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Digital paper tips, tricks and wishlist for next firmware

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Its a great device despite the limited functionality. I had few problems in the beginning but managed to solve or live with all of them.


First the problems:


1. No copy-paste functionality for text (we can copy/paste handwritten notes)


2. ShareFile application not working. It keeps asking for credentials. Another buyer has also confirmed the same. It could be either our geographic location (blocking IP) on sharefile or us using a trial account or there a bug in the firmware. Would be good if others can confirm if they got sharefile to work and how.


3. No way to copy files to different folders. We can only "duplicate" files, a very limited feature. This is a problem if file is created in a different folder and you need to send it to someone or yourself to read on laptop. There is an option of "send" but it has never worked. It always gives an error "Destination could not be found" or something.


4. Despite we being 2016, it has a very limited connectivity. You really need a wire to transfer files due to the limited network and file management features. 


5. No drag and drop features. I woud have loved to drag one file into another folder.


6. No on-screen buttons. I need to click the hardware button each time to go to home. This scares me as the button gets used a lot. 


Here are few of my tips:


1. Use a local webdav server and configure "Network drive".

In my case, my NAS had webdav which made it easier. I could set "server" to go to http://192.168.1.xyx/webdav/myFolder and connect my device. It was able to sync (both ways) all files dropped in the "myFolder" folder. However, it was only able to upload files in any subfolders of this but not download them (a one-way sync).


2. Use Sharefile webdav to configure "Network drive"

Although the "Sharefile" application does not work, I could get the "Network drive" to connect to a Sharefile folder using the server "" and sync path "My Files & Folders". Details are in this document from 2014 on Sony's site:


This works on a Sharefile free trial account for 30 days


3. Once you have one of the above two setup, all documents dropped into the synced folder from elsewhere will appear on the device in "network" folder. Furthermore, any files created on the device inside this folder (and subfolders) will appear on the webdav server. However, files created elsewhere inside subfolders of the synced folder will NOT appear on the device. Hence it is a one way sync (Device --> cloud) when it comes to subfolders. 


4. The syncing is convenient as long as you remember to use the synced folder inside "network" folder. If not then you are out of luck as there is no way to copy files from elsewhere into this and you will have to use a wire. Sony seems to have put a "send" option to overcome this limitation but alas, it does not work in both the above scenarios (local NAS webdav or Sharefile webdav server). It may work with which I have not tried.


5. If you really need to copy-past some things, you can copy an entire page of a note and paste it in another note. Closest to copy-paste. Saved me from the wire a few times.


6. Putting a thin transparent plastic sheet makes the writing experience much better. Try to get an anti-glare one. Don't bother with expensive "custom" screen protectors. Get a generic one of an exact A4 size, same as the display/


After having used the device for a week, here is my wishlist.


1. Ability to copy ("duplicate") files to a different folder


2. Ability to upload files to shared folder (currently I need to have the file in "Network" folder). And "send" does not work. It gives some error


3. On-screen buttons


4. Get Sharefile to really work. This version is broken and does not work.


5. Ability to copy-paste text for filling in forms, dialog boxes and browser.


6. More cloud support with easier config


7. A good file explorer


8. A better and smoother way to send files via wifi to mobile phone or laptop.. .C'mon, its 2016.


9. A gmail and / or any mail app.


10. Ability to draw shapes (boxes, circles, etc) rather than just write.


11. Ability to read and write text files (I know other formats have been asked too, but at the minimal please do text).

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Re: Digital paper tips, tricks and wishlist for next firmware


Hi Amitabh123


Thank you for visiting Sony Community! 


We are sorry if you're having issues with your Digital Paper. I already replied to your other post regarding your ShareFile concern. Different troubleshooting guidelines can also be found here. We appreciate your time posting your feedback and some tips and tricks about Sony Digital Paper. We'll do our best to forward these to the proper department. 


For further assistance regarding your concern, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns.







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