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Registered: ‎10-10-2013
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Do you stock a miniature all-in-one camera/computer/printer/stereo amplifier?

From my own post at,


I want a miniature pocket camera complete with all of the following, built-in:

(1.) professional cinematic filmmaker plus slide-quality still-image maker
(2.) zoom lens ratio extending from close-up microscope to space telescope
(3.) handhold, that is, no tripod needed, vibration-less, at all focal lengths
(4.) built-in flash, auto-zoom, from microscopic to space telescope
(5.) miniature tablet personal computer, with processing speed of >2.6 GHz
(6.) miniature external USB hard drive, with storage space capacity >1000 TB
(7.) miniature Polaroid type image/text printer, with 25-sheet paper tray
(8.) stereo amplifier, with microphone, instrument, and auxiliary inputs
(9.) stereo audio recorder
(10.) built-in stereo loudspeakers, with public amplifier decibel output levels
(11.) built-in stereo wide-range high-sensitive microphone
(12.) built-in movie giant-screen monitor USB port and wireless attachment
(13.) USB zip-drive and SD card 128 GB slots
(14.) built-in contract-free mobile smart phone
(15.) Wi-Fi, with built-in portable Wi-Fi hotspot
(16.) highest megapixels of image quality value
(17.) completely waterproof, to greatest water depths
(18.) built-in miniature personal computer keyboard
(19.) personal computer external keyboard USB port and wireless attachment
(20.) personal computer external printer USB port and wireless attachment

When you're done, please send me my own free complementary model, in exchange for my own voluntary product-design consulting services.

Stephen Richards
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Re: Do you stock a miniature all-in-one camera/computer/printer/stereo amplifier?

Yes, they are in stock at all Sony authorized retailers. Because they are in high demand you'll have ask to see one as none are on public display. One free sky hook included while supplies last.
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Re: Do you stock a miniature all-in-one camera/computer/printer/stereo amplifier?

Yes, Sony has something close to your request.

Have a look at the Xperia Z5 - with a bit of setting up and tweaking, I believe it'll fit the bill.

You get 3 options available also - Compact if you need something pocketable, standard if this isn't an issue, and premium if you want to make sure you get the best display available to nail that focus, exposure, etc

Some of the items you requested might be a stretch, but you can still easily get access to those things no problems.

Good luck and happy shopping
Best regards,
David Tran

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