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Accepted Solution

The "LUT" F65 SLOG2 SGAMUT to REC709 for Resolve

The attached LUT was made to create a solid starting point when working in Resolve with SLOG2/SGAMUT going to REC709. This is not meant to be a perfect LUT but a very solid starting point which has more feel then a mathmatically steril conversaion. 


This LUT was designed with F65 footage but should work with the F55 in SLOG2/SGAMUT as well. 





The following 3DLUT expects a Full-Range SLOG2, SGAMUT signal.

If working with F65/F55 Raw material In Resolve 9, the Sony camera raw settings must be:
Color Space: SGamut
Gamma: SLog2

This can be set in your project settings so that every clip will be imported in this way.

If working with SSTP footage shot Slog2/Sgamut the Video Levels must be set to Data Levels (0-1023) in the Clip Attributes Menu.

Screenshots of these settings are attached.

The 3DLUT outputs FULL RANGE REC709 for monitor grading.

If you are using an External Monitor that expects Video Levels (legal), please make sure Video Monitor output settings are set to Video Levels.
When rendering Quicktime/MXF files, please use 'Auto' which will scale the output of this LUT properly into the file.

Resolve LUT is attached.





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Re: The "LUT" F65 SLOG2 SGAMUT to REC709 for Resolve

This looks much, much better.  Thanks.

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Re: The "LUT" F65 SLOG2 SGAMUT to REC709 for Resolve

I am having trouble utilizing this LUT. When I download the file it does not download as a zip but instead downloads as a VLC file. I thought maybe I was just missing something and tried to bring it into Resolve but it was unselectable in resolve.  Am I doing something wrong here?  I admit I'm not much of a post guy so I could be making a very ****** error and not even know it.




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Re: The "LUT" F65 SLOG2 SGAMUT to REC709 for Resolve

are you using a mac??? if so make sure the file is place in /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/LUT

I have mine then in a folder called "Sony" and perhaps if you tried to do an "open with" , and did "always open with" and select Davinci, it might help zap it into being used by Davinci not VLC...

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Re: The "LUT" F65 SLOG2 SGAMUT to REC709 for Resolve

This thread was a major help to me. At first I thought the original S-Gamut and Slog2 settings could only be harnessed by Sony's RAW viewer. Thanks for detailing how to access these settings in Resolve!

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