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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Hi Whitedragem,


We're sorry to hear about your bad experience here. For further assistance, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region at Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns.


If my post answers your question, please click the "Accept as Solution" button.




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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Wow, I am finally getting somewhere...


Sony removed a reply I had put up there this morning.. 


That listed my diffculties following the above directions, 




(the cynic in me questions why) listing what happened upon me calling ACTUAL SONY LISTED NUMBERS (silence/dropped calls- these were landline numbers from my landline....)


I can only question why.. and I have copies of all correspondences (having spent my last week creating great publicity points for any further pressings of this matter upon conclusion)



So,,, .. looks like time for me to gear up. Will turn on the desktop processor and warm up my keyboard fingers. I really can present well when I choose to do so..

Up until now I have figured "Sony won't bring their 'A' game, why should I?"


Now I can return to my life as a professional, taking steps to put this enduring turn of events with Sony Australia, firmly in the past where I can wave it goodbye forever.

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Anthony, as it turns out you are a moderator, can I have the ruling or reason for why you removed my previous post?
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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

As my process of allowing Sony, Australia reasonable timeframes for reply, and having received NONE, to previous emails (like the one posted below), I shall place some here to be seen in case representatives need access to these words.

I had indicated in the body of my text I would be courteous and NOT post this message up on the internet for "two to three business days", but given that my plan is come close of business today to move onto Sony Internationally,.. I feel I am disadvantaging Sony Australia to leave message like this one hidden from their view.





SONY REP, I cannot give you guidance as to where to place my 'enquiry'.

I have tried to control the direction of my focus, but most previous attempts to get past 'the front desk' have been met with chagrin of the 'FOH'ers (Front of House).

In fact in this last week the front desk (first point of contact) has been ascerbic and belittling of my attempts. (I have kept copies of all relevant transcripts)
SONY REP, I have a long standing issue with Sony, Australia.
Based on an old camera that they lost, when left with the service department (due to a factory recall on the part).

My attempts to get in contact with seniors at Sony for the last year (or so) has been more to highlight the issues with reporting difficulties to do with service (or lack there of).

I have made every attempt to reach out to Sony and to close the matter of the lost camera. With no success (that is legal, Sony offerences falling outside Fair Trade laws)

Unfortunately the time period that has remained with the 'project' in this unclosed state has left me very bitter towards the company, so, prior to taking my efforts to my web channel/review site and consumer watchdogs and governing bodies, I figured I would reach out to Sony executives or 'higher ups' to confirm that they stand by the outcome, and wish to be processed by the department of Fair Trading/ ACCC based on how the case presently stands.

My attempts to reach out to Sony is for your company to help itself.

I have made evident, in my long dark road into ******, that all time spent on this case after year two had passed (myself being accountable for some delays in processing, being unable to offer the camera box to the FOH/service department), would be also spent defaming the company.

I really don't want to do that.
Nor be litigious in the matter, having in my life never done so before, even when I should have.

In attempts to resolve the matter I even created a LinkedIn profile soley used to contact a Camera representative, who did put me onto a review agent, who ultimately just enflamed the situation more, and confirmed that if I had aquired my old cameras box it wouldn't have affected the outcome one iota.

I have to give your company a chance to sort this out, again, in accordance with dispute resolution processes as outlined by governing bodies.

As it turns out, I am in the hole for much more than just the camera, and the time that is lost in an ineffective dispute resolution process with Sony, is to be factored into that.

Given I have held your company in high regard, treated most operators with courtesy, manners and respect (with exception to two instances of livechat where the agents were purposefully antagonising me)(and I am unsure how my recent Sony Facebook posts read), I find it rather strange the level of disrespect the business shows to long time customers of high priced and top tier parts.

Since year three of this dispute I have not (nor will, on principle) purchased a single Sony item.

I realise as time goes on, that a lens adapter will be required in order to continue using my NEX system and that I can give up on autofocus and image stabilisation features for that product.

I have spent the last week wholeheartedly trying to get contact with any Sony senior agent.

Livechat refused to supply me an email address. I kept transcripts. I explained the information would be available in the public domain, and I was just being courteous and following the natural and logical path towards success with the matter.

They offered me their email as an escalation point. (Pretending it was something that it wasn't)
The next day, via Facebook, I was offered a Sony.NZ email address for support (even though all other Facebook posts were being offered Australian address, and my posts had identified myself as needing Australian support.

I wrote an extensive letter that I will not do the company the kindness of rewasting my time (and have put now placed the letter in the public domain on the Sony Forums in an effort to reach out to a Sony Representative) based on the Facebook post pretending (no congruence given) to show interest.

The reply to that email, which should have warranted follow up, at the very least, and was explicit to get past the front of house, requesting I don't want to go around and around in circles on this; stated that my case was now in suspension, that the Facebook page would no longer hear my concerns on the matter, and that if I really want I can ring through and start the process again (literally the opposite of what the letter requested in the opening two sentences.

I have been explicit in my contact for the last week in attempting to get senior/serious response.

As I do not trust now that my efforts get past the front desk, a copy of this letter will be included in all my future postings and correspondences on this matter (having given a two-three day period for further response, per Sonys' instructions)

SONY REP, in all honesty, I give up.
I already have my defaming youtube clip storyboarded and music selected.
I think I need to heal and sharing my story sounds like a cathartic process that Sony certainly thinks is something to torture me by. (Seriously,.. the facebook reply really topped it, based on dismissing a three page typed email, specific in most every detail- they are insisting I provde- get this- MORE DETAILS (Why? They are not reading the words I have already put forward).

I know that my story will prove a bemusing story for APC magazine, and more specifically four different photographic publications.

I don't understand why Sony wishes me to go down this path, but, having tried very hard to work any other solution (I even gave a large list of any items my daughter would be happy replacing her old camera with,.. one of them being a cheap and nasty camera worth half the value of the part that Sony kept), it seems my only option to go forward here is the road to happiness, I imagine, by having Sony show some accountability for this..

Whilst I have threatened these actions before, in accordance with legal dispute processes I have opened the door to Sony ONE LAST TIME.

Attatched is the email I wrote to your support staff, as making you needlessly find it on the internet seems a waste of everyones time,.. and time is the most valuable asset we have.

SONY REP, sincerly hope this message evokes a desire in you to do right by your business. (I can point you in direction of Customer Service guarantee and Sony Pledge of commitment to this effect if it helps you approve fifteen minutes from your manager to follow up on this email....)







That was to someone in a pro department, and has had no follow up offered, to suggest it has been received. Four further emails baiting for a response have also been met with silence.


Which actually motivated me to include Douglas Adams 'letter to disney' with regards to their Hitchhikers Project, a beautiful busness letter that Douglas Adams fans get much mirth from reading, the man himself having tried very, very hard to get in contact with a company he was offering free help.

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h


(Link to Douglas Adams 'letter of note' in the public space for any interested in reading.... )



I didn't include in above post in case it gave cause for moderation/removal of an important piece of discourse ;-)

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

As an 'off topic' reply... may I contribute the JOYS of owning Sony product


I went to 'take a break' from this whole process, put a large SD Card in a Sony Camera, and was to procede outside for 'fresh air' and take some 'happy snaps' of my recently flooded township (I live in York, Western Australia).


My NEX system was out of battery. No worries I thought, got two new GENUINE SONY batteries from an electrical retailer last month.. time to use them...

Oh no.. they don't fit.

I even asked the retailer (not a Sony outlet, as they have packed up shop) if the Camera Packs I was buying would have batteries that would work in NEX cameras (they had a sign on the clearance 'camera kits' to say they would), and was told 'absolutely'.


They WOULD WORK on a Camcorder where the battery is external.


No worries - I will look for the custom Sony Charger (cause every other consumer camera I have dated in the last five years can recharge via the USB socket).. on A Sony camera it won't even talk to the Sony camera if I am not using an offical Sony USB cable (possibly just for firmware upgrade purposes in order to establish a baseline of quality of parts used as nobody wants to muck up firmware updating....) - I nver even knew that computers could establish the 'brand' of USB cable plugged in but Sony R&D figured that one out ;-)


So, on the way to NOT finding my Sony charger for my unused NEX system (anyone want one.. currently even has the 1.8 optically stabilised 50mm prime on it; outstanding low light shooter!!) I found lots of other Sony proprietry cables.


I found the walkman cable for my daughters dedicated music player (which is unable to be charged except via an extra special cable.. same for loading music onto it... - at least iTunes can be downloaded from anywhere, and costs nothing...), so after twenty days of dead battery it can now start to get some battery life..

I found PS Vita/PSP Go cables.. (never sure which is which), having purchased lots of them, as I hate having devices with non removable batteries stay in a power drained state, and not wanting to risk a 'lost cable'.. I never seem to be able to get them right.. they physically look the same, albeit slightly different widths....


Gotta love all this proprietery stuff.. generates more $$ for company, and exists in such a way as to cost consumers.

A large multinational will argue it is to deliver a better experience, and might even be able to show a power point presentation about customer dissatisfation and Service Centre calls stemming from 'unsupported cables', but 'IN THE REAL WORLD' proprietry cables that cost large amounts of money... serve nobody but Sony..


And the price points for my Sony 8Gb, 16Gb, and 32Gb cards for my Vita? I reckon consumers paid well for Sony to adopt a new format that would 'cease piracy on their platform', and leave them some money in the bank in case piracy on the Vita ever took off.


That decision for WAY overpriced memory cards is seen as the top reason we lost the best, and possibly last, high quality handheld gaming system (with dedicated controls)- seriously Killzone Mercenary on this platform was exceptional... and showed what 4W of power could do with a mobile form factor chipset.... I would put that game against any, and challenge a more impressive utilisation of tech hardware to be shown.. it would be amoungst the greats!..


My house has three PS4 consoles, three PS3 consoles and about eighty games across that platfrom in physicall format. Add in the $3000 spent on Vita parts and games and that is how much I have spent on Sony Entertainment products in the last FOUR YEARS.


As for Sony mobile,.. when the Note 7 fiasco happened, and I had two units returned, I was going to buy Sony. I even was in the shop, having selected the night before which colour I wanted, and was so close to buying the flagship (from the current lineup) Sony Mobile. 

And then recalled just how bastardised the communication with Sony could be.


There are two products in my house I do not own outright.. (technically three if we include my 13" iPad Pro which I pay $60 a month for on a data plan with my telco), one is an $8000 bed for my daughter (`$200 to go paying that off), the other is an 8.5Kg washing/dryer combo; that comes with a 10 year parts warranty. I rent it because even though I could have saved $200-300 buying outright, renting it means that my rental company have the joy with dealing with the Washing Machine manufacturers service department if anything goes wrong.

All consumer reports and feedback suggested it was an excellent washer, with a nightmare service department.


I literally pay for the premium of not having my time wasted.


Same with my ISP, I can't buy better.. not on product, but on service,,.. why suffer less? (Most expensive telco in my country by a long shot).


Premium service and premium parts is why I thought I bought Sony.



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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Further follow up on the message I posted a copy of a couple of posts back....


Ten minutes ago, the same 'Sony Pro' (cameras) agent, sent an updating email requesting I wait until I hear back from some other department... that the matter had, based on their managers opinion, been escalated to another department.


My guess is they will be given reference to this thread, so hopefully will contact me prior to next week.


Technically I have no choice but to allow this as it is a part of 'the dispute resolution process', and I mean... LETS BE REASONABLE!




Spent the last hour in the parklands opposite my house snapping photos on an old consumer point and shoot camera from 2008. Spectacular shots given the tech.. but then daytime shots on most imaging sensors are the easiest to achieve.


I know the shots I missed out on for the last week of 'record flooding' like everyone else in the township, be mostly from moments of 'a break in the weather'.


The camera Sony never returned to me was my 'wet weather camera' (being waterproof/dropproof/shockproof and freezeproof) which had folded optics and would go from belt to hands, powering on, have focus selected from the touch screen, focus and take shot and be away in case again within 10 seconds.

My iPhone 7 cannot do that, and has a much smaller sensor. The Sony BSI sensor in my old camera was everything I ever wanted in a complementary camera to my SLR camera kits...


I have sold, through recomendation, many many of these small accessory cameras.


When I worked in the camera shop (and other electrical retail outlets, Officeworks etc) I would explain that we can get a bridge (do everything camera), or get two cameras; one for everyday shooting (that might as well be waterproof for true everyday shooting) and one for top quality shots of family, special occasions etc...


Whilst my iPhone 7 could have taken wet weather shots.. its' photos only look nice on the screen and are way overprocessed for my liking (vs an actual camera).


iphone makes a nice 'phone camera' but it is software that makes it special... 



Thankyou for reading.. /endrant

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Anthony, seriously,.. you took down a post minutes after it went up...

That suggests you are active on these forums...
Please if you could confirm for me which forum rules the requisite post was breaking?....
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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h


Hi, Whitedragem


I just sent you a private message. Kindly check your Sony Community inbox. 





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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Vincent thankyou for your concern/reply.


Whilst I appreciate being finally 'reached out' towards on this forum,.. I do have some hesitancy with sharing a meaningful, conguently positive and holding your belief that the 'time following this up with a mod' holds any actual value, for myself or Sony, with regards to this matter.


For the record; department of fair trading dispute resolution practices can and will factor any 'unreasonable' efforts lost in time due to negligent front of house/ poorly set up reporting and dispute proceedures (that I have with Sony), and to be honest, so save rendering a larger 'bill', I do not wish ANYONES time to be lost to this ongoing process.


So I do try to keep this brief and apologise if my words seem unecessarily harsh, or attempt to put the onus on you (who is actually paid an hourly wage for our attempts at discourse), instead of rehashing old correspondances or having to muster up the strength to channel patience and kindness in my words here...


Now, in fairness, to the end goal of not wasting everyones time, nor being wrongly countered in legal disputation as to what is fair usage of my time trying to generate some contact with Sony.. I do not wish to spend good time chasing after bad.


I would think my best contact person would show empathy, and certainly an understanding towards the predicament we find ourselves in, possibly showing signs of accountability (on the companies' behalf) or certainly, at the least, I would think they would show signs of trying to MINIMISE my efforts, at this stage, towards getting some closure/progress in this case.


BAsed on having to evaluate any given leads potential usefulness I would ask that your perception filters, or locus, if I may use mind science terminology, try to see things from my perspective for a moment...


The thread you placed a PM in was clearly filled with letters of discourse with Sony asking for no further mucking around on my part.

In fact, without having to read between any lines, it is filled with overt statements highlighting specific methods of Sonys' communication methods that I have major issue with (to the point of taking it to legal and governing bodies)...


Putting a generic cut n paste responce, whose wording shows it wasn't ever written specifically for me, albeit being only a paragraph long, shows that no efforts are being made to minimise my time on this matter (first warning sign that our time in further discourse will likely prove ineffective, at best, and, at worst, just wind up burdening Sony further compensatory charges based on 'ineffective systems for dispute resolution' being in place.


The second 'warning sign' with regards to your letter was the request for information that I had so clearly, in said letters in the forum thread to which you based your appraisal of my need to be 'reached out towards'...I feel you may have NOT SPENT THE TIME getting familiar with my case.


Now, again acknowledging that you are being remunerated for your time involved here, it would make perfect sense that you would find it wasy to engage and 'find the time' to help out... That this is not the case, again I restate, is a 'warning sign' that further discourse between us will be quite fruitless until I have put in MUCH EXTRA time.


Working with you now also falls into a 'grey area' in terms of whether the onus is on me to get in contact with Sony Australia (or International/Corporate) being that I have had two responces from Sony in the last week requesting I wait further time for a responce. Whilst I believe one of those requests has 'timed out', or gone past the letters reach in quoted/estimated time until next contact, a reply on Friday afternoon (just prior to my going to my next step- informing Sony Globally of the difficulties I have been having in the Asia Pacific region), means that I HAVE to give that responce time to play out.


Legally there is a base assumed timeframe for such contact resumation, being up to two business days, that the document doesn't offer a time frame and just indicates 'wait for a responce' is a little caustic.




So having evaluated the potential for assistance here, Vincent,with you...  - I put a question to you.. as a moderator.

I had asked Anthony some direct questions and have so far received no reply.

I actually believe that the front of house team that has been actively blocking all meaningful discourse with Sony Australia are viewing this thread with interest. Hopefully aware that, depending on how many warnings for same instances in the past, are cognisant that their job may be on the line, or, at the least, some customer service training and rehashing a few modules of Sony Standard Operating Procedures as well as being made freshly aware of Sony mission statements/Pledges/Customer Service standards etc....


Given that, and that a previous mod (who seems to work the same hours you do) took down a previous post from me (and has not replied to multiple messages on my part asking why, and what possible forum rules the post broke), I am not sure if you are just damage controlling on that..- attempting to look genuinely concerned.


I could literally flip a coin on how to interpret your method to PM the same generic cut n paste responce that Sony Front of Housers' use on all social media channels and public space.. The cut n pastes and thet timeframe with whcih they are employed would certainly give an outsider cause to *believe* that Sony is a caring and emphatic entity that does have its' customers interests at heart...



Anyhow as family time calls, I leave this reply in your court...


If you can find reason to convince me that you are interested in helping, (and not just showing signs of being concerned in order to receive a wage) then I would be happy to work with you on the belief that your department might even be outside of Australia (your contact hours here certainly suggest so) and that it might actually lead to Sony Australia being contacted internally to promote awareness of my case- that being, in my eyes, an epic win for the potential towards customer satisfaction in this instance...


I will leave now in your hands to decide... (my apologies if this document is unedited, or any trains of thought are unclear or sentences half realised... - I do not wish to charge Sony for my timeframes involved, and therefore do everything in my power to minimise said liabilities..)


Sincerely , Sony Customer 

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