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F5 & F55

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Registered: ‎03-25-2014
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We are giving out our OS X Ingest application Qi for free, but of course we have a question…

Qi is developed in close collaboration with our customers on larger TV-series and film-productions the last 24 months, and has been the go-to solution for our partners the last 18 months.

Qi doesn’t do «everything», but it is very good at what it does:

Being very fast to work with, and user-friendly

Fast and very simple to use ingest/copy application, with some specific transcode and burn-in capacities (including the burn-in of LUTs from ARRI prores)

Tunable to use as much or as little of your hardwares capacity

Multi-user, multi-project, multi-cam sync

Several users can work on different parts of the project at once.
Complex file-routing (for larger users)

Tuning the performance to your needs (Qi can max out «any» hardware, if you set it up for that)
Structuring your data

Bringing everything into post (Adobe)
Keeping track of your data and meta-data throughout your production
Currently it works very well with Movie-slate, or you can input (some) metadata manually.


Watch the tutorials here:


Register to download here:


Use is free for now and in the foreseeable future, for non-institutional users.


That’s the good news, now the question:
Qi can ingest «any files», and it does have a nifty way of adding «unknown» formats to a project, but it really shines with the file-types it knows. Currently those are ARRI, RED and Sony F55 XAVC (But we lack RAW samples).

Qi is also pretty «familiar» with:
Sony FS7 MK I, Sony FS 5 XAVC, Canon C300 MK I, MovieSlate, .wav audio (preferably with ixml and at 24/48), ARRI UMC 4 and Zaxcom, Aaton and Sound Devices audio-recorders.

But as you can see, the list of devices we do not know, is much longer than the list of cameras we do know.


In short:
We look for magazine samples from «any» on-set recording device.

Full magazines, including all metadata, exactly as they are on the cameras, but only with very short recordings on them.
typically we look for magazines with 1-2 takes at a couple of seconds each.
The exception being if the camera spans longer files. Then we would need an example of that as well.
We do already join spanned files, and can do transcoding at ingest.

For cameras that record a multitude of formats (Like RAW and/or prores/MXF), we would need a sample of each format (not all resolutions).

If you would like to help us with this, please send me a mail to:

gunleik (at) quine (dot) no, or contact me here.
We would be super-grateful, and you would receive… a big THANK YOU!

The app is already free to use…

And why do we do this?

We need it for our own development. Qi is the post highway/logistics for the products in our ultimate development roadmap. To reach those goals, we need to keep track of files and metadata from pre to post.




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