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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h




I have to, in accordance with dispute resolution processing, honour Sonys' request for 'more time'.


The ****** thing is how hard it had proven to get someone at Sony to ask for 'more time'.

I even said to them that if they don't quote a timeframe; it is assumed 48hours (business days), and that if it will take longer than that to respond, that they update me after two days with a timeframe (towards settling the case) in place.


After nearly a month of pushing Sony relentlessly (for a contact point for a senior agent who might show some accountability),.. having tried all digital and personable methods (livechat/email/facebook/forums, as well as many many phonecalls to service centres and visits to Sony dealers etc...) I finally had one of my email chains responded too.


Not quite.

I had a response saying 'wait until we get in touch'.

Given I had placed so many points of enquiry with the result always being 'we will get in touch with you (shortly)'; I gave fair timeframe for waiting.

After a week (or more) I followed up, was told to "wait".

I am great at waiting. Four years -no camera part -equals a lot of waiting.


So I wait,.. eventually a phonecall has a rep who was 'due to get back with me' take some ownership.

Problem is they are unfamiliar with the case and think that extending their unlawful offer will magically make the problem ('me' apparently) 'go away'.


I indicated at the end of that call that I would think a response within 48 business hours fair, and even asked 'can I expect this to go beyond the legal week I have to offer you as a timeframe to resolution'. (No responce to that direct question; just reaffirmation "I will get back to you" (with a highly motivated voice).


Given I had attempted every effort towards courtesy and respect on that call, I even believed, emphatically, that the agent WOULD get back to me...




Anyhow, being another week or more has passed, and I have attempted another volley of correspondence with Sony front of house.. we will see how effective their communications channels are...

I know in any business I have managed, I would want any/all staff to come to me with an outstanding case like this one.

To handle it to the best of our ability, will all parties aware of obligations, and the effect of the outcome we are attempting.


Given Sony keep trying to sweep me under the rug on this; it isn't going to work.




I WILL INVEST EQUIVALENT TIME AS I HAVE LOST ON THIS TAKING THE MATTER FURTHER ONCE A RESOLUTION IS PUT INTO EFFECT (as time passes I realise more and more likely this will be a small scale negative press campaign, given that most chances of working with Sony, would also require actually speaking with Sony, and they don't want to represent themselves in this matter).

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Has been over two weeks since last promised contact- if we ignore the two emails telling me to wait some more.


One of them I find easy to dismiss; as it was a direct response to my days' attempts towards being in contact with Sony Asia Pacific. It is easy to dismiss as I have had many 'wait' mails that do nothing ('did nothing'?).. it is a great standard operating procedure to pull ('push'?) on those fortunate enough to force contact with Sony- and in a few weeks time when the enquirer realises they were 'had', they might be in a more relaxed state of mind with regards to their frustrations with Sony (Asia Pacific).... although they will probably also raise vehemently so their energy on the matter when they recall the BS that Sony pull (in order to not 'deal with' customers).

Anyhow this email carried little 'weight' due to the repetitive nature and general 'conplete lack of follow up' which has been established to me now as normal company method to 'encourage customer to go away'



The second email(during last two weeks) telling me to 'wait' really caught me off guard.

It wasn't in direct response to my daily efforts (I hadn't done anything towards contact with Sony yet), and so represented either 'earlier contact being finally followed up on', or 'last contact-already in a 'told to wait' state, being escalated and an actual rep who could see how seriouly the underlying matter/Sony responsibilities under the law are in this instance'.

It made me happy (first with Sony service in awhile/kudos NZ team) to think that I finally had made some progress via Sony 'front-of-house'. It took a few weeks more than any business I'd care to associate with might achieve, but then I am dealing with a business that has resolutely played power games with me for years in this instance, so the bar isn't set very high for them...



Well done -if achieved affect was simply to save me my mornings' phone calls/contact points with Sony- the email gave me a day off. Several days off... in fact when is the time I should start to consider restarting communication?

Blorft; maybe that is why Australian legal dispute resolutions stipulate that 48hours to give solution or quote a timeframe towards solution, or within 48hours, a timeframe for how long an internal investigation will go for- with the end goal to keep the consumer in the loop of the process they are taking with dodgey businesses and silly delay tactics....oops my bitterness is returning and mad rants are bubbling up.....



When this weekend has ended (not much chance for Sony to contact me), I suppose I should just go on waiting!?

The time lost to ineffective dispute resolution processes is the lion share of what Sony will owe me when this is taken through governing channels.


Over a 'toy' camera....

you rejected all serious avenues towards closure

after forcing me through many firey hoops in 'attempting to contact you' I even tried to buy products, I asked for old parts off a repair bench if any could be found (none), from a range of Sony lines... informing ANY part would be acceptable (!I just want closure!)..

I attempted secondary and tertiary volleys of communication with senior departments, and they reinforced an illegal solution.


SomI have now wasted over a month,further, trying to let Sony know that I will have them be accountable in this.

I have explicitly stated my approach vector- I will start at Sony 'front-of-house' and work my way up until I can ask if management stand by an unlawful decision to be forced in this situation, and if no success, with nobody at Sony International showing interest to remedy, I would then go to legal dispute processes and a 'burn campaign'.


the burn campaign will affect their bottom line for more than the value of a cheap point and shoot camera.

the dispute resolution process will reimburse me vastly more than the cost of a cheap point and shoot camera- heck the time sink in silly Sony front of house (recall I can show a pile of correspondance saying, but never doing, what it claims-being an effective dispute resolution) is worth vastly more than any Sony product (sans' Pro lines).


I cannot get my back my time soured by Sonys' incompetance.

hence why "in business: it isn't the solution put in place, but often the timeframe a solution is put in place" that effects the situation most.

Not only have Sony lost my camera, forced me to jump around all over Australia to raise awareness about the matter with them, they have then gone on, for years, dragging this out; never offering a fair solution.


The solution they tried to implement (discount off a future product purchase) should be for out of warranty disputes, where fair and expected value might not have been achieved 'in the eyes of the consumer'.


Quite simply, my daily camera, bought to give quality photos in EVERY SITUATION, EVERY DAY (the investment justified by the reward of photographing my five year old daughter 'growing up') has been lost.

I can never recoup what was taken from me. Hopefully Sony Asia Pacific can grow (tf) up and acknowledge that there is no point dragging this incidence out any longer.


if the intention was to save to cost of refunding me the camera you lost; to save a few hundred you turned down many thousands in further purchases; and that is only whilst this dispute raged on.


clearly management are not


waiting, regretfully not patiently, for contact Sony.





Posts: 69
Registered: ‎02-13-2017
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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Sony,.. Sony,. Sony!



You do realise that the time (in wages) you have paid to your staff for the time they have given up (or will give up) in attempt to close this matter (avoiding legal disputations), is worth more than the part you lost and decided NOT TO REPLACE.


and if you do this with other customers?


Your business is going backwards due to negligence of the corporation and ineffective communication channels.

(we might expect that from Joe's Dodgy builders, but then they are a cut price mob and the old adage 'you get what you pay for' generally rings true. Except of with me... where YOU kept MY paid for item. So I guess it is "you get what I paid for!")

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Sony what are you doing?


I get an email back from the most junior of junior front of house staff who think they have this situation wrapped up...

Saying they have reviewed my case further, and are happy to offer 50% off a future Sony purchase...


This being the unsatisfactory solution that has had, for over a month of vigilant communication, made my efforts to Sony to remedy without going legal restitution (enforced) nor a smear campaign with regards to company service ethics, proven very frustrating.

I have been doing this to HELP SONY.

This level of professional negligence is astonishing. I could honestly not buy a Sony product (ever again) based on this administerial refusal to so much as let me speak with anybody at Sony (beyond the front of house who are mismanaging this case)...


Please... can someone at Sony get in contact with me, to confirm this isn't the way it should be..

It shouldn't prove impossible to have the intentions of a customer heard....



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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Hi Whitedragem,


Welcome to Sony Community!


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. On this site we are able to provide assistance for customers in North America. For further assistance regarding your product, we highly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at 


Answered your question? Glad I could help! Please Click the "Accept as Solution" button below.

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

[ Edited ]

Thanks Jen...


I've put A LOT of time into this.


pretty sure a few of my posts might hightlight which avenues I have used to try to generate traction with Sony on this (Every option available; and a few 'thinking outside the box').


problem is Sony Asia Pacific are not operating in accordance with Sony procedures.

front of house refuse to escalate my enquiries. No channels get back to me (as promised).


The front of house staff shut down any sideways escalations via any/all channels (giving lies with regards to the case).


they tell reps that 'the customer needs to provide more info' (!!) 


this is not the case!


I have spent over a month just attempting to get in contact with any senior agent (in Sony Asia Pacific) to sort this out.

unfortunately, the nature of 'front of house' is that they get to intercept every inquiry via all channels.


they are on damage control for their own wrongful actions. 

They refuse every direct request I make for a contact point.

90% promised return correspondence never happens (it gets shut down internally).


just attempting to 'come to an agreement'. I want to check with Sony management if they stand by the front of house staffs actions...



under Australian law, Consumer Protection enforce (fairtrade and ACCC as well) that Sony had to ensure handling of my item with 'due care and skill'. Responsibility on Sony, breaching Consumer Guarantee, remedies are for non major complaints-repair or replace, and for MAJOR complaints -cannot be repaired or NOT WITHIN A REASONABLE TIMEFRAME; consumer gets to choose a remedy.


as remedies, over the years I opted for repair parts off workbenches, second hand, factory refurbished...

I suggested I would take any (from a large list) of present cataloge items, quite a few of which were worth far less than the value of the part Sony lost.

There were two occasions where I even attempted to purchase something, just to close the matter down, and the person handling my case (a term I use lightly) couldn't be bothered to adress my askances - yet replied to other parts of my email, ignoring purchase requests.

my calls get hijacked at front of house - I cannot get past a 'very small' pool of employees..



So far Sony won't let me refuse an unfair solution- having to spend money, effectively having Sony profit out of their error. (Eg lose everyones items always and you would have greatest sales numbers ever by this theory).

I wont reward the worst service I have ever seen by giving your money further money (I did already buy a camera, yes?)


I can enforce solutions, but I have reached out to Sony to try to right this...


Yesterday I was so angry I am just glad I didn't have the time in the evening to start a smear campaign against Sony.

I was happy to invest money 'advertising' my experience.... that was when I thought I should 'sleep on it'.


I awake to this thread responce (suggesting I might not know the correct place to contact?!)



I give credit that you replied.

you lose points for not familiarising with ANY of the thread above, being that every few posts I rehighlight why I am on these threads.


Nobody at Sony is doing anything than attempting to receive a wage.that is the overtness that 'the tip of the iceberg' is 'not much is going on'.


under the water/behind the scenes 'front of house' asia pacific are blocking all fair chance at discourse with any one in Sony Australia who have read a Sony Customer Pledge.


that should be day one induction stuff.


I use this channel as a place to keep a running tally of 'attempting to contact Sony' and how futile it is.


again, I appreciate your taking time (earning a wage) with this matter.

Jen not mocking your effort, just that I am dangling from a thread (and a ball of fire who has forgotten courtesy and respect with regards to considering Sony), it cost very little for me to start an official process against Sony.

the timeframe would be, comparatively small vs what Sony offer, and I would be reimbursed well.

my issue with that is - it isn't about the money.

i have done this to restore a relationship with Sony.

And, due to a large time sink over a small issue, have learned that Sony are the worst at Customer Service.

this isn't in alignment with company policy.

so I want to speak with corporate/ international.. (anyone who has completed an induction/training and is aware of Sony ethos..)

I will eventually email board of directors (individually) highlighting this case..

asking if they stand by this solution!  /?



Presently; I want everyone to come out on top.

I admit, I'd like to think that Sony Asia Pacific front of house staff have to complete a few training modules before allowing to resume their roles @FOH...



I want Sony to not be smear campaigned by me on this; like forcing the companys hand via legal body would make me wish to do- just to warn others.


For the time I am 'in the hole' for a cheap point and shoot camera, this will prove a very funny youtube clip.

I have a campaign I want to run. Yesterday Inearly begun it,.. but I have promised here, and elsewhere I would escalate and escalate and escalate until Sony had a chance to represent itself in this instance....

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Sony have spent more time on this, mucking me around, than any company (succesful or otherwise) could possibly see as serving a purpose.

There is no doubt that staff wages alone are worth more than the part they lost.


It is like sending someone a bill for thirty cents when the postage stamp is worth more....


Yesterday, amougnst many calls to Sony, one Sony rep who had heard the case and events, candidly suggested I was best to take the legal path (in all honesty!).


Whilst they could only redirect my call, I thought the sentiment was amusing, and I countered with reasons for why I have decided to champion this cause (and will if I have to- speak with board of directors)..


My first stereo system was Mono. It was one speaker in a portable unit that could tune radio and record and play back tapes.

I recall listening to Sky (Tocatta) on it, and have early recordings of my voice as a toddler/pre schooler (from the bath no less).


When I was twenty five years of age I gave it to my grandfather and he used it for many more years.

After his passing I found it in my grandmothers laundry, and it would play all day, any time she left the house, to keep her dog, Phoebe, company whilst she was out of the house.


That thing didn't skip a beat for forty years.


When I was fourteen the same grandmother purchased for me Sonys' top of the line walkman; it featured 'the worlds best recording', came with a stereo mic, and I used it to record some jazz concerts and events.. in fact I recall recording the legal studies debates on it; being the best as the stereo microphone would correctly place/give position to the respective debate teams..


I still have and use that walkman.

On one AA battery it will play a tape for over twenty hours...

Didn't have enough drive to pull through really high quality metal tapes, and the TDK SA-X tapes greater than 60 mins would give it work.. but it still sounds fantastic today, as it did at the start of the nineties...


In fact I have lots of Sony parts that have stood the test of time, generally proving to be flagship parts.

I have had import top tier surround receivers and lineups that Australia just never got...


When the playstation first launched (@$1350 for an import unit) I was onboard. Loved Ridge Racer and by the time Aliens Trilogy and Die Hard Trilogy launched, the thing had wiped away the taste that was the Atari Jaguar and the 3D0. (I had them all; the Neo Geo was better but games were $600)


Sony, with the acquisition of Minolta, gained expertise that would allow them to stay relevant in digital imagery.

Sony Pro Cameras could, with a change of tactic, rule the world.

Sony, through mismanagement, are more than happy to let GoPros' out muscle them in market sales...

Sony have never figured out user menus, and a lot of their products are great tech, with some of the worst consumer interation possible.


Like their support departments!



Case in point-


Yesterday- based on forum mod here telling me to contact Sony for assistance- I did.


Nice fellow who took my call would not do as I asked.

We spent well over an hour talking, where I took control and explained, like I had been requesting since they answered the call, to escalate me, or transfer me (against my wishes) to my 'case (mis) handler', or hangup.


They claimed that whilst we had spoken they had 'reviewed my case' (reading the notes), and had gotten in touch with customer relations (the CSR who is blocking all meaningful communication to Sony on this), and transferred my call to them.


This agent who has been handling my case,.. who hadn't responded to my previous email asking for a timeframe for when I could expect a call from a senior,.. was quite happy to deny me further escalation.


Insisted it was company policy and procedure not to.


I said I didn't beleive them (mostly because every second sentence from their mouth is an attempt to misrepresent facts, sometimes even taking twenty seconds of silence to 'think cleverly' about how to misrepresent truths to me...

(It is amusing to listen to really, so I asked them for permission to record the conversation (granted))


They assured me that they had, in the past, emailed my case on to management and head office (one email, to their supervisor).


Given the supervisor, for many weeks with ample opportunity for follow up, had never contacted me, I suggested that the CSR agent had in fact NOT escalated this case to management.


They said they would repost the case.

I said management would call a customer if the company was in this situation.

They said they would email management to contact me 'immeadiately'.


Of course it never happened.


So Sony- I follow your every direction with regards to seeking assistance in this matter.

Your procedures have a major failing in the way they are set up.

Apparently it is impossible to get in contact with someone at Sony by request.

I am not after specific people.

just someone beyond front desk.. who are held back by official operations policies that cannot aid a customer when needed.


It would be amusing if the reality was not the need for a lawsuit in order to raise awareness of this matter with Sony.


Given this is to repair a relationship; now I do it just to see how far the rabbit hole realy goes.



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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Sony - again- what are you doing?



Middle management wrote me an email (actually , no 'cut n pasted' a generic responce), reframing the situation to force me to provide more information.. and to prove a bunch on pointless facts that have NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ENQUIRIES.


Several rapid fire responces later, and I know this will prove the worst representation that the company can muster, this late into an enquiry jsut to speak with someone with regards to their customer service channels.


The person I am dealing with refuses to help me on the basis that I must, amoungst other things prove I had contact with the prior to last year, prove receipts and place of purchase and prove that I handed the part to a service centre.



I am not even trying to follow up about THAT CAMERA, rather the impossiblity it is to speak with a Sony representative.

Out of 'damage control' I have a real bully attempting to take on the case.


They have demanded I stop contacting the company until I qualify a laundry list of irreleavnt facts.


I would laugh but the seriousness of the 'breakdown in communication' is so far from all company policy.


I can see now why no one in Sony Asia Pacific has helped on this... escalation channels are worse than front of house (the problem IS endemic).


Unfortunately this person is just trying to rev me up, intentionally riling the situation in a hope I will fold, or fail.



Stating that I have been asked for these details repeatedly, yet not supplied them is lie.


One they have perpetrated onto all genuine enquiry channels on my behalf.


heads might actually need to roll (previously I beleived it was just a case of FOH needing to do a few training modules)



Anyone from Sony international embarresed yet?

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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

Emails to this agent - who insists I not contact any other person or department at Sony (and will only respond to me if I qualify their laundry list, made up of things that shouldn't be put on me to have to qualify with hard/physical evidence...) are ignored.


So, after years of the worst service, attempting to contact Sony with regards to their failed communications channels- just proves how impossible it is to communicate with the Company.


The best responces from genuine agents who escalated my complaint (per corporate procedures) said 'litigate'.


Given that the person who has intercepted all of my correspondances, giving reassurances to genuine internal channels that this was going to be handled; is being handled in the worst possible way.


Literally just ignoring my communication. 



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Re: Sony lost factory recalled part (camera), have not been able to be recompensated. In Australia;trying to talk with Sony h

..still haven't heard back from my 'case handling specialist', not been escalated per my request.


i do get a lovely, peaceful 'no responce' scenario.


i have sent emails asking for any reason for why 'no reply', and given A LOT of LEEWAY here.


Anyhow, if management cannot be mature and keep communication open, rather than writing me one message obsfucating the whole process by demanding I prove my contact history with Sony and further silly evidences, and apparently won't discuss this with me until I meet their laundry list of wants.


funny Sony- you lose my camera- won;t let me talk with you about it, and then open up a discussion with a now disgruntled customer by stating the terms of engagement (one way communication from you, Sony, to me, customer)(where you don't even talk).


it is the equivalent of paying for tickets to a stand up act, and the joke is, the stage is lit, seat and glass of water at the ready, and nobody shows, or, as is the case of my 'case manager/management' they sit on a stool on the stage with theirs arms crossed, saying nothing... presumably the microphone is in their hands/close to their chest.


and Sony accuses me of leaving long gaps between contact... yes, I do... I am frustrated. Its been four-five years.

sometimes, like a human I get dismayed and I take a this instance I was just waiting for your 'professionals' (literally I am speaking with management) and they wont respond to emails, and simply sent me one saying 'prove everything!'.


consumer bodies would rip you a new one, Sony... and as these forums (and elsewhere) show,.. once consumers get legal aid, they just roll over and play nice.


as I have said in the past, for this cheapie camera-it stopped being about the fiscal value of the part (year ago), now it is simply a case of ethics.


i have tried to reach out, and I will continue to do so-until I get closure.


strangely it seems that this will also amount to engaging Australian Consumer Protection bodies.


nice one Sony Asia Pacific.

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