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F5 & F55

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Registered: ‎09-26-2013
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F5 for feature

I've been asked to film a super low budget feature film.  I have an F5 with Duclos/Zeiss ZF primes.  In all likelyhood the film will be a festival and arthouse release and is a resume film for director and key crew.


I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using the F5 for theatrical release?  I was proposing to shoot 4K DCI XAVC (Raw would  be an issue with data management).


Obviously an F55 or even 65 (or other alternatives) would be preferable, but the reality is that the F5 is what I own and can offer.  


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Peter

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Re: F5 for feature

Big advantage of F5 is sensitivity (native ISO of 2000 rather than 800 on F55). F5 was used on feature documentary Virunga which was Oscar nominated and got Primetime Emmy for cinematography.

Rafal Tyslewicz
Technical Supervisor @ SLV London
Colourist, Editor, Camera
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Re: F5 for feature

Just to clarify... Sony rates the F5 at 2000 iso and the F55 at 1250 iso (not 2000 vr 800).  That's a difference but in real world use I wouldn't consider it a "big" difference.  That being said, F5 is a very solid camera and I agree entirely that it can and has been used sucessfully in feature work.


---> Jarrod

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Re: F5 for feature

Unfortunately this is one of the threads that had a lot more replies which have been lost when Sony ******ed up the forum a few days ago...
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Re: F5 for feature

Hi, Peter,


The only thing with which you will have to take care are shots that expose rolling-shutter effects.  That is, avoid shots with quick pans or with fast moving objects in the frame.


Depending on your lighting style/design/budget, you may be pleased to have that little extra sensitivity [~2/3rds of a stop] of the F5 over the F55.


Best regards,

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Re: F5 for feature

[ Edited ]

My F5 has shot many short films and 3 features.  The 4th is due to start shooting mid May.  All have been shot in 2K XAVC with 2.4:1 aspect masks as there was no need for VFX or reframing.  The next one we will shoot in 4K XAVC 480.  RAW was discussed and tests shot but the extra costs were deemed too high to be of benefit.


Rolling shutter was never an issue but the extra stop coupled with Davinci Resolve with its noise reduction, make a perfect pair.


I use a small timecode transmitter to send code to my soundos SD 664 for absolute automatic sync and he sends me back a wireless mono mix as a guide track.  We have a wireless timecode slate but almost never use it.


My kit of Zeiss CP2s and shooting in SLOG 3 make this camera shine. 


Happy to answer any questions Peter via PM....


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