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F5 & F55

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Shot on F5, F55

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Compile a list of productions here that have been shot with the F5, F55 cameras


  • "Mahout" by Stargate Studios, shot in Sri Lanka in 4K RAW, and XAVC 4K (2 x F55 with AXS-R5 recorders)
  • "Dig" shot in the UK, Directed by Martin Scanlan
  • "Images" shot in Paris
  • "The Contract" XAVC in HD Shot by USC School of Cinematic Arts (F5)
  • "Safety Zone" XAVC in HD Shot by USC School of Cinematic Arts (F5)
  • "7x6x2" by Tribeca Film, two camera shoot with F65 and F55 in HD

Details of these will be published in Film and Digital Times special issue to be released NOV 28th


More productions and details to follow later

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Re: Shot on F5, F55

Hi, I had a thought recently about early productions and the way they look...


One reason some other S35 camera out there look good, out of the box is that the folks behind them have insured there are LUTs and other tools for colorists (and editors) to use that create a very refined looking image without much (or any) effort.


With a new gamma scheme (S-Log 2) coming, I think it would be a good thing for Sony to make sure there are appropriate 3D LUTs ready to go, for free, upon launch, avaliable for the biggest platforms (Avid, FCPX, Resolve, Adobe) so the new camera do not suffer from lackluster images in the early days. Colorists at the high-end already know how to do these things.


It took me a good 4-5 months to get the best images out of my F3 w/S-Log...first cooking up my own de-log schemes using 3-way color correctors in FCP, then applying other manufacturers' 3D Log LUTs. 1D LUTs that just add contrast back are not enough.


Anyway, just a thought...
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Re: Shot on F5, F55



Good points, we are working on it, also see below workflow chart


By the way, the F65 Input Device Transform LUT (IDT) for ACES, which Resolve now supports among others will work for F55 as they both have the same Ultra Wide Color Gamut







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Re: Shot on F5, F55

Now that FCPX has a direct workflow for Red R3d files will Sony also have a workflow for similar direct edit in the near future.

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Re: Shot on F5, F55

Is there a way I can try out the F5 or F55 in India? - workflow information and support for filmmakers and videographers.

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