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NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55

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We are releasing the new firmware update for the F5, and F55. This is v1.14. Release notes and downloads are below. The information within this thread can be downloaded as release notes below with the firmware. Be sure to follow the update instructions carefully.


Version 1.20 for the AXS-R5 RAW recorder can be downloaded from this post




PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Version V1.14 release notes

Revision 1


June 7th, 2013


This document explains about the firmware update for the PMW-F55/F5 V1.13 to V1.14. 

The list for the latest firmware versions of related products is below. 



Product name

Latest firmware

Release date



This announcement



June, 5th, 2013



June, 5th, 2013

AXS Utility Software


March, 1st, 2013


This firmware can be uploaded from any existing firmware version of PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 directly.


<<Modification from V1.13 to V1.14>>

<Functional Improvement>


1. 2x De-anamorphic function on VF in EE mode

F55 supports 2x De-anamorphic in the Viewfinder during EE mode. Playback mode isn’t supported in this firmware release.


2. AXS file name supports 3D operation

For 3D operation, the 5th digit of AXS file name is changeable to C, R and L as Camera Position. 




3. APR alert function

If F55 and F5 have not done an Auto Black Balance within 5 days, an alert is displayed, “please execute APR” on Viewfinder and HD-SDI output when the user turns on the power. User can then select “execute” or “cancel” directly.


4. Improvements, fixes

We changed character “ISO” to “EI” in the Viewfinder in Cine-EI mode.


Time code delay trouble is fixed when 2 x F55's or 2 x F5's are connected for 3D operation.


Fan control being occasionally off, is fixed


Occasionally the camera power cannot be shut down when the AXS Memory is inserted into the AXS-R5 recorder. Fixed


In Free run mode, Time code is not correct after rebooting, fixed


Using DVF-L350, rarely Rec didn't work, fixed



< Restrictions of V1.14 which are not described in the operation manual>


1. Startup time

After 3 seconds of power on, the video signal is displayed on the viewfinder (DVF-L350, DVF-EL100 or DVF-L700) which is connected to the camera via DVF interface cable. However it takes about 13 seconds to display all of the information which is set to “ON” on the “Output Display” page under “Video” menu. Any key operations including REC button in 13 seconds are disregarded.



2. Length of clip for playback

The camera cannot playback the clip which is longer than 170,000 frames of 4K XAVC 23.98p, 118 minutes. Color bars or black picture can be recorded over 120 minutes but it cannot be played back.


3. Payback of edited MPEG2 HD422 clip

The camera cannot playback MXF file with offset. In other words, an MPEG2 HD422 clip with IN and OUT points edited by Content Browser.


* An XAVC clip with IN and OUT points which is stored to correct location on the SxS memory card can be played back because it’s NOT an MXF file with offset.



4. Other operational restrictions

4.1 Display update rate

Update rate of time data and audio level meter on the sub display panel gets slower when displaying MENU or audio status window. However peak hold function displays maximum level correctly.


4.2 Assignable buttons

The camera has 4 assignable buttons and 8 kinds of functions (Marker/ Zebra/ Peaking/ Display/ Focus Magnifier/ VF Mode/ Rec/ S&Q Motion) can be assigned to each buttons. Since current available viewfinders i.e. DVF-L350, L700 and EL100, have their own Focus Magnifier button, Focus Magnify function cannot be assigned.



5. Functions

5.1 Warning display for remaining battery level of backup cell does not work.


5.2 “4K/2K to HD Conv.” setting on “Output Setting” page under “Video Menu” when RAW recording mode does not work. This setting will be available with next version upgrade.



6. Operational restrictions of SxS memory card on the PC

Content Browser must be used for deleting or adding any clips on an SxS memory card. Deleting any clips under Clip folder on the card by direct access from a PC by either USB connection between the camera and the PC, SBAC-US10/20 USB reader/writer breaks its control data. Then the card cannot be accepted by the camera.


<< Version up procedure >>

Please refer to “Version Up Guide for PMW-F55 and F5”


For PMW-F55:

For PMW-F5:

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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55

2x de-anamophic squeeze? is this what i think it is? there was no mention of this ever being an option on this camera because its not a 4x3 sensor. is there something im missing? can this camera shoot with anamorphic glass by cropping the sensor? do tell...
Reuben Steinberg
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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55

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You are correct, no problem on using 2x Anamorphic lenses. We are working on a paper to explain how this works, but rest assured it is great!


As I have mentioned many times in the past, our firmware timeline does not reveal everything we are doing!






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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55


As if this camera wasn't already amazing enough, you just made my day. In fact, my year. Are there any test pics or video clips I can see? Cats out of the bag now Smiley Happy
Reuben Steinberg
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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55

Hi there,


If I want to upgrade the firmware on my PMW-F5 from version 1.10 to 1.14,  can I do this without first upgrading to verion 1.11, 1.12 and 1.13?
So can I upgrade directly from 1.10 to 1.14?


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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55



the firmware file is the full version, so you can update from any other version. Just copy the .bin file from in the .zip to an SD card (not the SxS).


I would say though that 1.14 is not the current version - that is v1.15. The thread is here - .


It is marked as critical so probably a good idea to go for, particularly if you are using the raw recorder.

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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55

is there going to be an updated user manual?.....i want to understand more about the anamorphic option and the new features

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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55

Have not heard about a new manual. But the anamorphic option will be a de-squeeze in the VF. SR Codec late July, Audio September, anything outstanding?
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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55

Any word on if we can output SD composite signal from Test Out?
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Re: NEW Firmware v1.14 for F5 and F55

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We cannot.


Are You aware of the latest Firmware update ?


Just asking because You write in this outdated thread.




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