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Regarding a zoom/crop option

Dear Sony team,

I'm a happy user of the DPT-S1, I consider it one of my best investments, thanks a lot of job well done.

I'm enjoying reading and annotating my material on the device, still the zooming function bugs me quit few times, some of the materials I read on the device have big margins and small font, I find myself zooming the page and use the side bar to turn pages (which also add an annoying black bar at the bottom), when I want to read, I want the least distraction possible, so as a work around recently, I started creating a cropped version of these documents on my computer, which is fine, but it's an extra work and waist of time, beside, I can't do this for all documents if I need to share my notes with others (and preserve the original format of the document)

Could you please consider adding a crop function in the future? it doesn't have to be a new thing, it's just the current zooming function that you have without the need to the side bar and a bottom bar, the ability to turn pages by sliding, and the ability to save the crop setting so that next time I open the document it shows up as I left it.

Many thanks, and I hope my suggestion find it's way into the next update.

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Re: Regarding a zoom/crop option


Hi allochi


Thank you for visiting Sony Community! 


We are more than happy to forward your feedback onto the proper department. We place a very high value on feedback from our customers because it allows us to continue to improve and for the betterment of our products. 


For other concern, we kindly recommend visiting our Sony Global Website for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at


Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.


Best regards,





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Re: Regarding a zoom/crop option

Am I confusing devices? It seems like when I bought mine back in fall of 2014, it had a slider at the bottom of the page that I could bring up and adjust the zoom to the level I wanted. After the update, the slider disappeared and I'm stuck with this "pinch" and open procedure which only works about one out of five attempts and then when it does work the zoom is usually to some dysfunctional level.


Presuming I'm not confusing machines here, is there any way to get back the original firmware? Thanks.

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