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Accepted Solution

Update - Important information

[ Edited ]



We have some new updates for you. We appreciate all the valuable feedback we get in this forum and we are working hard to make all of the improvements and added feature sets when and where possible.


Here is what we can confirm at this moment:


  • ND Filter knob improved...upgrade, free replacement in July
  • Long VF cable for DVF-EL100 (approx. 47 inches) using original connector, availability in July as a purchase
  • Advanced VF cable with very rigid connectivity, same length as original cable


  • The timing of the following features will be updated into our firmware timeline charts and provided soon.


The below is not the complete list of coming features.


  • Audio knob working on sub display, changing audio level
  • Waveform and Histogram are confirmed and will be implemented
  • SxS name sync with AXS media, Reel ID and other Metadata
  • SR File support will be both 4:2:2 (220Mbps) and RGB (440Mbps)
  • AXS File naming supporting 3D stereoscopic operation v1.14
  • APR alert, five day warning (to ABB)  v1.14

v1.14 firmware is now released with several new features including 2x Anamorphic support in VF. APR alert and more. Details and downloads in this forum.


Stay tuned, as much more is coming





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Re: Update - Important information

WF is excellent news, Any chance on spot meter? Is quick and easy to read over skin, grey or white card?
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Re: Update - Important information

I would like to request AES42 support - it should be pretty easy, as it's AES with Phantom Power.  This will enable the use of digital microphones, such as the Neumann KMR 81-D.

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Registered: ‎05-14-2013
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Re: Update - Important information

Many thanks to you and your team for listening to us Peter. Looking forwards to next couple of months.
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Re: Update - Important information

WF is great news. I suppose there's not much chance it's RGB?



Noel Sterrett
Admit One Pictures
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Registered: ‎04-16-2013
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Re: Update - Important information

Please could we also get the ability to input clip prefixes and numbers asap when shooting with SxS cards. 


Thanks, Jon Sayers

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Re: Update - Important information

Thank you Peter and the Sony Team. Keeping us informed is greatly appreciated.

Douglas Munro CSC
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Registered: ‎02-23-2013
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Re: Update - Important information

I appreciate the updates. Please give us a LUT on s-log for output as soon as possible.
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Registered: ‎05-15-2013
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Re: Update - Important information

[ Edited ]

Speed up the menu.


It's always jumping to the next point and way too slow. Probably because its loading the whole info directly instade of only showing only the menu piont.


After a facture reset, because we wanted to start our project with clip Clip001 (there should be other ways!), 10-15min to set all the things in the menu to starts shooting.

For two reasons. The menu is not shrinkable and it's slow.


Slow Thumbnail's


If the script comes to me "what was the last clip" and I clip there I just too slow.


Menu only on the Video out

if an AC want to see some infos the dop has the whole VF full is infos. 




I don't konw when the camera is running the dop tells me.


Playback rewind should stop at the end of the clip


is that a walkman function

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Re: Update - Important information

[ Edited ]



agree with the slow menus and really agree that clip naming / numbering needs to be user definable, but for now before you do a factory reset and once you have settings/menus how you like, put an SD card in the side, format it then got to the 'File' menu, 'All File' Option, then 'File ID', enter a name such as 'Base Setting', then go back one level and push the 'Save SD Card' option.


Then when you do the factory reset to reset the clip numbering, you can go to 'File'->'All File'->'Load SD Card' and choose the file you saved earlier and all your menu settings should be back to how you like them!


But Sony, please fix the clip naming / numbering soon.

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