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Registered: ‎11-15-2014
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Sony KDL70R550A TV problem

To Customer Relations,


The LCD panel on my KDL70R550A TV stopped working November 13, 2014.  I purchased the TV on August 10, 2013 from Best Buy.  My wife called Sony to ask for help.  The representative told her she would need to have a technician come out to diagnose the TV.  She called Best Buy and scheduled a technician to come out to today, November 15, 2014.  The technician diagnosed the problem as follows on the work order:


"Sony KDL70R550A - No picture when turned on.

Blink code in Red - 5 blinks.

Sony repair states 5 blink is LCD Panel

Part number LE69503LB4N or 181185011 not showing pricing"


Basically, the way he verbally described it, the panel and the electronics are one piece and it would have to be replaced.  He said he could not find a price, but it would probably be around $1500.00. 


I next called the phone number on the Sony manuel for the TV.  The representative told me because it is past the warranty period and I didn't purchase an extended warranty there is nothing he can do.  He said my only option to get further assistance is to contact customer relations.  He said I could only do that by email.  This is very frustrating because I would much rather talk with someone than correspond in this fashion.  Also, he did not give me an email address and I could not find an email address when I went on to the Sony website.  So, I assume this conversation is what he was talking about.


I am very upset that the TV I purchased is now broken beyond any reasonable repair only a year and three months after I purchased it.  I did not purchase the extended warranty because the televisions I have purchased in the past, the last one being a Sony big screen TV, have never had a problem.  In fact, that Sony, which I replaced with the KDL70R550A, which is no longer working, is now 15 years old, still working fine and being used by my grandson.  Hence, my not feeling the need to purchase an extended warranty.  When I decided to purchase a Sony TV, I did so with the idea that I was purchasing a high quality product that would last for many years with the backing of a major TV manufacturer who I have had good luck with in the past.


It is my hope that you will be able to give me a prompt response and solution to this problem.  I don't feel I should simply have to discard a television I paid over $2,000.00 for after 15 months of use.  I have the greatest confidence from doing business with you in the past that Sony will replace what is apparently a defective LCD panel even though the warranty technically expired three months ago. 


I anxiously await your response,


John Gottschalk

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Registered: ‎08-18-2014
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Re: Sony KDL70R550A TV problem

Hi John,
Thank you for bringing your concern to Sony’s attention. Please be advised that Sony does provide a warranty for all products to allow for initial failures to be covered at Sony’s expense. Once the warranty expires, It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for the repair/replacement costs. I was unable to pull up a file using the email address that you used here in the community. Please send me a Private Message with the serial number of your unit, your phone number and an Event ID (if you were given one). You can do this by clicking on my name and by choosing “Send this user a Private Message” on the top left hand corner of the screen. We will see how we can help although we’re not guaranteeing anything.




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Re: Sony KDL70R550A TV problem


Join the club of frustrated owners of this TV.  I had the same expierence.  My last Sony tv (which also failed) ended up getting fixed after a class action suit was brought against Sony.  I'm tempted to keep from throwing this one away just in case they come to their senses and actually decide to stand behind their products.  A $2200+ tv shouldn't fail in 13 months.  I won't be buying any more sony products, that's for sure.  I'm also adding panel research to my list of things to check when I'm shopping for a new tv.  The ones that get put in most Sony/Vizio/Sharp are horrible/cheap.


Good luck.



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Registered: ‎07-23-2013
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Re: Sony KDL70R550A TV problem

A consumer should be able to be confident in a sony product to last longer than 1 1/2 years without it being non usable. I have been a 100% sony loyalist throughout my life but I will have to look to a different brand if I can't get any help with my $2500 paper weight. I have sound but no picture very disappointed!!
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Registered: ‎10-20-2014
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Re: Sony KDL70R550A TV problem

Hi Rock1640,


We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate bringing this case to Sony's attention. Kindly send me a private message including your event ID and your contact details (phone number, email address) to pull up your file. 




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Registered: ‎07-23-2013
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Re: Sony KDL70R550A TV problem

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Re: Sony KDL70R550A TV problem

Rock1640, I just sent you a private message, please check your inbox. :: Yuri

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Registered: ‎07-05-2015
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Re: Sony KDL70R550A TV problem

Let me start by saying I thought SONY was like the Toyota or Honda of electronics, meaning, they deliver high quality products that you don't have to research before buying, just the name guarantees you are getting a high quality, reliable product.

Well, I found out that's NOT necessarily the case with my Sony KDL-70R550A. 2 years and 1 month after purchasing this TV, the screen suddenly goes dark on one side with a horizontal band running across the bottom. A quick internet search says this is as a result of a bad LCD panel, but I ran through all of the troubleshooting steps anyway (like a hard reboot) to no avail.

Both Sony and Costco say it's out of warranty so the best they can do is refer me to a local TV repair shop. I'm hesitant to call them because I imagine for what it will cost to have it fixed I can buy a new TV.

I'm really dissapointed in Sony's lack of quality in this instance, and unwillingness to stand by their products. A $2700 TV should not go bad 1 month after the extended warranty expires! Meanwhile, my 37" Sharp Aquos continues to work perfectly almost 10 years later. If Sony doesn't want to help me resolve this issue, then all that will mean is I will avoid buying any more Sony products (especially televisions) in the future. And when friends ask me, "What happened to your TV?" I'll have to tell them it went bad because Sony makes an unreliable product that goes bad almost as soon as the warranty expires.

I would hope someone at Sony would see this as an opportunity to gain consumer confidence by replacing or repairing my defective TV, rather than just saying "it's out of warranty, there's nothing we can do"

If Sony won't stand behind the products it makes, how can they expect us to?


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Registered: ‎10-20-2014
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Re: Sony KDL70R550A TV problem

bzolt, please check your inbox. I sent you a message. :: Yuri

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Registered: ‎07-14-2015
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I've faced the same problem myself, I have the KDL-70R550A and the LCD was damamged and the warranty is over, so I tried to order and find the part, get this the Lcd panel Part #: 181185011 is at the Core Price 2,115.00 - Part Price 3,153.43- Total Price 5,268.43 & no longer available?


I believe in fixing things and not throwing them away and my intention with the KDL was to fix and get working again and I had gotten the KDL to replace my, KDF-70XBR950, which replaced my KV-40XBR800, I have been a loyal Sony customer and I understand its cheaper now to throw something away than it is to fix it, but come on, the KDL retails around 1900.00???


Sony is losing that much money each unit sold? Sony didn't become Sony by losing money.


The only way I can fix the screen is if I find a broken KDL in MA, with an intact LCD Panel. 


I just moved the KDF back to where it was and ordered a new blub for back up and start looking for another tv. 


Good Luck to all


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