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how to watch 3D photos

You can watch your 3D photos in a 3D TV connectng your cybershot camera with a HDMI.

But if you have your files JPG and MPO stored in a DVD is it possible to watch them in a 3D mode on a screen.


Many thanks

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Re: how to watch 3D photos

Hi PepeGunn,


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The files can't be played back on a 3D TV when saved in a disc. Playback is only possible with the camera and TV connected via HDMI.


For further assistance with your concern, we recommend contacting your local Sony Support team by visiting our Sony Global Web site



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Re: how to watch 3D photos

Hi ...

  1. Display the content to watch in 3D on the TV screen.

  2. Turn the 3D Glasses on, then put them on. 
    If no 3D effect is achieved, perform the following steps. 
    You can use the following models of 3D Glasses: TDG-BR750, BR250, BR200, BR100, BR50. (Availability of these models may differ depending on the region/country.)

    Power button
    3D Glasses TDG-BR250
  3. Press the 3D button to display the [3D Display] screen.

  4. Press the 3D button repeatedly to select the [3D Display] mode to suit the displayed content. 
    [Side-by-Side]: Displays side-by-side pictures in 3D. 
    [Over-Under]: Displays over-under pictures in 3D. 
    [Simulated 3D]: Displays regular 2D pictures in simulated 3D.


To exit the 3D Menu, press the RETURN button.

To deactivate the 3D effect

Press the 3D button repeatedly to select [Off] in [3D Display].

To adjust the 3D settings

You can adjust the following 3D settings.

Press the HOME button, select  [Settings] →  [Picture & Display] → [3D Settings], then the desired option.


[3D Display] Opens [3D Display] to switch the display modes. [3D Depth Adjustment] Adjusts the depth of 3D pictures on the screen (available only for content with 3D signals). Select [Auto(High)] to always optimize to a visually comfortable depth. Select [Auto(Low)] to provide a visually comfortable depth which is close to the original picture. You can also manually set the adjustment value. [Simulated 3D Effect] Heightens/lessens the 3D effect when you display 2D pictures in simulated 3D. [3D Glasses Brightness] Sets the image brightness when using 3D display mode. By selecting [Auto], image brightness through the 3D Glasses is automatically adjusted in conjunction with the [Picture Mode] setting. [Auto 3D] Automatically switches to 3D display mode when a 3D signal is detected. Select [Off] to prevent 3D display mode from being automatically selected when a 3D signal is detected. [3D Signal Notification] Notifies when a 3D signal is detected. Notes

  • 3D effect is available only when pictures are displayed in full screen. Check it out.
  • If [Motionflow] is set to other than [Off], the smooth movement of the picture may be lost as the picture process to minimize screen flicker is applied. In such a case, set [Motionflow] to [Off] to display the original picture.
  • Recommended viewing angle and distance may vary depending on the TV’s location and room conditions.
  • Simulated 3D effect may be less pronounced with some picture sources.
  • Perceived simulated 3D effect may vary from person to person.

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