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Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony heads

I am trying to get in touch with Sony heads, ideally for either the Camera / Customer Relations Departments, or, if unsucceful down that path, then Company Heads (Australia), or someone responsible for delivery of "the Sony Pledge of Quality".


Given I am in the market for a camera presently but refuse to buy anything from Sony until this last situation is sorted, I am in a dilemma.


Hoping to get an email address for somebody who might disagree with the Companies direction taken in this case so far, especially as it falls outside of fairtrade laws. I believe this can be righted without me having to go further afield,.. but if the community here has not contact points for Australia, an equivalent in any other country would be another option (they might be able to direct me further).


Cheers, and thankyou for your time in consideration with this matter, for any and all who read.


I did really love the camera they lost, but it was years ago, and it is time to move on....

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Alright,.. any comments from forum goers here would be handy.. for three reason;
1) shows interest in thread and power of social media
2) confirms to me that I truly have (after thirty plus years of acceptable service and three instances of outstanding service,) just fallen off the back of the truck - that my experience is not the norm.....
3) shows that this can be an effective way to get corporate inline with consumer expectations..

The problem with large entities such as Sony is that there can be a disconnect from the customer.
There definately is a customer orientated ideal being nurtured at the highest levels of Sony, but the flow on is barely a trickle come 'front of house'.

Sony as a company are more likely to have cognitive dissonance in this regard, as the typically Sony consumer could easily fall into a category of "money rich, time poor", and so trying to force support and service departments hands' can be a non viability.

My case in point; it ceased being economically viable to follow up on Sonys' error after hour two.

Being now thirty plus hours in, and personally abused in the process, I am being turned from a "*Believe*r" into a consumer who wants to draw blood from a stone....

Anyhow, my Sony facebook quandary was offered a Sony support (new zealand) email address.

I wrote a several page mail that would warrant an immeadiate reply, at the very least to inform me that the mail has been passed on and someone will be in contact.... alas, nothing.

So, if people reading this can indicate some timeframes they have had when getting reasonable resolutions put in place, that would be wonderful.

Presently I am giving one day further for Sony to respond to me via any of the official channels I have instigated (having left all sorts of web page requests for follow up etc, as well as direct correspondance),
Day three will start a fresh course of Action. I will reach out to Sony National,, Sony Ethics Group Compliance members (CRO's etc), and direct email to chairholders and boardroom types.

End of this week I will be saddened if no connect, will take the weekend to breathe a little, and then go Consumer Watchdogs Authorities etc starting next Monday morning.
Having purchased a NON Sony camera over the weekend. Smiley Happy
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Registered: ‎02-13-2017
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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Oh My!


The extenisve letter requesting not to get stuck at front of house, but for an actual follow up with a Sony employee who cares for the brand, got denied.


They actually stated that I need to provide them further information and that they have suspended my case. And will not offer any further assistance via the facebook page.



As I truly believe that my email never made it to anyone of significance, I will post in its' entirety here... (hoping someone from Sony WILL consider me worthy of a reply)


Please excuse the nature of the letter not being well edited, I was in a hurry (start of day before getting child to school), and so I typed quickly, truly believing the real conversation would follow in a further point of connection.










No doubt I am in the wrong department speaking with the wrong people.
So, thankyou (in advance) for your time given with this issue.

What I DO NOT want;
*a run around
*starting the process over and re-explaining everything from scratch-starting a new review process and then being left further in the hole for lost time and costs...
*anything but direct contact with Sony department heads;


I have been attempting to get in direct contact with someone at Sony who holds a modicum of respect for their workplace, company ethos, and respects the Sony name and product library, and can channel positive customer rapport. (That last one; positive customer rapport is reaching a bit...)


So far I have given Sony many many many hours on the matter of a lost Camera that I put into a Sony service department (In Australia), which had had a factory recall. The repair was minor but would add resale value to the product so I submitted the camera, per Sonys request', only to NEVER SEE IT AGAIN.


Having physically visited the service centre and store front responsible on a few occasions to try and resolve this it was left with the onus on me contacting Australias' generic support number.

(Apparently a change of computer system left things out of their hands and they couldn't find my camera.)


Having called the generic service number from my mobile phone on many instances, generally with wait times in excess of an hour, that would transpire past close of business hours on the 'East Coast', the call would usually end with a abrupt click, or myself eventually giving up.


That is not to say I didn't get through.. I did.


The onus was returned to me to prove my case to Sony, something that would have been made easier with the Camera Box, which at the time was 'in storage'.


So I waited an excessive time period (nearly a year) to get access to the box (I had explained to Sony it would take me many many months to get access to it as it was four thousand kilometres away).
When a relative cleaned out my storage unit and posted me 'the remains' (Lismore, Australia being a 'flood zone'), I was without box, so I resolved to call Sony again to get some progress on this case.

After many many calls I finally got somebody to take the instance seriously, -that Sony had recalled my camera, on the basis that the laminate would peel from the exterior of the fascia, and through no fault of my own, I had been left without a Camera, without any course for resolve.


Eventually an agent suggested I could have 25% off a future Sony purchase with conditions (Sony Online store, non discounted items, Sony professional and Sony Entertainment (playstation) and Sony Mobiles excluded).

I countered that due to the nature of my profession (purchasing assistance and requisitions for a large Australian electrical retailer) I got much better than that offer with my local retailers, indeed most Sony kiosks with whom the staff I was unknown would generally work with me to these margins'... I rejected the offer and countered with specific requests, giving a range of options for Sony to take in this situation to create a 'win/win'.


It was left quite rudely with the result being I would HAVE TO further purchase Sony Goods in order to receive compensation for your actions; the call centre worker for your customer support/product support line eventually getting clearance to offer me a 50% discount (on a future purchase, Sony Professional, Playstation and Mobiles excluded).

I had explained from the start that this tactic, to have me spend money with the company, was not going to be met well, given it was outside of fair trade practices, and whether unlawful or not, I had 'lost faith' and wasn't motivated to support the company.

Now, being a consumer in the twenty-first century, it is very hard to not consider products from Sony lineup when making technology purchases.


Throughout the initial stages of this investigation I had procured a $4000 Vaio laptop, a $2000 Head Mounted display (the T3W), some headphones (MDR-1ABT), and some Lenses for my Nex camera system.

The incredible thing is your products can be exceptional, and their technology often well implemented and cutting edge. Special kudos to your Japanese sound teams, some of which have been doing this since day one.....


As this case had been ongoing for so long, I even found myself working a retail camera outlet, having moved to a new city and needing fast employment.
Our shop, one of Western Australias' largest- didn't sell Sony.
I actually purchased my Sony NEX system from a competitor, forgoing any retail/industry discounts by purchasing alternate products from my own store (I did consider a few options).


What you might be picking up here is that I am a Sony loyalist...

At sixteen years of age I spent my hard earned monies on a 68cm Sony trinitron TV (to replace my aging 34cm Trinitron), all my HiFi VCRs were Sony, and through this era I owned flagship Sony surround receivers,.. bought your first five disc bluray carousel...
Heck I still have my top of the line walkman from my fourteenth birthday, and I still use my Sony Minidisc player...
(I am not a casual consumer!)


In the final stages of explaining to the service representative, who would now hijack my sales enquiry calls (as soon as Sony got my phone number, they would transfer my call to this person), I explained that a discount on a future product, when I had no faith in the company to supply working products, or products of ultimate planned obselesence (recall I have owned many many Sony products, and it is amazing how many fail ONE WEEK out of warranty!) being the norm, and lets face it.. warranty isn't going to always work out for me (based on THIS experience)- I would have to be somewhat insane to consider PAYING for the PRIVILEDGE to DO IT AGAIN!??


My final contact, rather threateningly suggested that I would spend equal time to what I wasted trying to sort this matter out, using my internet journalistic powers (I contribute 10,000 words weekly) to tarnish the company.


No movement. I left angry.


After a fair block of 'cool down' I created a LinkedIn profile to speak with the head of a new Customer Service Program (for Cameras) I had faith their ethos might prove more inline with consumer expectations.


My initial point of contact seemed concerned, and so handed me on to a specialist.
Who spent good time reviewing the case, and came to the same resolve, that they would honour a discount on a future product from Sony (exclusions as before, applying), based on clearly believing the issue was all mine,.. that a trail should exist on the computer for my history and that I had taken too much time trying to bring this case to light.




Some points of contrition with regards to that last point of contact; even though they spent a large amount of time 'hearing' my history, they based their result purely from some case notes on file, and made no effort to further delinearate the experiences.


So we have a dissonance with regards to how this case is seen,

1) by the entity Sony, who judges the merits of the case based on what points of contact I have been able to make (ignoring many hours of being on hold, and dropped calls, and service centre visits, and, of course the initial entry of my camera into the system, as that software being closed off is where the problem actually begun...

2) myself, having tried stupidly hard to try and get your company to do the bare minimum in accordance with Australian law.

My final question to this last representative of SONY I spoke with being "If I had supplied the Camera Box would this outcome have been any different"; with an assured "No" being the reply.


I did make it known that spending money with your company' effectively having you profit out of this situation, is not just unethical, but is illegal; being contrary to Australian fair trade law. - I could actually hear the smile as the CSR contemplated my lack of power in this situation. (The factuality of this statement of course could easily be questioned, but, ten years of call centre work gives me an edge...)


Having it would seem, after another cool off period, been met with the same level of tormenting service at next contact (no doubt the team who refused to acknowledge this email) upon trying to make a final plea before going to independant consumer watchdogs, regulating bodies and of course the power of social media, both via forums and actual web page articles.. I did believe somebody at Sony might be so kind as to share a minute from their day.


My intention was to share my experience with the head of Cameras, Australia, and if unwilling, then Head of Sony Australia, then Sony International, if no luck giving your company forum to sort this out before hitting public channels.


Given, in the past, I have presented so many opportunities for your company to profit by this mishap, myself a firm believer of "Challenges and Opportunities" and all contact with the consumer is a chance to build rapport... - I just cannot see how we find ourselves here.


Clearly something is going wrong at Sony.
To this I want an answer.
I need one.
I cannot ethically or morally ever buy another product from your company until closure on this has happened.


So, illuminate me!....
Who should I speak with?

A Sony Ethics group compliance officer, an RCO?
Someone with a camera department?
National or International?

Guide my efforts and then the time spent will be of greater potency.


Just know for the last two years of this (nearly four year outstanding issue) I have been clocking up the time, and will spend equal to that time taking this matter further afield if no result herein can be made.

Presently your company has left me in the position of 'half off' next purchase, putting me in a horrible time wasting situation of offering the discount via 'gumtree' explaining meticulously why I have the discount, and trying to find value in the price difference and a barter process with a random member of the general public.

I will volunteer my time, at no cost, informing people why I would suggest against Sony, and offer purchasing advice (my profession) to steer them elsewhere.


Doesn't seem like the best place for either of us really.


I bought the Camera for my daughter, and as my daily shooter. The value of the camera is exceeded by ONE DAYS WORK. The time spent resolving this matter would have, if used not pointlessly on hold, or bouncing around Sony service departments, allowed me to buy your best camera twice over.


This  isn't about the money.


My family went without our daily shooter for years, waiting for this to be sorted out. Whilst this case remained in limbo I did not replace the camera (why should I?) with another unit, having paid perfectly good money for it the first time around.


My child, feeling safe to use the camera, learned all sorts of terminology like 'pan', 'zoom', 'focus' etc,.. she has spent the last four years using an iPad as a camera, which, as any photography would know, is a joke. We have never printed out ONE photo from that iPad, nor any cheap consumer 'camera like objects' that have been lying around whilst we await a proper unit.


So whilst four crucial years of my daughters development, many photo opportunities not being documented, is lost, and I hold that directly against Sony, I know your company will not see that.

What I do have entitlement to under Australian Consumer Law does extend beyond just the loss of the unit, and can incorporate unreasonable time loss and other factors.

Please do not force me to have these numbers tallied and to paint your company in the public space, poorly, as a matter of accountability.


(My name)


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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

I am running out of options...


I have read, extensively over most company webpages, followed most if not all possible links (for contact), and cannot find basic stuff like the phone number for the 'Ethics' hotline (a 24hour global hotline - that even wikileekz doesn't have!?)


Given the front of house who refuse to aid me in this matter are operating outside of the "Sony Group Code of Conduct", the"Sony Pledge of Quality" is a Shambala unable to be found, and at times I question it even exists.. (like the Ethics hotline, admittedly an internal hotline, no doubt well listed on the corporate interweb)....


Got my pages open (about thirty in all) listing everything from national staff lists and serious players, all the way through to governing and applicable laws.


I have never sued anybody in my life and have gone without much recompense as my stance in life has been to live and let live.

Sony agents, presently mucking me about, on purpose, have made this personal.


I literally have a youtube clip storyboarded,. Locationed, and music ready to roll.

My NEX will do the job nicely, as well as a fair bit of digital,.. Weeks of my life in the hole for nought. 

Now I didn't lose my guitar, but my daughter is a lot more personable.. and given that at one point my counter offers were to simply give her an outdated second hand wifi camera costing half as much as the camera Sony lost (and SONY DENIED THIS!) it will make such a funny video with so many incredulous moments that I actually am realising that legal recompense and a burn video and the rest of my life an Anti Sonyist would almost be worth it... cause the story IS a funny one (if it isn't happening to you!)



Cheers for all readers here..

(Like this post if you want me to post Outcomes!)

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

The page I most enjoy reading with regards to Sonys' ongoing customer commitment-

Sony has documents in the public space outlining it has great interest to deliver us exceptional customer service. (updated September 7, 2016, no doubt my enquiry falling outside the documents reach, in Space and Time...) Certainly no one is building breakthrough service deliver in any of the departments I am dealing with...


This comes from the CSR document that seems to outline business operations broken down into key and relevant areas.. (The full 2016 CSR report is available for download),,.. some of my favorite paragraphs from a bemused stance are;


In addition to continuously improving product quality, Sony is taking various steps to improve its responsiveness and its customer service capabilities, in line with its commitment - set forth in the Sony Pledge of Quality - "Sony employees will always respect our customers' viewpoints in striving to deliver product quality and customer service that exceed their expectations." In customer service, this includes responding to changing customer needs, and in repair services, building a structure for providing the best possible repair service quality.


That one is under the heading RESPONSIVENESS and CUSTOMER SERVICE




Committed to providing high-quality services to customers around the world, Sony provides ongoing training for employees and the staff of service partners. In addition to focusing on the acquisition of new service technologies and the sharing of solutions to ensure issues are swiftly and effectively addressed, staff are trained to help customers get the greatest enjoyment possible from their Sony products.


Now I question that statement a little, and am in doubt of the 'acquisition of new service technologies' being for customer service delivery improvements... 

In my instance it would seem that said technologies are likely the reason I cannot get past the 'reception desk', and are likely the cause of my issue in the first place - it being explained to me that the Camera I had placed for service was "on the old system", and "we are unable to find it.....due to the system upgrade"



Further down the same page it gives statistics for contact to Sony, for support via email/livechat/email. The Australian region has like one and a half million more contact attempts listed.


No doubt multiple contacts on the same point, relegated a 'reference number' would no doubt reduce to 'one', and mitigate the seriousness of these numbers significantly.


I do believe I can help Sony on this front, but even if Sony just wants to hear an opinion with regards to customer experience in my region and how it is likely to skew those numbers and possibly be a large part of the delta between all other regions- I would do so free of charge in the interest to improve the experience of contacting Sony.


Now, not knowing the relevant statistics that make up their customer bases from these regions, nor the product turnover, or even products sold, it is hard to draw any direct correlation, but it does suggest..... (Sony Oceanic has an endemic issue) with twice the numbers of all other regions, that we, in "Asia-Pacific" have exceptionally poor enquiry handling.

Thats how I read it having lived through the experience ;-)


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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

[ Edited ]

Just a quick update,.. to keep everyone in the loop.. of events, as they happen, with regard to this crucial, viagra, ahem, keyboard error (c'mon front desk - I know you are watching:-)



It turns out the document is dated 2013.


From which. I said " my 'updated quotes' "possibly, from another time and space to my own time and space. (Whose Time and Space is this, really?)


So it is a really grey area.


In the first hand, the service I seek clearly has physical documentation as a possibility to exist as per the quoted date around the end of 2016.

But the origin of the origional Is possible, and I do say possible as it is just another webpage open in my browser, (talking about compliance specifically)(and really well containted)..

When the policy updates came into effect is anyones guess.

But it might be past the origional warranty end period, and therefore a double grey area.



The first grey area stems from the article not exising at my persousal in an unmoddified form, 

the second grey area is the Articles first appearance is after my warranty ended.


But really ask readers, if any are here, to just click like,..

no reason.. even if you dislike them (my posts)

just click like.


I will get your message that way.




I personally don't think the warranty should matter as it was handed in as a factory recall.

I shame Sony for not having more direct communication with the general public if that is the case.


And want this matter placed firmly at my feet, where it belong.


For people who realise that is fifteen minutes of my life wasted. Further .. just trying get on with life.. then thankyou for reading my ****** words and allowing a post to exist that a forum member can moderate.


I will moderate this thread myself, if I can get recause with the parent company at any level, and have action toward moving on from this.


At which point I will ask Sony to remove this thread. 


Otherwise,.. it makes for great news story if I can quote facts like,.. (and )they took down my comments.....



That being the case I wouldn't want to threaten to destroy Sony or anything.. cause then I'd be a ranting lunatic.


Stockholm Syndrome...

Sorry peeps


I just can't not keep thinking about this...


What happens next?

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

I mean most forums have moderation, but, c'mon....

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Been in contact with Sony Pro directly.


Thats what the email address said.


Typical no responce even though all words are written to the effect that the age old business adage that "it is not the solution put in effect, but the way (time) it is put in effect.


So I followed up with some emails that do warrant responces.. things with attachments  (that don't have attachments), funny stuff, some stuff to prod things along and acknowledge that if it going of for this long,.. emails that are clearly the last part of a conversation...


Surely someone is going to ask me something about some of this?



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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Or if these posts get deleted, then I have some beautiful TRUE statemnts about posts I made on their forum, where I had mentioned "compliance" have been removed.

In fact quite a few posts on a range of their business operations were deleted. By Sony.





Once statements are made in the public domain they cannot be redracted..

If anyone questions their authority I can show actual screen grabs of the orgional posts.


C'mon Sony.. people are sheep? Are you saying we are Sheeple? Shessssh

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

I just don't get it.




i have had promised 'we will return your message' messages...

i have left messages across every area I can feasably think would generate a reply email ( of enquiry ).. even reaching out to marketing departments, and getting further a field from the intended direction

95% of my communication has been serious in nature (not so serious as to get off the iPad, as soon as I have contact with someone I will migrate to a larger PC with a physical keyboard, where I type faster/write more and edit and churn out professional documents)


You would think an attempt reach out to save a company embarassment, negative press, money and time, would generally be met, at the door, ploitely, and at least offered the sitting room or a drink.


That I have tried so hard to get in contact at any level, and, at best, I have only been redirected by the same people to their own ends; being to ignore my correspondence (and far worse),.. this really raises questions about the fitness of the company inder its' present management structure.


that the oceanic region is so far below company operation policy guidelines is telling, or at leadt I feel it should be told.


My reason to champion this, that is to say; to make it my cause, was exacerbated by front of house rudeness and shennanigans; but the true motivator is- I do not like when companies have unethical contact processes in place when the net result generates further profit- and as that is Sonys' insisted direction on this; that they lose my part, and refuse all legal remedies, opting instead to give only a discount from their online store from full price items (from select high margin lines/ specific areas only), this whole process has been a joke, that has had me, for the last wo years of this process, having spent greater than a week of my time (totaled) in attempting to reach a fair (or even simply a legal) outcome.


how many customers fall through the gap, never getting the service/assistance that they need, being unwilling to forgoe a week of wages or time with loved ones, for a cheap consumer toy...


clearly most people wouldn't.


that Sony are insistant on my personal time being further given on this; their facebook contact being the only 'to-ing and fro-ing' I got, their second reply telling me to cease using facebook, and just to reopen my 'now suspended case'.


why did it get suspended?

-I didn't give them enough info


that was the official responce to giving a three page email, with detailed info, that was ignored.


in fact it was selectively ignored, and stragely, given the first three lines clearly outlined I didn't want further runaround (like having to reopen a now suspended case) and were somewhat explicit to that effect...

Sony really are sewing salt into the wound (a new saying if we wish, created by Sony in this instance)

-how can an email that clearly took much time to write, with the intention of progression in the matter, achieve an outcome that effectively back steps it ten paces?



Sony- this is negligence on your part.

it is serious and warrants attention.


the fact that we are not seeing anything suggests you are quietlynhappy with this situation;

so I call you out!



Sony oceanic is operating outside of corporate guidelines and is a rogue agent.



oceanic users; contemplate importing from other Sony regions to save time/money/hassle 

your warranty, ironically, will be more effective and useful, and work out cheaper posting items to dubai (and old garfield joke featuring nermal the kitten) if service is ever needed.....


maybe not for TVs.



maybe there is lessons here.

learn vicariously people-

learn through my exoerience, and save yourself the same....



again, my apologies for not writing well edited documents from an actual keyboard- I figure if Sony won't be proffesional, and I will never get my time back on this, and it is of little to no worth, it isn't worthy of me putting in 'extra effort'



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