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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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RX100 - Time/Date Stamp

HELP! I got the new RX100 and it's AMAZING! I got it in preparation for a trip to Yosemite last week. Before I left, I printed the only available support manual, as none was in the package. It was pretty slim, but helpful... or so I thought. Nothing in the manual prepared me for a certain problem and I'm desperately hoping there's a solution.

In Settings I selected "Date/Time Stamp" - or maybe it was on by default, I don't remember. I didn't realize that this meant the Date and Time would be etched into my photos in big red letters. How could I possibly realize that since: IT DID NOT APPEAR IN PREVIEW! I thought I was just adding Data to the file. That the previews didn't show the stamp confirmed my understanding of the feature. And the absence of a real manual made it impossible for me to know otherwise.

But when I import my photos to my computer (iPhoto) there's this horrible red date time stamp on every photo. I took over 500 gorgeous pictures and am both DEVASTATED and FURIOUS by the idea that they might all be ruined.

It was frustrating enough not to have information on how to use some of the more advanced functions, though I figured a lot out on my own. If the absence of a manual means my work is ruined... well, that's simply unacceptable.

I am an optimist: Since the Stamp doesn't show up in the Preview it means versions of the pictures exist without it. In such a sophisticated camera, there must be a way to remove this horrible addition to my photos on my SD card and then I can re-export

Please, please tell me what to do.

Thank you.
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Re: RX100 - Time/Date Stamp

According to the user's guide, I don't think you can delete the date once you shoot with it. ... 28/28.html
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Re: RX100 - Time/Date Stamp

It is likely you have subtitles turned on with your video viewer. It happened to me and drove me crazy for 30 min or  so. 

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Re: RX100 - Time/Date Stamp

I had the older camera different band which has DPOF feature to select and deselect date then print with a printer, once I take photo with new camera (without date stamp) and change DPOF with old camera and photo only on printer screen show up date not computer, try to find some software that has DPOF feature.

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Registered: ‎02-18-2017
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Re: RX100 - Time/Date Stamp

[ Edited ]

Turn off write date in settings, take a photo, use play memories insert date and save a duplicate photo file with date imprint for share, or print multiple photo and make a check mark (Print date taken) then print

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