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Terrible support for Jan 16th firmware issue. No call back. Won't fix.

Sony support has done a terrible job handling the current firmware issue. The Jan 16th firmware caused my tv to crash everytime 4K content (PS4 Pro, 2 Sony UHD players) is played. The firmware caused a lot of issues for many owners, and for the last three weeks, the only useful information is that Sony is aware of the issue and will provide a fix in the "near future." Check the 4K TV forum threads. I bought the XBR-X900E in November 2017, and in the 8 weeks that I had the TV, it hasn't been working for 3. Support was clueless to the issue, and it wasn't until people on the forums started posting workarounds were they able to provide any kind of answers. I called when the issue started, and after wasting hours, finally told me an engineer would call me back. A few days later I got a call saying that someone would call again in a few days, that's it. Never got a call back since.


I called again last week (Feb 2nd) after it was known that the firmware was the issue. At this point I am very furious that my new $2000 tv only worked for 5 weeks. I didn't buy a new UHD tv to turn off all the features so that my tv would stop crashing every time. I told support, who only told me they're aware of the issue, that there are ways to fix though hardware replacement. Changing out the onboard storage would give me a fresh OS, before the update was applied. He passed me to customer relations, who again said that an engineer would call me back to see if it was possible to do a hardware replacement. Again, I have yet to get a call. I want my new tv fixed! It's already been 3 weeks, and I shouldn't have to wait for the unknown "near future" when my tv is still new.


After experiencing your support process, I regret choosing Sony. I should never had been told to wait for days for an engineers to call me back to see if my TV is deemed worthy of a fix, only to not have one call me back! TWICE! Send out a tech, initialize the TV, reinstall the OS, or change out the parts. Simple, but I guess Sony would rather ****** off their customers rather than spend money to fix a problem they themselves caused! 

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Re: Terrible support for Jan 16th firmware issue. No call back. Won't fix.

Hi Hellavagi, let me send you a private message . Thank you, - Jade

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Registered: ‎01-26-2018
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Re: Terrible support for Jan 16th firmware issue. No call back. Won't fix.

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So the answer that I got after my complaint about not getting any response from support other than the issue is being looked into, is the exact same answer that we've been getting for weeks now? That it's currently being investigated and I should call support again? Really? So they can tell me again that an engineer will call me back, but won't because they can't be bothered? Is it that hard to do a hardware fix?



Like literally word for word, another reply. Understanding and apologies means nothing if nothing is done about it. So many owners of the 800 and 900 series are having issues, but too bad for us, we're stuck waiting because any other solution is out of the question. Maybe in a month it'll get fixed. Sit tight and enjoy you new problematic tv. My first Sony purchase in 10 years and I wish I can return it and buy a Samsung. 

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