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Registered: ‎07-28-2017
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Sony Refuses to Honor their Warranty (XBR-65X900C, PSVR, 3D Glasses, STR-DN1070)

My latest issues with Sony/PlayStation products.

Bought Sony 4K tv (XBR-65X900C) brand new at Best Buy in late September of 2016. Bought PlayStation VR Headset and a 2nd pair 3D glasses in mid May of 2017. Sony receiver STR-DN1070, September of 2016.


For the last 2+ months (Late May), I have been trying to make a Warranty Claims on products I listed above. Each time I tried, Sony/PlayStatioin has denied my Warranties. Sony never told me a valid reason why they denied my claims. When asked "Why are you not honoring my Warranties?", they replied "We are honoring your Warranties.".

So..........Sony is honoring my Warranties by denied (NOT HONORING!) my Warranty's Claims! 


On top of everything else, Sony never inspected any of my products I listed above.


Sony TV:

Some of the issues with my tv.

  1. 3D. It has gotting to a point that when viewing 3D content (3D pictures, 3D Blu-Ray, 3D enable games), the 3D has severe ghosting/double images instead of a nice clean crisp 3D images.
  2. It has "Light Bleed" issues. Mainly noticeable around the edges of bottom half of the screen. It much more noticeable bottom left and right corners of the screen. "Light Bleed" effect the colors of the screen/picture.
  3. It has "Clouding"., maybe. Might has something to do with "Light Bleed".


Sony claims there is nothing wrong with my tv. Even tho a Sony Technician had never inspected, fixed or even replaced my tv.

Sony wants me to take pictures (with a NON-WORKING) of my tv and email the pictures to them. I explained to Sony 25+ times in detailed that it is not POSSIBLE. It is also not POSSIBLE to borrow a camera either. Sony had even suggested me to borrow a camera from my CRAZY neighers.

Sony refused to give me a loaner camera or even send a Sony Tech. out to inspect my tv because its "NOT COVERED" by the Warranty.

That kind of stuff IS COVERED by the Warranty.

The Warranty states it will fix or replace with a rephurbised or NEW tv.


3D Glasses: (Passive)

The only issue is part of issue 1 of the Sony tv.


Sony never address anything about my 3D glasses. Sony thought it was battery operated Active 3D glasses when ever they where troubleshooting it over the phone!


PlayStation VR Headset:

The only issue (as far as I know) is the PSVR box will not pass-through HDR signal from my PlayStation 4.


There temperlairy solution was to unplug my PlayStation 4 from the PSVR and plug it directly into my tv. Bypassing my PSVR headset and my Sony Surrond Sound Reciever (STR-DN1070) that is 4k HDR capible and still under Warranty.

Other then that, Sony refuses to do anything else and claims my issue had been fixed, even tho Sony NEVER DID FIXED my PSVR headset.



At the end of the day, Sony wants be to spend $5,000+ on a new tv, $500+ on a new PSVR headset, $10 to $50+ on a new pair of 3D glasses and $600+ on a new receiver (may has nothing wrong with it.). In which it ALL COVERED by the WARRANTIES!




I know what I am talking about when it comes to tvs, 3D, and most other eletronics. I had worked at Walmart Eletronics department for 2+ years. I worked at Best Buy for 2+ years, I also worked at AMC Theaters for 7+ years. 

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎07-28-2017
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Re: Sony Refuses to Honor their Warranty (XBR-65X900C, PSVR, 3D Glasses, STR-DN1070)

I forgot to mentioned this.


This is not the 1st time Sony refused to honor the warranty.


Bought a Sony tv (XBR-55X850B) in early 2015. Had the same 3D problem as my XBR-65X900C tv. 

Again, Sony REFUSED to honor thier warranty in the same year.


Sony told me that they are going to have a Sony Technician call me to setup a house call to fix my tv. 2+ years later, still waiting for the call! The day after that, got an email from Sony saying my tv is working just fine. 

..................Even tho a Sony Technician NEVER did setup a house call and NEVER did inspected or fix my tv.



That is all I am alowed to say about it.

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Re: Sony Refuses to Honor their Warranty (XBR-65X900C, PSVR, 3D Glasses, STR-DN1070)

Hi James007Bond, let me send you a private message. Regards, Ella

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