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2012 Movember Web-Series shot on the F3

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I was the Cinematographer for this years set of videos to promote the Movember campaign here in Canada and wanted to share them with members here, along with any information or questions on how I established the overall "look" for the series using the Sony F3.




Our Movember TEAM would love to hear your feedback as well as answer any questions you might have specifically about shooting the web-series with the Sony PMW-F3.

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Re: 2012 Movember Web-Series shot on the F3

Really nice, can you explain how you achieved this look? Did you shoot S-Log?

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Re: 2012 Movember Web-Series shot on the F3

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Hi Peter, thanks for your curiousity. I've been writing a four-part series in my blog which goes into a little more production and post-production detail on shooting the 2012 Movember series, but I can quickly describe some of the Sony F3 camera settings and "on-set" techniques all which later went into producing the "final look" for the series.


We used a single Sony PMW-F3 to shoot the entire 4-episode web-series over two days, and we shot it directly to SXS cards. I get asked a lot if SLOG was used, but I did not use SLOG for this project. I opted to use a custom picture profile with all default settings except the gamma curve was changed to CineGamma4 and I would dial in my desired white temperature for each shot. All footage was recorded at 1920x1080, 24fps, 180 degree shutter (1/48th), 0db gain. Slow motion shots were shot in 1280x720, 60p and blown up 150% in post to fit 1920x1080. 




On-set I used a light meter and adjusted my lighting to ensure I had consistent skin exposures within the same scene, and also to establish an overall scene contrast ratio around between 4:1 and 6:1. Even though the F3 offers high dynamic range recording capabilities I find images more pleasing, cinematic, and less "video-like" when they are kept within a limited contrast range.




Once the footage was brought into post-production some minor color correcting and grading was done mainly to crush the lower tones while keeping the mid-tones in place and punching up the color and contrast. Selective grading was also performed on every single shot in order to reduce any bright areas of the frame, and to add aditional scene contrast ranges.

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Re: 2012 Movember Web-Series shot on the F3

Srikanth. Rock...

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