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Registered: ‎12-28-2013
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problems with STR-DN1040; 30 pages of complaints here; anybody from sony follows?

Hello Customer Relations,


I have significant problems with STR-DN1040. Anybody follows the 30 pages of the same complaint, link below?


My username is cornelg and I have posted on page 29 on the above thread, messages # 287 and # 289


I wrote SONY e-mails, called the service center, talked to your people, all to no avail. I changed hardware, cables and everything in between, the problem still persists.


Would hugely appreciate a response.


Many thanks,

Cornel Gagiu

Posts: 21
Registered: ‎12-28-2013
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Re: problems with STR-DN1040; 30 pages of complaints here; anybody from sony follows?

This is a followup of my messages and tests started on page 29 first message # 285 then tests during messages # 287 and # 289


For anybody who might read and follow, I'll call this message # 287.2


NOTE: my postings do NOT address the pass-through issue, but the random lack of image and sound at start-up while the TV displays alternating screens of black and snow until the receiver STR-DN1040 is unplugged from the wall


-Sunday, Dec 29 2013 I bought from Best Buy top of the line cables by MONSTER, spending on 4 cables more than for the whole receiver and connected the following:


-Samsung TV cable box (STB) to SAT/CA-TV input

[this STB if connected to VIDEO 1 gives every single time a pinkish audio less image on TV at startup]


-Samsung BD-F5900 bluray player to BD input

-WD TV Live media player to DVD input


-output through HDMI A to TV: Sony KDL-70R550A


-Monday, Dec 30 2013 all worked well, power on of various components, in various sequences provided good, expected results


-Tuesday, Dec 31 2013 while powering-up STB + RECEIVER + TV I got the dreaded TV flashing between snow and black and no sound from receiver; changing channel, inputs, power off/on all other components did not change anything; the only fix: power off for 10 seconds and then power on just the receiver


At this point am beyond being certain that cables (and everything else around them) are not the problem, now I can prove the HDMI functionality of receiver STR-DN1040 has a problem.


Am not sure what to do from here. Sony continously denies the existence of any problems and Best Buy (where I bought the unit from) tells me am past the returning period so they have no obligation towards me. I will try to escalate this at Sony but am not optimistic about the outcome.


Will post any new developments.


Thank you for reading.

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Registered: ‎11-14-2012
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Re: problems with STR-DN1040; 30 pages of complaints here; anybody from sony follows?

Hello cornelg, That's very unfortunate to hear that about your STR-DN1040. However, the email address that you have on our Community page isn't popping up with a file showing the conversation that you had with Sony in regards to the issues and troubleshooting. Did you reach out to Sony by phone or through live chat support? Or did you have other contact information that we can use to find a file with (a different email address, phone number, etc.)? If you do, please feel free to send me a private message with that information. I will try my best to get back to you with a response ASAP. Thank you!

Posts: 21
Registered: ‎12-28-2013
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Re: problems with STR-DN1040; 30 pages of complaints here; anybody from sony follows?

Hello AmandaM, thank you very much for taking the time to reply.


The link I posted leads to a thread on which user P47B is listed as a SONY employee (read for example on page 29, message 284); the aforementioned user is very active and provided very often the same advice to many of os,  to this problem, i.e. a change of cables


I also called SONY, and, after e-mailing as well, a case was opened for me, Case ID 2822733.


I will send you as a private message the whole reply I got by e-mail form SONY.


Thank you very much for all your help.


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