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Can't connect to computer using wifi

Got a new Sony HX30V and tried using the "Send to computer" feature. It is able to connect to the home wi-fi and also able to detect the computer name to which it is supposed to transfer the pictures to. However, during the process of actually connecting to the computer it throws a "network error" after trying for about 30 seconds. I have Windows 8 running on my system. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

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Re: Can't connect to computer using wifi



“Send to Computer” option is available only when using Windows Vista or Windows 7. Windows XP is supported in “PlayMemories Home” Ver. 1.2. or later.


Detailed information about importing files to Computer using Wi-Fi function is mentioned on the below page:




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Re: Can't connect to computer using wifi

Erik, the only problem is that the link you provided says that Windows 8 is supported in Play Memories Home!

I have also been very frustrated with the lack of information by Sony on what the wi fi function is actually good for.  Surprisingly the camera linked up with my Sony TV without me having to really do anything, but it won't acknowledge my Windows 8 tablet.  I'm also disappointed that the camera requires a separate access point (ie.modem) and can't talk directly with a computer.


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Re: Can't connect to computer using wifi

The camera's Wi-Fi features are actually good for wirelessly sending images to a computer and a smartphone running Android or iOS operating system. You can also indeed view images on a network-enabled TV without the use of an HDMI cable.


It seems that the issue may be caused by your wireless network. You may try moving closer to your network source as you transfer images wirelessly. Please note that barriers (ex. walls) and other wireless devices (ex. Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens) may cause interference.


If this post answers your question, please mark it as “Accepted Solution.”

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Re: Can't connect to computer using wifi

[ Edited ]

After spending hours and hours with exactly the same problem, I found the solution. I tried with 2 computers with different OS, 2 different networks, and I have read many posts...


The problem behind was that you might not transfer images using WIFI while your computer is also connected through WIFI.  Then:


1) Connect your computer using cable connection to the access point.

2) Connect through USB the camera to your computer and assure that the PlayMemories software detects the camera.

3) Then, disconnect the camera and send images to computer using WIFI.


If that doesn't work because the sending never ends, then review:


1) That the battery shouldn't be low, or if it is then plug the camera to the power supply.

2) The distance of the camera to the access point should be quite short (3 metres max), otherwise is too slow.





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Re: Can't connect to computer using wifi

Good day fmateu,


It seems that resetting the Playmemories Home (PMH) software to it's initial configuration will correct this issue. Follow the steps below to initialize PMH.

IMPORTANT: Close PlayMemories Home before beginning this procedure.
1. Connect the camera to the computer.
2. Turn on the camera.
3. On the computer desktop, click the Start button.
4. In the Start menu, point to Programs or All Programs.
5. Point to PlayMemories Home.
6. Click to select PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool.
7. In the PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool window, click to select Restore the program to its default settings.
8. Click the Start button.
After completing the steps above launch PMH and finish the installation procedure. A welcome screen should pop open saying "Thank you for purchasing (camera model number)", close the pop up message and follow the instructions on the link provided by ErikV on message 2.


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Re: Can't connect to computer using wifi

I have another solution for Win 8.1.

All work fine after windows workgroup creation!

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Re: Can't connect to computer using wifi

Hi Poksh,

          Good day and thank you for the comment. We place a very high value on feedback from our customers because it allows us to continue to improve. Thanks again and have a wonderful day. Thanks Richrd

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