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DPT-S1 will be perfect if it has video input (external monitor function)

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As stated in the title, the DPT-S1 is really the best productivity tool I've ever got since PC. But it will be perfect if it can combine the beauty of two worlds.


For me, the most obvious benefit of reading journal papers on a giant e-ink display is that it dramatically eased the eye fatigue. So for the very same reason, it would be great if it can be used as a secondary monitor. Plus it would also extend its usability to a new level because it will (sort of) support all format that a PC can handle.


Of course, due to the nature of e-ink technology, certain applications, especially those requires high refresh rate such as video playback, won't suitable for DPT. But document browsing and basic typing would perfectly match it's capability. This has been proved by rooted devices using Teamviewer via wifi. Thus, it can be reasonably assumed that a wired-based native support would perform even better.


I've noticed that Sony added a display-out feature in the latest firmware update. However, I personally doubt its necessarity considering the DPT certainly can't beat a laptop in the event of demonstration.


Don't forget, for those target users, white collars and researcher etc., an eye-friendly, paper-like screen was very likely the main reason to choose this product at the first place. So to take the advantage of e-ink further and save them from blinkering LCD monitors would make much more sense than output images from digital paper to LCDs.


I don't know if sony actually check this forum. But no matter what, I think at least this won't do any harm.

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Re: DPT-S1 will be perfect if it has video input (external monitor function)


Hi everywill


Thank you for visiting Sony Community! 


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We do appreciate providing us these feedback for the betterment of our product. We place a very high value on feedback from our customers because it allows us to continue to improve. We'll pass this to the proper department. 






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Re: DPT-S1 will be perfect if it has video input (external monitor function)

Check out the Onyx Boox Max. It's the same e-ink display as the DPT-S1, but it's running Android and has Bluetooth. That means you can install things like remote screen viewer, or use external keyboard. In practice using it as an external display probably isn't very practical. But I think it'll be useful with external keyboard for writing.

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Registered: ‎05-18-2016
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Re: DPT-S1 will be perfect if it has video input (external monitor function)

Yeah. I know. The only concern is quality control of Boox. Had couple of their product before and quite problemetic.


From some early release of Boox max video review (in chinese), it's quite clear that their pdf rendering isn't in the same league as that of DPT. And the secondary display function seems not better than rooted DPT. Most importantly, without touch control, it doesn't feel right for such a large device.


Actually, typing on eink diaplay, including rooted DPT, is not something that unacceptable even for those who has a pretty high standard. But "editing" is another thing. In fact, this is also the case for dedecated eink monitor - Dasung Paper Like. They meant for reading and simple typing, nothing more nothing less.


BTW. For your reference, the DPT is running on Android 2.2.1. The GUI you saw is just a skin(Launcher).

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