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Error message E:91:01

What is an  error message E:91:01 on  Sony  camera HD AVCHD Model # DES-HX7V?

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Re: Error message E:91:01

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Hi Paymon,

Please refer to the discussion on a different thread with the same issue as yours.

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Thank you for your post.

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when is sony going to fix the e91:01 error message that plagues their cameras?

I own an HDR-CX360. Purchased June 2011 - brand new - paid full retail. 10 days after warranty expries the now infamous Sony E91:01 error message shows up. Called Sony support - they said pay nearly 1/3 of original camera cost ($300) to send in to get fixed. Went to Best Buy where purchased from..paid them to send to Sony approved service center. Camera came back very scratched up but the error message was gone. I've used the camera 3 times since (this was roughly 2 months ago). This morning the error message is back.  We know Sony is fully aware of this issue as it has been documented for easily 6 years (when looking at prior queries to Sony concerning this partiuclar error code).       I know I will be told to take it back to Best Buy and have service provider take care of it again.I hesitate to do that because of the damaged condition it was returned in.. I don't know what to expect the 2nd time and Sony should not be selling something that obviously has an ongoing defect.  What I want to know is why is Sony continuiing to use the same setup that is causing  this issue for so many customers?  


I would love some enlightenment on this subject. I am frustrated at the perceived run- around we have received in trying to get this issue fixed - permanently. We use this camera on our tour and thought buying Sony brand would be sure to give us an HD camera that would be reliable.  So far we have been able to rely on it to not be reliable.  So disappointed as I have owned Sony cameras, laptops and accessories for many years.    I am asking my HD camera friends their input on what camera I can ACTUALLY rely on.   So disappointed in Sony. 

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Re: when is sony going to fix the e91:01 error message that plagues their cameras?

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Hello e9101,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Sony Community.

I'm sorry to read that your camcorder has the error E:91:01 message displaying.  Please try to reset the camcorder to factory specifications to try resolving this issue.  If the issue persists, then your camcorder may require service.  Please click on the link below to setup a repair.





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Re: when is sony going to fix the e91:01 error message that plagues their cameras?

yes. it is a problem.  i have 4 cameras that won't work anymore.  they have a black screen,  and flash this code, 

E:91:01  or E:62:10.  someone had said once it is a flash error,  and that could be true,  because the flash does not work.   why wouldn't the camera still work,  just with no flash,  if it is broken?  but instead,  the entire screen is black,  and you cannot do anything with it.   put the camera away,  and get another one.   why won't sony fix that?  i think that is a big part of why costco will not carry them any more

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Re: when is sony going to fix the e91:01 error message that plagues their cameras?

Hi wayfarer,


We've posted a reply to your issue on another thread. Please click on the link below to view our post.


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