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We are very pleased to announce the release of Version 7.01 firmware for both the F5, and F55 digital motion picture cameras.


This release is v7.01. The firmware v7.00 package is not released due to last minute changes. Version 7.01 is an updated package from v7.00


With the release of Version 7, Sony’s commitment to the F5 and F55 remains as strong as ever. The on-going development to the CineAlta platform continues - not only this latest update, but there is still more to come with exciting announcements for the F5 and F55 cameras in the near future!


Among other features and improvements, Version 7 implements the Quick Menu using the high-resolution sub-display. Three silver keys above the display and three keys below are context sensitive and give you direct access to often used, powerful features without needing to navigate the menu system. Each key will call up a special submenu page – Project, Monitoring, MLUT, Media, Viewfinder and Others – for fast, efficient navigation.


Quick Menu.png



Improved viewfinder zebras - extended range


Documentarians and natural history DoPs have asked us for better viewfinder exposure tools when shooting off speed material in S-Log2 and S-Log3 without a LUT loaded in the VF. In addition to the already implemented High Brightness mode, and 1D Tone curve for the VF, we have responded with an improvement that will benefit all cinematographers in all shooting modes. We’ve extended the adjustment range of the viewfinder zebra pattern.The zebras can now indicate 18% Gray when you’re shooting in S-Log2 and S-Log3.



Previous Range

Version 7.01 Range

Zebra1 Level

50% to 107%

0% to 107%

Zebra2 Level

52% to 109%

0% to 109%


It’s easy to appreciate the extended ranges when you consider the output IRE levels that correspond to 18% Gray.



Output IRE level




18% Gray



90% White




New Simultaneous recording mode:


This capability was requested from Documentary, Reality productions needing to shoot 4K 59.94p


For those needing to shoot HD and 4K of 50i with 50p or 59.94i with 59.94p we are implementing simultaneous recording to the same SxS Pro+ card of MPEG2 50Mbps 4:2:2 and 10 bit 4:2:2 XAVC in either 3840x2160 or 4096x2160. And as always with all simultaneous recording modes the files will have matching timecode and file naming for robust off line, on line conforming in post-production.


Rec. 2020 Color Space in Custom Mode (F55 ONLY)


To “bake in” Rec.2020 on a 4K XAVC™ recording, in Custom Mode.


A new generation of 4K Ultra HD televisions is poised to deliver unprecedented entertainment experiences to millions of viewers. The combination of Rec.2020 (ITU-R BT.2020) wide color gamut, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 3840 x 2160 resolution will offer piercing highlights, significantly more shadow detail and a range of intense colors that Rec. 709 HDTV cannot match. Sony S-Gamut3 is perfectly positioned to take advantage of Rec.2020 home viewing. Version 7.01 firmware uses Custom Mode to capture Rec.2020 color into 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160 XAVC recordings.


If you are shooting in CINE EI MODE select S-Gamut3 if your intended deliverable requires Rec. 2020. For further details please read the v7 update chart below (page 2), and the release notes



 Slide 2_R4_A.jpg


 Slide 4_with Spectrum_R4_A.jpg



                     PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Version V7.01 Release note     Jan. 26th, 2016


This document explains about the firmware update of PMW-F55/F5 V7.01 from PMW-F55/F5 V6.02. The latest firmware version of related products is below.


Product name

Latest firmware

Release date



This announcement



This announcement



Aug 8th, 2014



June 5th, 2013



Mar 17th, 2014



Mar 26th, 2015

AXS Utility Software


Feb 28th, 2014

RAW Viewer


Feb, 28th, 2014


This firmware can be updated from V6.02, V6.01, V6.00, V5.11, V5.10, V5.0, V4.12, V4.11, V4.1, V4.0, V3.0, V2.11, V2.1 and V2.0. When you want to update F55 and F5 from V1.22 and earlier, you must update to V2.0 first. Regarding the procedure and functions about V2.0, please refer to “PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Version V2.0 Release note” which was released on Oct 4th, 2013. The F55 and F5 must not be downgraded to previous versions after updating to V2.11. We cannot guarantee trouble free operation after downgrading.


An “All File” saved by a previous firmware version can be loaded to V7.01 in the F55 and F5.


On the other hand, “ALL File” created by V7.01 is not compatible with F55/F5 installing earlier firmware version. NOTE: The new Firmware V7.01 for PMW-F55/F5 is only compatible with AXS-R5 running with Firmware V4.1.


If your AXS-R5 has earlier firmware installed, please update to the current Firmware V4.1 at the same time.


<<Modification from V6.02 of F55 and F5>>


Quick menu


Quick Menu has been added for easy changing and checking current status with quick response. When you press the OPTION button on F55 and F5, the Quick Menu is displayed in the sub display. The quick menu deploys up to eight often-used setting items in the six categories (Project/Monitoring/MLUT/Media/Viewfinder/Others).


MPEG2 50Mbps 4:2:2 recording on XAVC 4K or XAVC QFHD in 50P/59.94P


When the recording format is set to XAVC 4K or XAVC QFHD and the system frequency is set to 50P/59.94P, the MPEG2 HD 50Mbps 4:2:2 recording function is newly available.


ITU-R BT.2020 color space in Custom mode (PMW-F55 only)


ITU-R BT.2020 is added to the “Preset Select” setting value in “Matrix” of the Paint menu. ITU-R BT.2020 is available for the output signal of the 4K or QFHD or video recorded on XAVC 4K or XAVC QFHD.

Note: 2K/HD output signal or viewfinder works on Rec.709 when ITU-R BT.2020 selected. And when the playback picture recorded on ITU-R BT.2020 is output via 2K or HD from the F55, the video image does not have correct colors because of playing back Rec. 2020 materials on Rec.709 signal output.


Extended range of zebra pattern


The range of “Zebra1 Level” in the VF menu is extended from “50% to 107%” to “0% to 107%” and that of “Zebra2 Level” is extended from “52% to 109%” to “0% to 109%.” F55 and F5 can show 18% Gray and 90% White output IRE level by zebra pattern on S-Log2 and S-Log3 operations.

(e.g. S-Log3 18% Gray output IRE level: 41%, S-Log3 90% White output IRE level: 61%. S-Log2 18% Gray output IRE level: 32%, S-Log2 90% White output IRE level: 59%)


Improved image quality when User Gamma is used


When you apply the User Gamma created for the HDC series to F55 and F5, picture quality has been improved by adjusting the pedestal level.


Response of the status screen has been improved


The toggling speed of the status screen displayed on the viewfinder and external video monitor has been improved.


Bug Fix


When the remote controller was connected via the remote connector and Scene File was recalled from the controller, Gain setting was not applied. This has been fixed.

Note: Please store scene file in dB mode. If you store scene file in ISO mode, gain setting is not applied from the controller.


In AXS and SxS simultaneous recording mode, sometimes SxS recording kept even if AXS recording had stopped when the connection is not completely secured between F55/F5 and R5. This has been fixed.


<Notification we would like to share>


  1. iOS setting for Wi-Fi Remote

While using Wi-Fi Remote by iOS devices and Safari, please turn off Private browse function.


<< Version up procedure >>


Please refer to “Version Up Guide for PMW-F55 and F5”.


For PMW-F55: PMW-F55_V700_7.01_10_2016-01-22_11-35-03_firmware.bin

For PMW-F5: PMW-F5_V700_7.01_9_2016-01-22_11-41-04_firmware.bin



Download F55


Download F5






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Woop woop! Thanks for posting Peter.
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Thank you, Sony engineers, for developing new functions and firmware. Full range adjustable Zebra is a good idea and was definitely worth waiting a few more days ;-)




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[ Edited ]

Extended Zebra range is handy. A little disappointed the F5 won't get rec2020... I know I perhaps shouldn't have expected it, but it was implied on the original v7 PDF that it wasn't exclusive to the F55:

Oh well... gotta keep the two separate I guess!

What I would however request, and what I think should have been supplied a long time ago is a chart that shows exactly how the colour gamut the F5 captures compares to the F55.

The F5 has an "SGamut3" setting, so one could convert that to rec2020 in post... but it won't be correct or "full", because the SGamut3 is just a setting, the camera isn't actually capturing all of that colour data, as the F55 would... right? So, it'd be good (some top level DITs, broadcast techs and colourists might say, essential) to know what it is capturing and how they differ.


Peter, would that be possible to supply please?

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[ Edited ]



I hope you're wrong...:-).

My interpretation of this color space question of yours, is that the F5 can still record Sgamut3, regardless of the fact that there's not a built in ITU BT2020 color space in CUSTOM mode. I assume that recording Sgamut3 in CineEI mode is still valid. Therefore, as you said, extracting REC2020 in post is still a very real possibility. I've played with this workflow and looked at the results on my FSI monitor in Rec2020 emulation mode. I am looking at color values way outside Rec709 and well into the Rec2020 space on the CIE chart.


Sony, can you be explicit on the answer to this question, please?

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[ Edited ]



Thanks for the update.


Is there a reason why we can't have center crop as an assignable button?  Aslo, having an option for a pulldown on the SDI output when shooting 23.98 would be very useful.  My F3 had that and gave us more options for monitoring.





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My understanding was always that the Gamut of the F5 (although never advertised) was much bigger than rec709, but not as big as the F55's, which is full SGamut3 (therefore also full DCI-P3 and rec2020.

The fact that the F5 can record SGamt3 is just a data container... but the F5 doesn't fill that container fully (the F55 does). Thing is, we don't know how much or how little it fills it...

...someone correct me if I am wrong please.

If I am right, now more than ever we should be told exactly what the recorded Gamut of the F5 is exactly.
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[ Edited ]



It would seem a deceptive and fraudulent practice if Sony called it "Sgamut3" on the F5; and, in fact, it was not.

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I've recently been looking at the whole issue of how the F5 will fit with new standards like 2020 and HDR. It's all good news really because what has become apparent is the the F5 sensor does capture a color range much greater than 709. So as has already been suggested the solution is to use the F5 in Cine EI and use S-Gamut or S-Gamut3 and then grade for 2020. From what I have been able to estimate the F5 color gamut exceeds P3 and maybe even S-Gamut3.cine. It isn't as large as the F55's, which really is huge and the F55 can pull out some subtle tones and textures better than the F5. But it's big enough to make the F5 a viable option for Rec2020 and HDR. 


Frankly I feel that the F55 rec-2020 option is of limited use as you are baking in Rec2020. I guess one benefit is that if you connect it to a 2020 monitor at least it will look correct without any adjustment. However, right now if you are producing a high quality programme for rec-709 I don't think there are many of us that actually use straight 709 color, instead prefering to use S-Gamut etc and then grade to fit. If shooting for rec2020 with an F55 you would still likely often find it better to use S-Gamut rather than rec2020 in custom. In addition don't forget that we can always use Ben Turley's excellent LUtCalc software to produce a LUT with Rec-2020 color to emulate what the F55 does in custom mode.


Overall this really is an amazing update for these cameras. The quick menu makes the camera so much more user friendly. You can finally do all the day to day camera operations direct from the side panel. The main menu now becoming more of an engineering or setup menu that you won't need to go into very often. 

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alisterchapman wrote:


 we can always use Ben Turley's excellent LUtCalc software to produce a LUT with Rec-2020 color to emulate what the F55 does in custom mode.


Overall this really is an amazing update for these cameras. The quick menu makes the camera so much more user friendly. You can finally do all the day to day camera operations direct from the side panel. The main menu now becoming more of an engineering or setup menu that you won't need to go into very often. 

...exactly my workflow when I tested rec2020 emulated. It seems to work qite well.

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