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F5 & F55

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various F55/F65 slog2 to REC709 LUTs samples

[ Edited ]

I applied these LUT's in Davinci without any further processing or correction to the image to give an idea of the different looks attibuted to them. Generally its a good idea to put a node before the LUT so you can adjust gamma or gain prior to applying the LUT.


A couple notes: The bluish tone is not the result of the LUT. I purposely set the camera for 3200k while using 5600k light to achieve a cooler look as the final grade will be set for a moonlight look. My exposure is quite low. ie. in slog2 my skin was in low 30% range and nothing "white" over 60% IRE. Thankfully I had a decent LCD monitor attached because at these low levels the OLED VF is absolutely useless.


(click on any image to open full 2k version) 

original frame shot in slog2 + sgamut


slog2 to Rec709 version 1 (LUT posted by Sony in March 2013)


1D slog2 to Rec709 LUT built into Davinci v9 or higher


slog2-sgamut to Rec709 LC709 (Released June 2nd 2013 by Sony)


slog2-sgamut to Rec709 LC709 Type A (Released June 2nd 2013 by Sony)


slog2-sgamut to Rec709 Cine+709 (Released June 2nd 2013 by Sony)


Other LUTS:

starcentral LOW CON 01 LUT (available for free download)


starcentral GOLDEN TEXAS LUT (available for free download)

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