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Registered: ‎06-12-2013
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Re: F55 White Balance not holding when I power down and back up again

oh yes you,ll know about alright.. warning alert takes up 80% of the VF.. you can get rid of that.. and the camera will still record.. but yes as you say the TC doesnt hold at all.. goes back to zero.. luckily the sound guy had a lockit box and so it was all fine for the day.. and I guess we could have carried on that way.. but it was about 2 weeks into a 6 week shoot away from base.. typical !!


I was in Singpaore.. long story short.. Sony never answered the phone.. couple rental companies didnt answer the phone.. it wasnt a holiday.. another said they didnt replace bats themslves.. but at least I could buy the battery.. lesson learned.. have a spare !..

I had to take the op side panel off .. then very simple .. to change the battery .. just a sprung loaded holder.. a bit scary with all the ribbon cables hanging out.. one panel screw is hidden behind the card slot door.. took a while to find that.. very annoying ! nothing in the manual as I presume they dont want you doing it..


A bit scary and you want to be inside and in a calm,un rushed state to do it..  but do able.. also I had taken off camera panels in the past to clean heads on ENG camera,s.. the thing was no prior warning.. just bang one morning .. had been fine the day before..

Basically if I were you with a 2013 camera.. mine was about the same.. it might be worth having the bat changed if your going to have a service done .. or have a long shoot coming up.. its bound to happen at the worst possible time.. 

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Registered: ‎04-30-2013
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Re: F55 White Balance not holding when I power down and back up again

I've actually had the opposite problem... I will be happily shooting away and I will notice that the manual white balance is showing me a number that just doesn't make sense - say, 5800 if I'm shooting indoors in tungsten and the balance had been 2900.  But the colour itself doesn't change.


If I touch the white balance ****** and just move it a single click - the number jumps right back to the expected range.


This has been happening intermittently with my F55 for the last year or so ... Hoped the V8 upgrade would fix it... and I don't notice it as much as I used to, but it still happens occasionally.


Fortunately the colour itself isn't affected so I've just trained myself not to panic when I see a counterintuitive white balance value...

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