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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

......Vincent, thankyou,.. and contiunuing on... (as a parent, family time naturally comes first)(something they keep throwing at me with the dissonance of dealing with Sony affecting the quality of the time we are spending together- they can see my thoughs are preoccupied elsewhere,.. and my tolerance for resupplying information leads to outburst of violence in my behaviour when 'dealing' with their concerns...)


I acknowledge you had asked me for a reference number.


I have had several of them, and they completely do not help the case, at least from my point of view,.. and when I offer them, it seems to give whichever Sony representative I am 'working' with opportunity to dismis my complaints with the call handling procedures and to tangentally request further information from me.


That information already being qualified by more senior personnel within the corporation as being of no assistance with the outcome, seems to me to weaken my odds (I feel this is like a game of roulette, the house always winning (eventually)).. 


So I do not mean to be rude or to deny you what you ask,.. just, as I put forward to you- if you see things from my point of view; you would understand that the case reference numbers have not progressed this case so far, during a four year period, it would be fair to say I have been conditioned to the pointlessness of offering it.


("fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice......(shame on me!!!!!)") 

being somewhere between being bored of being shamed, and ashamed of being shamed,.. and not wanting to fall to grief or apathy with regards to this 'case', I attempt to be positive and chose actions aligned with positive outcomes whenever they present.


I think my tongue in cheek humour referencing 'stockholm syndrome' is based off the sheer investment in personal effort, time, and humiliation so far; to do this "all for nought" would be deeply concerning to my mental wellbeing/personal health.


To that end- I wish you a great weekend, happy customers, and what feels like short (happy/engaging) work hours.

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

[ Edited ]

Like a scene from the second Pirates of the Carribean movie, where Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are against the East India Trading Company, having asked questions and not received answers; they literally countered with (not verbatim) "On the charge of questions not answered..." and then restated their primary concern.


As my primary concern is to get in contact with Anyone At Sony (herein abreviated to "AAS"), please get your AAS into gear and assist me with my enquiry.


It actually doesn't require a case number, and might actually be better off in its askance by operating independanty (like I have suggested Sony Australia is, being a rogue agent to all International Sony systems, put in place and adhered to by employees all over the world.


I can only guess middle management at Sony Australia are nurturing said performance levels and are indeed happy with their statistical operational reviews.

This suggest to me that there is no effective internal review process for diagnosing and mending the present 'operating' channels.


I think whilstever Sony seels premium objects/consumer goods that they should contain either longer operation life and reliabilty OR have better service departments. (Ideally both)

If neither is being obtained that just means that consumers are covering the cost (hopefully) of Research and Development.


If they are not, and there is no profit for shareholders to see, this will totally affect the working structure of the company.


I have always loved Sony innovation (with the exception of moving to Class D amplification to lower parts costs and stay competitive - well done by the way; S-Master allowing non destructive re equalisation), and I would like to see the company continue to operate, so I really would like to offer some useful evaluations of Sony systems that could greatly increase operating profits and perhaps help us on the path to having 'top tier' parts (otherwise Sony X series really will become the new Sony Z series !!)


Please, lets make company time and money be effective in market growth/dominance ideally using ethical and sustainable practices.


Sony should inspire.

Sony could lead.


We need to up consumer perception of why reliable high quality parts are essential, and create more platforms that are not just fads or obsolete all too quickly.


My speakers,from the sixties, are Studio Monitors with flatline responce capabilities, my power ampifier, from the seventies, has flat frequency responce from 0Hz-100,000kHz- whilst delivering crazy amounts of muscial volume.

Using a THX (genuine, not the multimedia classification that just helps having a logo) Preamp/Surround amp from the early 2000s (or noughties to keep the naming convention used describing 'decades') with 8channel inputs, and pairing up with top tier Bluray player with 8channel outputs- I can stay relevant. (DTS MASTER Audio 7.1Channel etc).


I noticed on your new flagship bluray player Sony has "once again" not supported long term enthusiasts who purchase top tier parts... (being HDMI output only, and COAX with limitations for high quality surround) I understand having to force consumers along to implement standards,.. but I have actual High Fidelity sound, created half a century ago, before fads like the present push for returning to us HiFi, after a decade of gradually increasing the quality of compressed sound methods. Once the ceiling for development/improvement for innovation had been reached, we literally have consumers parts being resold to us, to get what we had even two decades ago.

Which eventually got so diluted down in qualtiy during a silly format war that renderend NOTHING to the consumer (other than lesser sound quality across more formats)


I love my HDCDs, and would take their pepsi challenge with SACD and HDDVD (all three formats never really growing in a decade focused on increading compressed sound quality (which ultimately became an OXYMORONIC stepping)).


I actually bought into SACD extensively and Loved my Sting album and Dark Side of the Moon, Norah Jones and other great recordings, but also lamented the poor 5.1 remaster or War of the Worlds (not from a quality but more from a sound panning and 'fad' point of view).


Better quality 2Channel sound is back in?


Cool- My Nakamichi Dragon (cassette) can take a master analogue recording from whatever is offered.

I have a $500 2 Channel sound card in my PC (with more gold in it that my partner has on her finger)(perhaps my focus is in the wrong place, truly audiophile is a dirty word); and I can create a nice playback chain whilst not getting caught up in the race for mediocrity that an ever growing market of cost conscious, feature seeking consumers seem to drive towards.



Please restore to me the ability to think "well done Sony".


I know you can be all that!!!



(edited 10 mins later to improve readability - and add the War of the Worlds name as the 5.1 SACD that wrecked the format for me and stopped my buying into it)

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Registered: ‎02-13-2017
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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h


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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h


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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h


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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Totally dig my f1.8 Sony 50mm Prime for the NEX series.

Cheap for what it does, with nice before and after bokeh...


Not that these shots capture that,... and web reduction further degrades them (I think they have been three times reduced, mostly being rejected by the Sony page upload feature).


I was inspired by all the nice shots going up on the Sony Facebook page, and my daughter telling me to just 'stop it' with regards to trying to play nice with Sony, she made me realise just how responsible I was for my FEELINGS TOWARDS SONY.


So, to reframe my position I had a fun photo shoot.

A lot of shots didn't make it, and no post processing was done (generally good for a little sharpening etc)...

But what is here,.. some are fun..

There is one of a Sony Walkman (since dropping cassette tape capability, extremely thin...) in front of a Sony 300 disc carosel (the door open, just showing the sides of a few CDs..),.. given that this credit card sized player can replace large pieces of HiFi rack... makes for a nice photo.


Anyhow depth of field is fun for 'isolating subjects'.. and whilst everyone claims how great their phones sensors' are at capturing a 'sharp photo'; this isn't always a photographers end goal!


(Still haven't heard anything from Sony, now being outside of the 'fair wait time' that I need to give a responce, it might be time to send on some of my weekends research to 'Sony Superior'.


How long Sony do I have to wait for your generic 'wait for a reply' time to be exceeded?

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h


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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

This last set shows a few photos with a lot less 'reduction' going on... (The sets above lacking all detail compared to originals...)..



Below is a shot of my creative daughter,.. the whole reason this situation with Sony is on blowout status...


Whilst Sony likes the rate of dropoff with the enquiries that prove difficult (not having to service them), losing business at this rate from top dollar consumers is silly and the inverse of every business model towards success.



If my daughter hadn't been without her camera now for four years, I wouldn't be posting these shots..

Her last four years has been iPad photography, of which not one shot has ever been printed.


The photo of her on the dam was taken around the time Sony asked for the TX5 back as part of a international recall.


The dam was built by her great great great grandfather, and her dress was made by grandmother. She is five.


The nice shot of the book is using handheld HDR and shows how lovely a shot can be achieved in extremely low light on the BSI APS-C sensor paired with stabilised f1.8 glass.


The title of the book is no accident. 

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h


After days of waiting for a follow up from Sony (several in a state of stasis, having been promised further follow up... I get this link through.. Actually isn't a link.. 



Cannot click on either (they don't open anything, being partial addresses at best.


This looks to be further sabotage by Sony FOH to close down some internal diaries what have me flagged as needing a response, yet effectively not giving one.


So far I have heard NOTHING from Sony, other than the order to "wait for a response", with no timeframe given.


According to my countries governing bodies for 'these types of things'- it is courteous for me to give up to 48hours (2 business days) for fair reply, and at the least, a reply within two days to quote or estimate a time / review process.


Sony are clearly falling out of all fair trade laws and fair trade practise here.

It looks like they are doing the typical 'fake interest/ pretend to offer a solution' ( I have spent days reading a range of Sony portals, and their front of house is quick to respond with a link saying it is best to get in contact HERE.. and the HERE is just a wall of deflection!!).


As I have stated multiple times already, this is an unethical intention to drag out small and simple matters with the ultimate goal of having the consumer lose interest or for the process to prove too time intensive to be worth continuing.


I have been reassured by the appropriate ruling bodies that my time will be factored into the outcome, and that Sony will be well nailed to the wall on this one.

It will cost me further time and money (and life) to reach this end goal.

Being I am now so firmly commited to the process (for fear of being committed to the luny bin if I inversted all this time for nothing...) I will then go on to spend equal time negatively pressing the company and raise consumer awareness on this (and several other Sony instances).


It is crazy that no matter how hard one tries to reach out, that Sony just builds a bigger wall to deny user connection.


When operating outside of the law, this is a dangerous practise.. I have to chose now whether to extend to Sony corporate, my intention being to give the forty hours of time to them in a useful capacity, actually offering review and suggestion for change,.. or to go full on smear campaign.


I will actually generate income by going the smear campaign route and I have NEVER seen it as ethical.

What will be, will be.

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

[ Edited ]

Small update whilst patiently waiting..

A couple of weeks ago I attempted to get some internal dialogue rolling with anyone at Sony (other than FOH who ignore my attempts at meaningful communication, instead, against my wishes, transferring me to THE WRONG PEOPLE), so I made contact with a Sony Rep, via a Sony service partner... 


Being unable to talk with that Rep in person, I never had the chance to fill in some details, and upon their inquiry to Sony, was simply told that "I needed to provide 'more information'."


Apparently a lot of people at Sony ARE AWARE of my 'case', yet no one will contact me.

With exception to the mods on this thread, one having deleting my posts (and not answering my questions asking why), and the other MOD still hasn't answered my simple and basic premise to them suggesting that this is all just a facade to pretend to help- if Sony wants more info from me, and I have provided it countless times in a range of emails cut and pasted everywhere I can think -to reach out to Sony- then it is all just too silly for words.


Whilst two Sony departments have told me they would get back to me (weeks ago)(with NO FOLLOW UP), I finally had some success with Sony Internationally.


Will keep posted.


I now firmly believe that someone at Sony, other than uncaring, or worse, case handling shenanigan inducing Front Of House staff of the poorest quality... -..someone at Sony who has completed an induction course into company philosophy and mission statement and service commitment etc; someone actually at Sony,- is onto this.




And thankyou to Sony Reps who care (you know who you are!!)


Will amend this whole thread with outcome of contact. This week likely ;-)



Edited to fix four typos (as front of house staff have insulted me for them previous to this email)

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