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Registered: ‎09-18-2017
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XBR-75X940D Green Line

I purchased the TV last year on June 17, 2016 and received it a couple of weeks later. This was a retirement gift to myself.

Just a few days ago, a vertical green line appeared from the top of the TV all the way to the bottom. I contacted Sony Support and tried the troubleshooting suggestions. However the line is still there.

I’ve been a loyal Sony customer for over 40 years. I’ve owned the first XBR TV, soundbars, Walkman, Discman, CD players, Blu-Ray players, headphones, Vaio PCs, cameras, stereo equipment and so on (you name it). I’ve never in my life had a single problem with a Sony product. This disappoints me greatly that in my retirement year, I’m having this serious of a problem with the most expensive Sony product I’ve purchased.

Of course I understand that I’m 90 days past my 1-year warranty. The support people tell me that the TV is no good now and my only option is to purchase a new one. How does this happen now, after owning so many Sony products? I’m retired now and don’t have the income to purchase another $7,000 TV. It makes me wonder if I should ever invest in Sony again.

I’m so devastated and sad. Please tell me that I have another option.


****** UPDATE ******


After three days of reporting my problem, I'm feeling that Sony doesn't really value their longtime, loyal customers.


The technical support agent left me with no options. The customer service agent insists on an authorized technician to look at my TV. However the nearest service center is over 6 hours away, plus I don't have a vehicle that can transport my 75" TV. The other service options (Sears and Best Buy) cannot help me either. I purchased it from a local Sony Authorized Dealer.


I've responded (via email) to the customer service agent with my problems regarding inability to see a technician. It feels like they are leaving me with a broken TV as I am hearing nothing back.


I didn't break or damage the TV; it's Sony's fault for selling me an inferior product. I really think Sony should have better customer support on their top-of-the-line products. Twelve months of, "so sorry, the warranty has expired" support on such expensive hardware should be better. This was a $7,000 purchase. They should stand behind their products.


I am just sick about it. Can anyone help me, please?




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Re: XBR-75X940D Green Line

Hi WestieLove, Let me send you a private message.  Thanks, Hailey

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Re: XBR-75X940D Green Line

It has been a pleasure dealing with the Sony Customer Service Team. They understood my problem and have made me feel like a life long, valued customer. Everything has worked out to my complete satisfaction.


I've been a 40+ year customer and will continue with Sony for the next 40 years.


Thank you Sony.


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Re: XBR-75X940D Green Line

Hi WestieLove, We're always looking to make Sony better. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Have a wonderful day!




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