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Registered: ‎02-19-2016
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ENG sled initial review - loose attachment

This is sort of an initial review/question to Sony about the new ENG sled I recently purchased and used on a job with my F5. I was run-n-gun all day yesterday and very happy with addition of switches on the side and audio in the back. This sled really makes the camera into a better ENG configuration, but I do have one initial problem with it.


I've already noticed that even though the camera was attached properly to the sled (I had it attached at the dealer to make sure it was done right), the very front end of the sled has no attachment mechanism to secure the body of the camera to it. This means that while I was running around yesterday, I noticed a small gap of air between the camera and sled that wobbled slightly. The back end is very secure, but this front end worries me. If I run around too much with this camera, I want it 100% secure so there are no accidents in the middle of a shoot.


If this is supposed to be for ENG/doc work, there shouldn't be any wobble. I also came here to ask if anyone else has this experience or if Sony could respond with a fix. Maybe it really was attached wrong and there is a front end screw or latch that would solve this wobble.


Thanks all for any help or responses. At the very least, I hope I give others some information.

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Re: ENG sled initial review - loose attachment

Hmmm... Strange, because mine is supertight. Have you tried the lock under the 5-pin audioconnectior? It is not so easy to see at first sight.

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Registered: ‎02-19-2016
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Re: ENG sled initial review - loose attachment

I actually just took it apart and reattached everything, and it seems to be much more sturdy now. I guess that's all it takes sometimes. Still very happy with the sled overall. Anyone else have comments on it? I'm curious about other people's experience with it.

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