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NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

[ Edited ]



We are very proud to announce Version 2.0 firmware for the AXS-R5, F5, and F55. With over 30 new features, this is a massive release!


When you update and use F55/F5 with AXR-R5, you must update R5 to version 2.0 simultaneously. After updating to version 2.0, F55/F5 and R5 must not be downgraded to previous versions.



Product name

Latest firmware

Release date



This announcement



This announcement



June 5th, 2013

AXS Utility Software


Oct 4th 2013

RAW Viewer


Oct 4th 2013


Free of charge, this major update contains significant new features that will open up many more creative possibilities.  This release has over 30 new features, enhancements.


The highlights of this release are the introduction of High Frame Rate capabilities and comprehensive exposure tools. The emotional response to high frame rate capture resulting in slow motion imagery play back has a stunning effect on the viewer, this cannot be over stated. Your clients will be blown away when you deliver impactful HFR content. Audio Control using the rotary dial is also now supported.



2K RAW HFR 120fps, 180fps, 240fps : Full resolution recording


This release enables new preset HFR fps values. These are 120fps, 180fps, and 240fps when in 2K RAW mode using the optional AXS-R5 RAW recorder.


Using HFR in 2K RAW up to 240fps is full 2K resolution, with no windowing of the image sensor or other compromises as is the case with some competitor cameras.


For version 3.0 expected in December will introduce the ability for Slow and Quick (S/Q) – You can dial in select frame rates up to the maximum 240fps.


Unleashing internal HFR -  XAVC 2K.  XAVC HD at 120fps


XAVC is Sony’s implementation of the Advanced Video Coding standard.  You can read more in depth about XAVC in our updated white paper, to be posted in this forum shortly.


With version 2.0 firmware, you can now select 120 frames per second in XAVC HD acquisition using internal recording to SxS PRO+ media.


Sony uses the advanced level of the Advanced Video Coding standard, that being Level 5.2 at 10 bits in 4:2:2 Intra-frame, which results in exceptional picture quality performance. The F5 and F55 take advantage of the unique Picture Parameter Sets of AVC delivering specific instructions to the encoder frame by frame for the maximum picture quality based on the current shooting conditions.


Firmware version 3.0 expected in December will take HFR for XAVC HD up to 180 frames per second, and with the addition of Slow/Quick capability (Ability to dial in select frame rates up to the maximum).



Exposure Tools:


With the release of version 2.0, Waveform and Histogram are now supported in the F5, and F55.


False Color is also being introduced specifically for the DVF-EL100 OLED VF and the DVF-L700 viewfinder, monitor. Both the EL100 and the L700 will require a firmware service update at a Sony service facility. This update is free of charge. The benefits and features of False Color and the service details will be explained in a separate thread shortly. False Color functionality requires the F5, F55 firmware version 2.0. If you intend to use this function you must update your camera.


False Color update here:


Support for our new B4 two third inch lens adapters.


As you may know from a previous post in this forum, we are releasing several adapters for both the F5, and F55 cameras. The huge advantage of our native FZ mount with a flange depth of only 19mm is we are able to adapt many lens systems. This now includes B4 mount, two third inch lenses with the new Sony LAFZB1/2 adapters.


There were many requests to develop these adapters for Documentary production, studio camera applications, ENG, sports, and television sitcom productions.





The above configuration was strongly requested by Documentary DP’s



12pin adapter.jpg 




adapter collection.png



The above configuration using the LA-FZB1 lens adapter with 12pin cable allows lens control and also permits available lens Metadata to be recorded into every file.



 studio adapter.png


The LA-FZB2 is designed for studio configuration, with servo driven CC, ND filter knob among other features. Below studio config is shown with the new CA-4000 4K live fiber adapter docked to the F55. Please refer to the Confederations Cup case study in which 4K Live was successfully tested.



studio camera 1.jpg 





studio camera 2.jpg


12 pin camera.jpg



 Shown above is the FZ to PL mount lens adapter with 12 pin connector

This adapter has been designed for select 35mm lenses that allow control of Iris and or Focus through a 12 pin lens control. 


 lens adapters.jpg


Lens system flexibility…..The FZ mount flange depth is only 19mm



Other features being implemented in Version 2.0 firmware:


XQD Memory card support

Support for the new XQD memory card format is officially being added. An SxS to QXD card adapter is needed to use the XQD card media in the cameras. You should only use high performance cards




 Example of XQD media above


New XQD memory card (QD-S64E, QD-S32E and QD-N64) can be supported. Supported formats below.


[QD-S64E/QD-S32E] (will be released in November)


All codecs



[QD-N64] (will be released in October)

50Mbps 4:2:2 MPEG only


Fixed frame rate of 24p:


At the request of feature film Cinematographers we are introducing the fixed frame rate of 24p. This is supported in 2K RAW, 4K RAW, and XAVC in 4K



2K RAW and HD simultaneous recording:


You can now enjoy the benefits of simultaneous recording internally to the F5, F55 while recording 2K RAW to the optional AXS-R5 RAW recorder.


In the case of HFR recording, 120fps is supported in simultaneous recording. In other words, you can record to both SxS PRO+ in XAVC HD, and at 2K RAW using the R5 at 120 frames per second. At this time, higher than 120fps in this simultaneous rec mode is not supported.


When HFR is recorded to AXS media in 2K RAW, you can play back the footage at 24p and use the AXS-R5 RAW recorder AUX as HD-SDI output


Other enhancements:

  • The rotary dial is now enabled for audio level adjustments
  • Cabrio lens support, with IRIS control and REC trigger (Version 3 will support auto iris of the Cabrio lenses)


Please download version 2.0 below, update your cameras and enjoy. Much more to come



<< Official Release Notes >>

Further information can be downloaded in the documentation below


This firmware can be updated from any existing firmware version of PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 directly.


When you update and use F55/F5 with AXR-R5, you must update R5 to V2.0 simultaneously. After updating to V2.0, F55/F5 and R5 must not be downgraded to previous version.


When you directly update F55 and F5 to V2.0 from V1.15 and earlier, you must do “All Reset” in System menu. Otherwise V2.0 software becomes unstable. If you want to maintain menu setting before update, please save “All File” in File menu and load it after updating. If you had already updated F55 and F5 to V1.20 and later and did “All Reset”, you don’t need to do “All Reset” again.


<<Modification from V1.22 to V2.0>>

<Functional Improvement>


1. High Frame Rate (HFR) Recording


2. Simultaneous recording XAVC HD and 2KRAW on 120FPS


3. 24.0p system frequency


4. XAVC 2048x1080P


5. Support Mount Adapter LA-FZB1/FZB2


6. Direct setting items on the sub display are expanded


7. Additional displayed information on Sub display


8. Control EI value and MLUT ON/OFF on Sub display


9. S-Log2 is added as MLUT P4


10. Waveform, Vector and Histogram monitor on VF and SDI OUT


11. False Color function on DVF-EL100 and DVF-L700


Will be explained in a seperate post


12. User Box Marker


13. Focus Assist Indicator


14. Flicker reduce function


15. All SDI outputs work simultaneously


16. SD signal from SDI3/4 and TEST OUT


17. 3840x2160P Output from SDI Out and HDMI connector (F55 only)


18. Support 2-sample interleave division method for 4K output (F55 only)


19. Rec Review function on SxS Memory


20. Support FUJINON Cabrio lens series and Sony SCL-Z18x140 Zoom Lens


21. Support User Gamma


22. RGB gamma control independently


23. Support new XQD memory card


24. Update Media function for the administrative file


25. Changeable Forced Menu Display


26. Selectable Pop-upped indication on VF and SDI OUT


27 Support Chinese display


28. Improve a response of 700p protocol


29. ABB and APR on SStP recording mode


30. Change a default setting for SDI output format


31. Change a default setting for Lens Interface.


32. Change a default setting of recording media on CineEI mode


33. Change an operation when selecting “AXS & SxS” and not inserting AXS Memory


34. Change an operation when selecting different color sampling and playback on SR File Codec


<Notification we should share with users>


We will fix the below in Version 2.1 firmware, expected end of October.


1. Rec Tally of F55/F5 and R5

On RAW Recording, actual starting recording is delayed from lighting F55/F5 Rec tally. In order to avoid miss shooting, please check R5’s tally. It is synced with RAW recording correctly.


2. Playback after seeing Standby displayed

Please playback after seeing Standby displayed on VF or Sub Display when you insert the SxS Memory. Otherwise playback operation is not stable.


3. Changing System Frequency and Rec Format

Unusually Menu scroll becomes slow and some SDI ports doesn’t work when F55/F5 system frequency and Rec Format is changed. When you meet this trouble, please reboot F55 and F5.


To download the firmware please click these links (Release notes can be downloaded seperately below)







Download Below







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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

Already downloading!!!!
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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

[ Edited ]

Just a question on the R5 zip file;


The PDF instructions say the file should be a .bin file,


and in the zip there is a .lzh file and the version up pdf files.


Unable to copy the .lzh file to the axsm thru the axsm drive utility. 


am I missing something? can I just rename the file?





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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

Awesome.  Thanks Peter

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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

Same here... Recorder flashes tally like update fail even if i manage copy file to card...

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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

Same here.  No bin file 

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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

The lzh-file is a archive that also has to be unpacked. But it's very strange that it is double packed with such a strange packer.



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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

success, thanks a lot!
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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

I just successfully upgraded my R5...but had a issue....First, I formatted the AXS card using the AXSM drive utility and was able to transfer the .bin file to the card..

But the R5 would just blink the fail error..

I tried this a few times and it never I used another card that was earlier formatted from the R5 and has the cineroot folder in the root..this time it worked...
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Re: NEW Firmware release Version 2.0

Unsung features: 576i / composite out (though doesn't work with waveform/histogram) and user box in the viewfinder. Going to have a go with high speed. Whoop whoop!

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