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Suggestions for DPT-S2

[ Edited ]

Dear Sony:


I hope you're listening :-). Here are some suggestions collected from various DPT-S1 owners that we hope you consider imlementing in the DPT-S2, if you decide to release it:


  • Copy & Paste (PDF text as well as e-ink notes via a lasso tool)
  • Smoother zooming
  • Ability to highlight while zoomed in
  • Ink colors besides red and blue (black and green options would be nice)
  • Better palm rejection for the bottom control buttons (or disable them when inking) to prevent accidental presses
  • Simple file manager so we can organize PDFs and notes without tethering to a PC
  • Built-in Oxford dictionary with quick word lookup (this is my favorite feature on the Kindle)
  • Dropbox support
  • Ability to export handwritten notes to OneNote
  • Shape smoother to straighten out basic shapes you draw, similar to what S Note does on Samsung Galaxy Note phones
  • Faster search, especially in large documents (> 30 MB)
  • Global search
  • Option to choose note template whenever you add a new note (e.g., lined paper, grid paper)
  • Support for other formats (if EPUB is not feasible, then it wouldn't be that difficult to add a basic plain text editor or HTML viewer, or simply allow the browser to navigate the file system)
  • Soft backlight similar to the Paperwhite or Kobo's ComfortLight (even better if it had an ambient light sensor which dims the light gradually when you turn off the lights like on the Kindle Voyage)
  • Faster processor (this would help with the zooming and other operations)
  • Two-way WebDAV syncing (it currently only syncs from the device to, not the other way around)
  • Higher resolution screen (the current dpi is about 150; if Sony truly wants to emulate a sheet of printed A4, then they should bring the dpi up closer to 300)


UPDATE: Crossed out things that were fixed in the v1.5.5 firmware (yay!)

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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2

Adding my vote for higher pixel density. The main reason why I didn't immediately purchase the DPT-S1 when it was available is because of the low PPI. Some people think you need less pixel density for a similar reading experience to the LCD equivalent, but there are ereaders available today that are double the density at 300 PPI. The other important factors for visual quality are contrast and refresh rate.


Another major reason I didn't purchase one is because there was no keyboard support. For that price especially, it is important to have the option to use the Sony Digital Paper not just for reading and scribbling, but as paper for a digital typewriter too. Imagine a distraction-free text editor where you use it like an epaper monitor to write text documents on.


I'd also want open access to the underlying OS, so I can experiment with using it for my own applications. I'd like to try being able to run ssh from it, and use a keyboard to turn it into a paper Unix console.


I think there are people interested in exploring e-ink for more than just ereaders. I've seen some advancements where maybe the refresh rate can be optimized enough for it to be practical to do more general computing. There are some devices now that run Android, and people have the opportunity to experiment.

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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2


Hi guys! 


Thank you for considering Sony Community! 


We will do out best to forward your feedback and suggestions onto the proper department. We place a very high value on feedback from our customers because it allows us to continue to improve.


10basetom, for further assistance regarding your concern, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns.


We'll also forward your feedback Jamon. We really appreciate your time visiting us here. 


Thanks again and have a wonderful day.



Best regards,





If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"


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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2

I would also request a major change in the design of the device and sleeve. Specifically...

  • a better charge light indicator that is visible from inside the sleeve (red for low, blue for midway charging, green for full charge)
  • A way to charge the device while it sits fully enclosed in the sleeve
  • A sleeve design that doesn't make it seem as if pulling on the pen clip is the easy way to pull the device from its sleeve
sfq Enthusiast
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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2

I very want to know when Sony DPT-s2 will sell?



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Registered: ‎03-12-2015
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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2



Hi sfq


I replied to your other thread here:





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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2

I've been using my DPT-S1 at work and at school for the past few months. I'm a programmer at a biotech startup, my classes have been maths. I don't carry a single textbook or even paper to work or school and so far it's worked out fairly well. The latest firmware was a dramatic improvement that annulled my biggest concerns and made it possible for me to work this way. However, I heartily agree that a faster CPU / more responsive disply is required. The device can get bogged down when rendering a nominally complex page or performing a search, zooming out, (especially to the 9-page view), etc. It seems like it always has trouble keeping up at the worst times and can make it difficult to use in the real world. That's my biggest remaining complaint with the device.


Additional minor nitpicks;


- The construction could be a little less wifty (but not heavier?)

- A wee bit more battery life is always appreciated (but again, not heavier?)

- It would be nice if the pen didn't have to remain in a fixed orientation and was a little more accurate.


Some additional new features I'd like to see in a new version;


- Simple text editor, mail and graphing calculator programs. The graphing calculator one would be especially neat for the scientific / academic market.

- Bluetooth support with keyboard profile. I don't use the device at work very much because I only use it for drawing. I'd use it much more if I could take notes during meetings


I'm actually pretty happy with the resolution and see this as the last thing that should be fixed. This isn't for editing RAW shots from your DSLR, it's for reading text/ simple graphics in black and white and I don't see the resolution as a limitation at this time. I assume that developing new screens is comparatively expensive and I'd rather spend my money on responsiveness and features.


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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2

Oh, and I know that most lawyers won't want the graphing calculator. I don't have any idea what OS the firmware is based on, but maybe having a software repository with the handful of apps that you plan to support and a program that can fetch and install them would be the way to go when adding features. If you open sourced the apps and provided a way for developers to contribute to them & add new ones you could probably get simple ones like the reader & text editor for very little investment.

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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2

Hi sine,


Welcome to Sony Community!


Thank you for taking the time to tell us what pleases you with your Sony Digital Paper. We do appreciate your suggestions. Thank you for choosing Sony.






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Re: Suggestions for DPT-S2

[ Edited ]

I am now choosing between 13..3 Goodeardear/Netronix reader and Onyx Boox Max. I would have chosen Sony, but it provides no android, no possibility to attach keyboard through the bluetooth or otg cable.


If Sony makes a new version at around 750-850 with more advanced battery, processor and memory, perhaps not less than 200 dpi, ability to read pdf, epub, djvu, I will definitely prefer the quality of Sony products. Any information about the plans will help me decide.

Thank you.

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