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how to blur background using my HX400V camera

Please help me in what procedure can I take a photo where foreground subject make prominent and blur background using my HX400V camera
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Re: how to blur background using my HX400V camera

That compositional technique called Simplification uses a shallow Depth of Field (DoF) (a blurry background) to concentrate attention on an in-focus subject by rendering other portions of the image out-of-focus. There are multiple methods of achieving that goal, but by it's nature, the HX400V only has a limited ability to take advantage of them.


The physical size of the image sensor is key to the goal of getting a small DoF. Larger image sensors have the ability to have a smaller DoF than smaller image sensors. Unfortunately, the HX400V has a small sensor, so it can't make much use of methods to decrease the DoF, so you must go to extremes to get what little effect is achievable.


Using a larger aperture (numerically smaller f-number) can reduce the DoF. The lens of the HX400V has a maximum aperture of from f/2.8 to f/6.3, depending on the focal length used. That is, the zoom lens has a focal length that can vary from 4.3 mm at it's widest angle of view, to 215 mm at it's maximum telephoto setting. (That's 24 mm to 600mm in 35mm film equivalent focal length.) Unfortunately, the largest aperture of f/2.8 only occurs at the shortest focal lengths. As you zoom in on a subject, the maximum aperture gets smaller and the DoF becomes larger.


Conversely, another way to decrease the DoF is to use longer focal lengths. Unfortunately for the HX400V, increasing the focal length reduces the maximum aperture which increases the DoF, so you must juggle aperture with focal length to find a combination that will work well for your particular composition.


Given the limited capacity of the HX400V for obtaining a shallow DoF, the best ways have little to do with camera settings, and more to do with how you compose your image.


A shallow DoF isn't as much about the distance between the subject and the background as it is about increasing the disparity between the distance from the camera to the subject and the distance from the camera to the background. That is, the closer you get to your subject, the more out of focus the background will be. So to decrease the DoF, get closer to your subject so that the background will appear that much blurrier. And if necessary, change your perspective so that your composition has a more distant background. That is, given a choice between a subject with a closer background, and the same subject with a more distant background, the latter composition will have a more blurred background.


So, as for camera settings, use A (Aperture Priority) mode to select the largest possible aperture. From there, compose your images such that the backgrounds are as distant as possible while the subjects are as close as possible.

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Re: how to blur background using my HX400V camera

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very informative thanks.


Thanks Colin

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Re: how to blur background using my HX400V camera

Lot of thanks to you

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