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DSX-A400BT Blue Tooth only works sometimes...

Boy did I shose the wrong product. Car stereos aren't even on the "Select Location" list. 


Anyway, I bought a DSX-A400BT from Best Buy because I wanted to sync my phone to play music and ebooks. I installed it, and everything seemed fine for about a week, it sounds really nice, the blue tooth would sync when I got in the car, even with my phone in my pocket and picked up where I left off. Now the blue tooth radio only works intermittently. Sometimes my phone struggles to link up, but the DSX-A400BT just displays, NO DEVICE, or whatever it says. Other times it links up as soon as the radio comes on.


When it doesn't work, there's no indication that a blue tooth radio is on. When it does work, there's a blue tooth icon lite up, along with two other radio/phone icons. It's not really predictable. It I turn the ignition off, then back on, sometimes it starts working. I've tried turning the radio off directly, but that doesn't seem to cycle whatever piece of trash blue tooth radio Sony puts in the second-rate waste of my time and money.


I called Sonya customer care, but that was a joke, a caricature of worthless telephone support. They hung up on me after getting frustrated over not being able to understand letters, even when I spoke them phonetically. Finding support on this website is also an Easter egg hunt. Sony sure doesn’t want to be bothered by use fools ending up in their failure rate.


So, does anyone have any ideas about this problem with Sony blue tooth? Should I just take the thing back and learn my lesson about buying auto stereo equipment from a movie company? Is there some kind of miserable firmware upgrade I need to figure out?



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Re: DSX-A400BT Blue Tooth only works sometimes...

Hi Horseatingweeds,


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!


You may try resetting the stereo to the factory default settings.

See steps in the image below.








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Re: DSX-A400BT Blue Tooth only works sometimes...

It's been about a week since I reset and the blue tooth has been connecting. I wonder what the issue was...

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