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FS5 vs F3

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Hey all


I currently have an F3 that I picked up for an insane deal not all that long ago. I use it with my Shogun and I'm very happy with the picture I get out of it. I use it with Nikon AI Primes and a Nikon-FZ adapter.

Before I bought the F3, I had invested a large amount of money into my A7s kit. So I currently have a bunch of E-mount lenses that I can't use with the F3 - though I can use the Nikons on my A7s.


Now that the random used FS5 is popping up here and there at pretty reasonable prices, I'm wondering if the smart thing to do would be to sell the F3 and invest in a lightly used FS5. I've already got lenses I can use with it. The Shogun would probably get sold as well to enable to the FS5 purchase, so I wouldn't be able to make use of it, at least initially, with the FS5.


I've not used the FS5 extensively, though have used it a little, and there's much I like about the camera itself. The image, to me, was pretty 'stock standard' of what you could expect at the price range - i.e. it didn't blow me away, but it's also totally 'fine'. Benefits being I can get 10-bit 422 internally, without the need for an external recorder - I'm not recording 444 out of the F3 at the moment, as the Shogun won't do it, so that point is kinda moot really. WIth the FS5 I could eventually get a Shogun or similar if I wanted or needed raw, and I could shoot UHD if the need ever arose, and I'd have the option of significantly more frame rates.


To me it seems like a pretty good trade-up, a more 'future-proof' option (as much as I hate that term). 

That being said, I really love the image out of my F3, and at the end of the day, the majority of my work is still in HD - and my A7s can record 8-bit 422 UHD into my Shogun if I need that option.


The FS5 seems like a tempting 'ecosystem' choice - i.e. lenses, codec, Picture Profiles, etc. are all the same or similar, and potentially might match better. Plus, you get Slog3 with the FS5 (not that I have any real issue with Slog2), vari-ND (not that I have any particular issue with the two-stage ND in the F3), and more frame rate options.  But if that comes at a drastic picture compromise, I'm not really interested...


I guess I could also wait until the F5 price drops a bit more Smiley Wink


Any thoughts, comments, etc. greatly appreciated.

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Re: FS5 vs F3



I have the same question. I am confused between buying a used F3 or FS5. From forum discussions, people tend to praise the PMW F3 image look (esecially when recorded externally in 10 bit 422). Regarding the FS5, the opinions are more diverse. Some say Sony color science is too chlinical (especially when compared to C100 MKii out of the box) but others say that with color gragind one can easily tweek the colors to his taste. 


NAB is coming very soon and I'm sure 2017 will introduce new generation cameras (not simple upgardes). the GH5 started the wave and probably Sony, Canon and I hope Black Magic will follow. So what to do ? 


The most important thing to me is image, colors and skin tones... the filmic look as some may call it. I can bare the bulk of the F3 with a Ninja Samurai if color and skin tones are more pleasing than the FS5 for example. Let's not forget that it also depends on the lens you use. Most of the videos on the internet shot on the F3 were on expensive cinema glass and that makes mutch of a difference! I rarelly saw an fs5 video shot on cine glass.


Also, FHD, wide DR and image character is more important to me than 4k. I don't really care about the later. 



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