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DSC-W7, lens opens on power on AND off,

Got this camera on Monday, off ebay, and before i bother the seller... i wanted to know what you guys thought. I was using it at a fair today, took photos and video with all my fun add-ons like the filters and wide/tele lenses, and when i ****** it out near the end of the day, the lens opened and basically went back and forth with out closing (from full wide to full zoom) and then it said "Turn the Power off and on again". When i turn the camera off, the lens does the same thing. Makes the super quick zoom in, out, in, out and then buzzes and stops... I can move the lens closed manualy by shutting it off and removing the batteries while it's moving..but it won't close otherwise..and it even opens on power on in the playback mode. I have tried blowing in the barril and all that fun stuff, but is there anything else i can try before possibly a repair or more invasive procedures? I don't want to return it.. it worked well so far and the outer casing is mint...

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Re: DSC-W7, lens opens on power on AND off,


Hi, Ayeobe


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Turn the power off and on again message appears on the screen if the camera detects a malfunction, such as when forcing the lens or if a foreign object is trapped in the lens mechanism. Since you mentioned you already tried turning the camera off and on, you may perform a power cycle: 


  1. Power off the camera.
  2. Remove the batteries and let it sit for a full minute.
  3. Reinsert the batteries.
  4. Power on the camera


Check out this link if you need further details:







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Re: DSC-W7, lens opens on power on AND off,


Thank's for the reply! i have tried about everything present as advice on the internet, and asked a Sony rep on the live chat... i'm pretty sure the lens is ither having an electrical fault, or the connection between the lens position sensor (there must be one!?) and the camera is broken... the lens opens perfectly, and i've shut it manually and it moves even smoother than my W5 does.. it seems as if the camera dosn't know where the lens is in its cycle. Any ideas as for a possible weak point in the camera there?
It's possible the shipping and handling coupled with people running into my camera bag at a fair played a part in this....

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