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Arri BP-8 w. F55?

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Can you use an Arri BP-8 mounted directly to the F55 or does it need an Arri adapter to center it up?  Abel just sent me a Canon 50-1000mm knowing that I have an F55 and they didn't supply any other mounting option for the 19mm rods.  This seems to require the Arri F55 adapter plate, no?




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Re: Arri BP-8 w. F55?

You can't attach the BP 8 straight to the F55 as the mounting screws are off centre and height is wrong . You will need an Arri or Vocas plate to give the right height distance from the lens and for the off centre mounting.
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Re: Arri BP-8 w. F55?

You'll need the Arri Adapter Plate, PT#  AR-337454.  I have this along with the BP-8 for my Canon 30-300.  You'll also need a lens support which I'm guessing Abel sent you.





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Re: Arri BP-8 w. F55?

In the Arri PCA Catalogue, the part Craig mentions is identified as Order Nr.: K2.66246.0 .

It is known as the Arri Bottom "Plate for F5/F55" or as it appears in the aforementioned catalogue "Adapter Plate for Sony PMW F5/F55".

Also, note the labels on the bridge plate for Standard and Super 35, indicating which set of screw and pin to use for which format of camera. It's not obvious that there is a difference when you look at the bridge plate. But, it makes the subtle difference of whether the lens support mounted on the rods aligns with the lens correctly or not.

With the weight of a lens like the CN20 and the slight give in the FZ and FZ-PL adaptor mounts, it is vital the lens support is in the precise alignment to assure that the focal plane of the lens is exactly the plane of the image sensor.

I know this from personal experience using a rented BP-8 with a CN-E14.5-60 demo lens. The support post/bracket had been mixed up with another demo lens, which was not sent to me. I ended up with a strange band of in-focus image that moved up and down in the frame as I adjusted the focus. This happened with the camera precisely leveled while shooting a painting mounted on a vertical wall.

Best regards,
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Registered: ‎03-27-2013
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Re: Arri BP-8 w. F55?

A belated thanks for these responses.  


BTW, I didn't intend for this to come off as a criticism of Abel-- I'm very fond of the rental and sales staff there!



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