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Registered: ‎07-12-2017
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Sony's One Way Hypocritical Views

I recently had another profile here on Sony, but after posting, although truthful accounts, but albiet, disagreeable views of how Sony and it's CR representatives conduct themselves - I was banned.


(Side Note:  Funny though... one of Sony's first answers to any product issues is - go to the forums)   So... it would seem Sony has banned me the right to my warranty support options??  I would think that's illegal?


Anyway... be careful out there because Sony representatives, specific personal experience with HaileyJ and CharliE10 - will blatently, bold face lie to you, and obscure and bend any truth they can -  all while, Sony will deny your warranty however, and whenever it suits them.  If you say anything contrary - you get banned.


So be careful out there kids.  It's a wild, wild deceptive Sony world.

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Registered: ‎07-15-2017
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Re: Sony's One Way Hypocritical Views

I've experienced this same kind of treatment, and it gets worse.  


I have tried to get answers regarding our Sony TV possibly getting bricked since recently having another Sony internet device get bricked by them.  We're worried about our TV because they actually applied a FORCED firmware update I couldn't refuse to do on another internet device - and it essentially erased 99% of all functionality.  An expensive device - useless!




How would you like your car manufacturer to sneak into your garage one night, and completely gut your car of it's engine, componets... everything but the drivers seat because the model was no longer produced.  Manufacturer tells you - sorry we no longer support this model, but hey... you can still sit in the car.


That’s exactly what Sony did.  Now - they refuse to answer while providing no info, and NO CONFIDENCE whatsoever that they're not going to brick our internet TV.  Worse - they keep deleting my public posts & questions!  Is Sony trying to hide something from us?

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Re: Sony's One Way Hypocritical Views

Hi Impact, I replied to your other post. Please check it out.




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