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New B4 two third inch adapters

[ Edited ]



New pictures of the two adapters are below. Stay tuned to this post for more information


<< Added a brief FAQ below >>






<< Updated Pictures and information 9/21/2013 >>









Support Available F55/F5 Ver2.0 firmware update (End of September/2013)
–Rec trigger
–Zoom button
–Lens Information
 •(zoom, focus, iris, serial number, model name)
–Control from RM controller (iris)
–Control from CBK-DCB01
Support Available from F55/F5 Ver3.0 (December/2013)
–Auto iris








Second adapter, LA - FZB2


Picture showing adapter in an F55 studio configuration with CA-4000 4K Live fiber adapter

(4K Live adapter is for F55 only)






Enables the use of existing HD lenses for 4K production with PMW-F55


The LA-FZB2 lens mount adaptor increases the lens options for the PMW-F55 camcorder shooting 4K productions. The small and lightweight lens mount adaptor converts the lens mount format from B4 to FZ.


It enables the use existing HD lens including HD BOX lens for Sports shooting, while maintaining good operational weight balance.


Integrates motorised ND and CC filters - With the LA-FZB2, you are able to change ND and CC filters remotely. The system incorporates the same RCP/MSU operation system as current HDC Series cameras. 









Q1:How is LA-FZB1 different from LA-FZB2?


1. LA-FZB2 has servo-controlled optical filter disk unit (FDU) including ND and CC (Color Correction filters) while the LA-FZB1 does not.


2. LA-FZB2 includes a pair of support rods (φ15x70mm), while the LA-FZB1 does not.


Q2:What is the weight?


FZB1 is approx. 670g (1lb8oz) body only, 760g (1lb11oz) with detachable support rod bracket.

FZB2 is approx. 840g (1lb14oz) body only, 960g (2lb2oz) with detachable support rod bracket and a pair of support rods.


Q3:What is the magnification ratio of LA-FZB1?


About 2.6x


Q4:How many F stop will be dropped?


About 2.6 stops.


Q5:What’s the maximum supported lens weight LA-FZB1?


Approx. 3 kg without support rods

Approx. 10kg with support rods


※  Recommended for using the supplied support rods for stable operation. When using a BOX lens, please use the lens support provided from the lens manufacturer.


Q6:What are the adapters made of?


Magnesium die-casting.




Q7:Does LA-FZB1 work with any B4 lenses in the market?


Yes, it works with any B4 lenses in the market.


Chromatic aberration compensation is available with the lenses supporting chromatic aberration compensation data communication. (F55/F5 firm ware Ver2.0 or later)


Check your lens regarding compatibility of a chromatic aberration compensation data.



Q8:When they will be available in the market?


Estimated in October, 2013.


Q9:What’s the difference between Sony’s adapters and others?


1 - Sony’s adapters are FZ mount while others are PL mount.


2 - The advantage of Sony’s adapters is they make good use of bright lenses than the other adapters on the market, in addition our adapters minimize the light falloff at the edges. (Because max. Input F Number of Sony’s is 1.4 while other products average F number is 1.7 to 1.8)


3 - Sony’s adapters have 12-pin lens interface.


Q10:What functions are available with 12-pin lens interface?


Available with PMW-F55/F5 Ver. 2.0 (ex Ver1.3)


  • Rec start/stop control from zoom lens
  • Control from RM-B remote (Iris/Zoom/Focus)
  • Lens Information display
  • Control from CBK-DCB01 (Zoom)
  • Chromatic aberration compensation


Available with PMW-F55/F5 Ver. 3.0 (December/2013)

  • Auto iris
  • RET (Rec review) button from lens




Q11:Is it made by Sony?


Yes, it is


Q12:Isn’t there any optical performance drop?


No, there isn’t.


Q13:Does the angle of view change?


Almost the same angle of view as that using with a 2/3 camera.


Q14:Does the focal length change?


It will be magnified about 2.6x.

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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters

And the $64,000 question?   How much $ Peter?

Peter Corbett
Powerhouse Productions
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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters

Yes please, how much for each?
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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters

Peter, are these only for the F55?!


Will they not work on the F5?

SI Specialist
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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters

Does this require the use of the 2/3 lenses extender or does that built in magnification eliminate that need?

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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters

From the data so far provided it does not seem as though there is a need for the 2x extender in the B4 lenses. This opens the door to use of b4 mount primes and cine zooms...
John Fishburn
Band Pro East - New York NY 212-227-8577
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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters

Hoping for clarification as to whether or not these will also work with the F5?

(also, an indication of ball-park price point would be nice!!)
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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters

I don't see why they would't work on the f5. Both the hdx35 and abacus work on both, so I see no reason for it not to. And yes, tell us what they are going to cost already.
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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters


The only reason I am asking for clarification is because the original post / press release only mentions the F55. Sony might only allow it to work on the F55 via exclusive firmware. I hope not!
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Re: New B4 two third inch adapters

The tentative list price for the B2 is 9,000 Euro's, lots of hints at the price for the B1 being 5,000 Euros.


I beleive they will work with both the F5 and F55.

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