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Re: Crop Factor, Sensor Size, Field of View

I shot Digibetacam for years then moved to HDcam which was a tank of a camera. Our show which is just about to come out on PBS was 90% shot on HDCAM HDW-730. Funny we are now doing digital storage on tape.... in LTO form.
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Re: Crop Factor, Sensor Size, Field of View

Personally I HATE the term "crop factor" because its a relative term.  You have to know what a lens looked like on a completely different imager to make sense of it.  This 50mm on an F55 will look like a 75mm on a 5dM3... but what if I never shot on a 5dM3 (or other full frame camera)


I'd much rather deal with Field of View.  Oh, the 50mm on an F55 has a 26.6 degree horizontal field of view.  I know what to do with that.

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Re: Crop Factor, Sensor Size, Field of View



What codec settings does this camera (PXW-Z450) offer? I am seeing an XAVC Intra (XAVC-I QFHD 300) as the highest quality level. So is this 4:2:2 or better?


Again the footage you showed looks very strong. I thought color was great. What is your analysis of how this holds up? Does this camera have a strong performance in f/stop range capture? I think most people are calling this HDR.... but this does not seem to have any internal RAW options. And finally does it take a lot of grading to get the results you are showing.


You are welcome to send that to my email. since this thread is about other subjects.




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Re: Crop Factor, Sensor Size, Field of View

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The Z450 can do XAVC-I @ 60P.  That's 600 Mbps 4:2:2 10-bit, just like the F55 and FS7.  I don't know of any cameras that can do XAVC at better than 4:2:2 10-bit.  


When you say "strong performance in f/stop range capture" I assume you are asking about dymanic range?   It has hypergammas,  so 800% DR (about 10 stops) when I used it last spring.  Now it has S-LOG3, so maybe 12 stops of DR today, but I have not used the camera since S-LOG was added.  I'll be shooting with a Z450 next month at the Olympics so maybe I can report back then with more info.


Yes, it takes some grading in Resolve to get the results in my demo reel, but not a lot.  I spent maybe 20-30 seconds on most shots.  In my opinion, EVERTHING needs to be graded in post with Resolve.  I'd no sooner take footage from any camera straight to a finished production than I would print still photographs without some manipulation in Lightroom or Photoshop.  The camera can get you 90% of the way there (and that will be good enough for some people) but I want that extra 10% push that has to be done in post.

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