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DSCW350 internal memory problem and question about screeching noise

Apologies for bringing up if it's an old issue, and maybe the manual I've found online is old as well, but I've just bought this camera, and I don't see any internal memory. Has that been removed from this model now? It's in the manual online.


When I press preview it says 'No Memory Card. Cannot Play. It lets me take a pic without a card in there, but they're not actually stored anywhere? And any setting within 'Playback' says 'This function is currently disabled'. Any ideas? Not a problem as I will obviously get a memory card, but just confused as to why it says there is an internal memory but doesn't appear to store the pic, Is that correct?


One other thing, if there are owners of this camera on here, after first charge I removed plug and turned camera on and it just made a really loud screech for about 20 seconds, and I couldn't use or press anything while this was going on. It stopped eventually and seems OK now, Anyone ever had this before?



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Re: DSCW350 internal memory problem and question about screeching noise

Hi SolidBond, 


Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Sony Community!


The Sony DSC-W350 has an internal memory of approximately 45MB. However, playback operation may not be accessible when no external memory card is installed. The stored still images can be copied from the internal memory to the memory card by following these steps: 


  1. Insert the memory card.
  2. Select Menu.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Click on Memory Card Tool.
  5. Select Copy. 

The camera is making an initial reset operation for the lens drive motor when the power is turned on. If the initial reset operation is not complete, the camera may vibrate, shake, or make a grinding noise. To resolve this, turn off the camera and remove the battery. Then, put the battery back on the camera and turn the power on.


You may find this link helpful for more information on the camera's functionality and specification. 


For further assistance, you may visit our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at





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Registered: ‎09-12-2017
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Re: DSCW350 internal memory problem and question about screeching noise

Thanks for this reply, Am sorry it's the WX350, not W350. Does that still have the internal?


As far as the screech is concerned it doesn't sound like anything you describe, and also, you 'can't' turn it off when it's doing that noise, it freezes completely, and you're not able to press anything. It happened when fully charged and the lead was removed. It was a very high pirtched loud screech.

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Re: DSCW350 internal memory problem and question about screeching noise



I have the same problem. I have photos on the internal memory of my DSC-WX350 and cannot find an option "Memory card tool" or "copy" - also if I had a sd card in the camera. 

I also tried to connect the camera via USB to my PC with "Multi" mode, but I cannot find my photos.

Camera DSC-WX350, Version 2.00


Any suggestions?

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