheaper products with more features, combined with wasting bucket loads of potential profit; supporting failing products, ahem, ineffectively supporting failing (cheaply built) products, makes the cost of support go up, and dispute resolution advocacy processes end up costing the company MORE THAN THE PARTS SELL FOR.



Sony is literally going backwards because of (expertly designed/engineered,) cheaply built parts with abhorrent service lines.


The Japanese nailed Total Cost of Ownership.


Demmings' TQM (Total Quality Management) statistically showed that consistantly getting the product right, with little variance, is of utmost importance.

Having reliable products raises consumer perception of the brand, in turn qualifying increased costs not being perceived as expense. Heck more reliable parts costs' could be factored into the advertising budget for a few years until brand perception has consumer traction again...


Sony- c'mon, I've just about finished reading CSR reports cover to cover (@500pages, yes?)


I honestly don't want to pay a premium for Sony products simply due to ineptness of front of house/servicing department staff'. 


This isn't inline with company philosophy, or guidelines, service Pledges, or ethics.


So knowing something is wrong is the first step to fixing the issue.

(as I have quoted elsewhere- I am in the hole for far greater than a week of my life and will use that time giving feedback to Sony/about Sony where it is appropriate to effect change.

Leverage being the use of the smallest force to achieve the greatest outcome... 

Not sure if I have any leverage; but I am VERY MOTIVATED to express myself here :-)


Sony execs, most welcome to contact me.. We have MUCH to discuss


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Re: New Xperia XZ breaks in less than 2 month

I really feel very bad after reading your post but it will better for us in helping you effectively if you share your condition in detail. And if your phone is under warranty then send to care centre for repair other use Sony Xperia XZ Manual  and read hardware troubleshooting section in it and try to fix your phone. 

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