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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the FS7 discussion forum, a dedicated space where you can directly interact with Sony and other users. Be part of continued product development, provide feedback and suggestions, get answers directly from the source, and be among the first to know of the latest developments as they happen, including firmware, hardware, accessories, workflow and much more.


Juan Martinez

Senior Product Manager

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Registered: ‎04-08-2014
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Re: Welcome Aboard

Hooray! Glad to see this is here.


I'll start with my smattering of questions:


  • Is there any way to implement the S&Q button to work like it did on the FS700 while in 1080p mode? i.e. Start in "standard", press once for 60p, press twice for "super slomo" (full scan high fps) and while in "super slomo" mode you can press and hold the S&Q button to dial in the frame rate. While the FS7 took one step forward with a properly functioning shutter angle mode (which the FS700 lacked... and required a constant shutter speed double-check when changing frame rates), the camera took two steps back with the menu-digging that is now required to do higher frame rates.
  • Waveform while using MLUTs to monitor the Slog3 capture?
  • Right now, you can't move the Focus Zoom window if you don't have the grip attached. Couldn't we use the Selection Wheel (plus the left/right buttons near it) to move up/down/left/right? I even tried using the Wi-Fi app, which has arrows for menu control... they don't move the Focus Zoom window either.
  • Is there any possible way to elaborate the "Cannot proceed" message? There are times I wish I knew why it "cannot proceed"... there are times when I think it's bug-related but I'm never quite certain.
  • Right now, user-loadable LUTs is half broken. The camera is looking for a "PMWF55_F5" folder instead of the "PXW-FS7" folder. Manually creating the folder and adding LUTs to it still works. But it left me and many others scratching our heads.


I'm sure I'll think of more stuff later. When the camera was announced, I was ecstatic because it appeared to address many of the issues I had with the FS700 but it's got some bugs and strange quirks that are still holding it back. If these get adressed, this camera will be hard to beat.

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Re: Welcome Aboard

Big +1 to everything Josh has said. 


I hope this place can help out with some of the quirks of the camera. 

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Registered: ‎01-21-2013
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Re: Welcome Aboard

Thank you for your valuable comments. Many of these are in our punch list; however Japan puts priority on what we call VOC “voice of the customer.




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Re: Welcome Aboard

[ Edited ]

These are all from VOC, Juan.


Contains a detailed list of more issues seen by many.

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Registered: ‎11-25-2014
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Re: Welcome Aboard

Thanks for this site Juan,


It is great to have a dierct link to information from the inside. 


I am eagerly awaiting my FS7.


I am sure this site will become a daily stop as I am having coffee.

Olof Ekbergh
Westside A V Studios
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Registered: ‎03-21-2014
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Re: Welcome Aboard

What's the status with the speedbooster issues?

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Registered: ‎11-29-2012
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Re: Welcome Aboard

I also 2nd everything Josh Becker mentioned. Definitely need to be able to move around the Focus Mag window with the joystick to confirm focus in 4k! Definitely need those overlays (waveform, histogram, etc).




@tweak // follow my features: and (both shot on Sony)
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Re: Welcome Aboard

Glad you're on-board, Juan, to answer all of the technical FS7 questions Robot Happy

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Re: Welcome Aboard

[ Edited ]


 Got my camera last week and I'm very impressed so far. Obviously a few issues need to be addressed but its looking like a winner if they are.


On your suggestion I ordered the SELP 18-105 and the previous non power-zoom 18-200.


 I am so far very happy with both.  While not perfect they offer very practical solutions for run & gun shooting and they both seem quite sharp. I feel like I can even get  smooth slow power zooms with the 18-105 and the rocker arm.  This was unexpected and producers ask for that little push in all the time. Its very hard with manual lenses. I may try the SELP 18-200 to see if I can do it with that lens as well.


Does Sony have plans to make a more professional version of the 18-105 - akin to the new 28-135?  You would probably sell one with every FS7. It would be great to have one for 4K.  The 28-135 just  isn't wide enough for my uses.


Oh yeah - a question about this discussion forum

- what do the red icons signify  on the left side of the posts non  index page?

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