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What did Sony do for me?

Here is my update:

I purchased my 75 inch, 4K ultra, 3D TV last year.  14 months later, it started the Android Death Cycle (ADC).  I researched it until I found Sony's Customer number that was dealing specifically with this issue.  After calling, they determined that a technician would come to assess the problem.  A tech was scheduled for a week away.  The tech tried a few things, including changing the motherboard, but this did not correct the issue.

After several days, I contacted Sony's Customer number again, but they had not even heard of the technician's report on my tv.  I informed them what happened, and they determined that a new tv would have to be ordered.  After 2-1/2 weeks, our new tv arrived.  When it was unpacked and set up, the screen was found to be damaged, and a new tv was to be ordered.  

I waited for a week, and having not heard from Sony's Customer service on this, I called them.  Again, they had not heard of the report of the tv coming in damaged.  They orginated an order for a new tv but said it would not have 3D capability.  I was very adamant that my tv should have 3D capability, but they assured me that the tv was "comparable" to my 3D tv, except it did not have 3D capability.  I fought with them over this issue for a few weeks until finally relenting and they sent me the new XBR-75X850D model.


We received the tv, but it came without a tv stand.  The delivery team assured me that Sony would send us the stand for the tv.  But, just as in the past few times, I had to contact Sony's Customer number again to inform them that I had no stand for my tv.  They promptly put an order in for the stand, and it arrived about 6 days later.  It was the right stand, and we installed it and it is sitting up as it should be now.


The tv operates as it should, and it is coming in clear.  We have been using this model now for just over a month and a half, and all aspects of the tv function as they should.  I'm happy with my tv, but I'm very disappointed that it took so long to resolve the issues.  It certainly has left a sour taste in my mouth for Sony products.  When it comes to purchasing another tv, I will be very careful in the future to research and make sure that there are no known issues with a particular tv before committing to the purchase.

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Re: What did Sony do for me?

Hi PEPCIS, thank you for posting in the Community. We're sorry for the delay that this had caused you, we are glad that we were able to resolve the issue for you. Your feedback towards this experience is greatly appreciated as Sony takes into consideration all feedback to improve the performance and quality of our products and services. We're always looking to make Sony better. Regards, Ella

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