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Accepted Solution


Seems we lost the USB cable for our HX9V camera and can't charge the battery.

I need to get a new USB cable ASAP and was wondering what the correct type of USB to get since there are so darn many of them?

Sony is crazy btw..they are asking for almost $20 shipped to buy a new one.

So what do I look for when I'm at Best Buy or similar store?? Mini-B? Micro??

Thanks in advance.
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Re: HELP: Lost DSC-HX9V USB Cable

Welcome to the User Discussion Forums.
If you wish to purchase a 3rd party cable here is the information you have requested:

The cable is a mini HDMI Type 3b as shown on page 29 of the users guide.
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Re: HELP: Lost DSC-HX9V USB Cable

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The original poster is asking about a different cable--the one use to connect the camera to the PC (for image transfer) and for charging the battery in-camera. That cable is a USB to, from what I can tell, a SONY proprietary connector (ugh!). You can find these cables on Amazon or eBay if you do a search for "HX9V USB cable". They should cost less that 10 dollars.


The second poster is pointing out a different cable, the one used for displaying images on a TV.