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XAV-AX100 backup camera lines

Is there anyway to turn these lines off?


I think they're one of the worse backup line implementations I've seen. I'd rather just you the excellent lines built into my backup camera so I need a way to turn off the receiver's lines.

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Re: XAV-AX100 backup camera lines

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I agree, I love this stereo so far (installed a week ago), but nearly every camera on the market has built in lines nowadays. I've adjusted mine as best I can, but I'd really prefer to be able to just shut them off as they really aren't needed (nor are they the same colors of my existing lines). This could make a simple firmware update and make at least 2 of your customers very happy Smiley Happy

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Re: XAV-AX100 backup camera lines

I'd also like to add that if you look at the product reviews on various other sites, such as crutchfield and amazon, there are others asking for this same functionality. I've also submitted a support request regarding the function in hopes someone with some powers to make changes sees this and is able to do something about it (along with the few other gripes people have). This is an amazing stereo otherwise that could just be made better with a few minor tweaks.

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Re: XAV-AX100 backup camera lines

Hi Phantoms and Tweak3D,


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Have you tried calling our Technical Support team about this issue?
If so, kindly send your reference number/event ID to me via Private Message(PM) so we can further assist you.







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