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Accepted Solution

NEW Firmware v1.13

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We are releasing the new firmware version v1.13. Please see below for release notes and download. This firmware pertains to F5, and F55 only.


AXS-R5 RAW recorder DOES NOT require an update at this time, your latest firmware for the R5 MUST be loaded as v1.12 which was made available previously and can be downloaded in this forum



PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Version V1.13 release note

April 26th, 2013



This document describes firmware update of PMW-F55/F5 V1.12 to V1.13. Version 1.13 update is for the camera head only not for the AXS-R5. The latest AXS-R5 firmware is V1.12.


Changes from V1.12 to V1.13


Added Functionality


1. Selectable Exposure Index value (selected) on Cine-EI mode

F55 supports Exposure Index values (400EI/640EI/800EI/1250EI) on Cine-EI mode.

F5 supports Exposure Index value (640EI/800EI/1250EI/2500EI) on Cine-EI mode.


In this version, the VF, SDI outputs and SxS recording are simultaneously and equally gained down. A future update scheduled for Dec/2013 will offer the option for not gaining down SxS recording.


2. Rec Trigger IN and Rec Tally OUT via DC Output connector

F55 and F5 get a Rec Trigger signal via DC Output connectors on battery adaptor or AXS-R5 by using rec Start/Stop switch. And also F55 and F5 outputs Rec Tally signal via this connectors. For detail information, please refer to a following chart about pin assign.









    GND   for POWER




Open   Collector output (max 50mA)

L   : REC




OPEN   or +5 V : Normal

GND   : Active (REC)




+11   to 17 V dc max 1.8A




3. LED of [Assignable Button 4] lights up during recording

When [REC ON/OFF] trigger function is assigned to assignable buttons 4 (dumb side of camera), it’s LED turns on during recording.



4. Noise Reduction performance improvement

The Noise Reduction process was optimized to further improve image quality.  Note: noise reduction is automatically turned off in RAW recording.


5. Software improvements

The following issues were corrected:

  • Occasionally occurrence of “dropped frame” during XAVC HD S&Q mode from 51 to 59fps.


  • Statuses were not occasionally updated in Cine-EI mode,


  • On some system frequencies, sometimes not standardized LTC value were output.


<< Version up procedure >>

Please refer to “PMW-F55 and F5 Version Up Procedure”


For PMW-F55: PMW-F55_1.13_53_2013-04-23_00-35-53_firmware.bin

For PMW-F5: PMW-F5_1.13_52_2013-04-23_00-45-53_firmware.bin





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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13

WOOOOOOOO Selectable ISO.... LOVE IT!!!! thank you... looking forward to more to come Smiley Happy
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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13

Where is the description of the firmware?

Jiri Bakala
Ascent Films Inc.
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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13



Revised release notes due to updated information will be posted here shortly





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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13

Already instaling!!!

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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13

Excellent, thanks Peter!
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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13

So what is it ? Who has found new features ?


Selectable ISO ? ... I could always select different ISO values ...






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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13

when you were in RAW mode (Cine-EI) you couldn't... you were locked into 1250.... however I'm still not seeing that ability after upgrade.... waiting on updated release notes to know for sure all thats updated, so I'll hold my tongue until then
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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13

The "native" ISO of the camera could never be changed. In RAW your getting all of the sensor information. Any ISO changes are only metadata informations in that case. So I am not surprised if You still can't change the iso in RAW-mode.



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Re: NEW Firmware v1.13

correct, it's more for being able to view....... while we understand that in RAW you make those changes in post, that anything you do on camera is just a side note, people still like to SEE right then and there.

Clients get scared when they look at an image that looks blown out, even though we know we can drop it later and still have all the information. It is very beneficial, to be able to drop it at the camera and give the clients piece of mind. We live in a society that wants to know NOW.... and not everyone will run from camera into a true light (or something else) to see it now...

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